He’s her spotlight

Kyuwon isn’t standing in the spotlight. But it’s her voice that moves and touches everybody. Shin’s surprised but not upset at all. Maybe he understands why she does that, he even smiles a little smile watching her.

When it ends and all cast are receiving the applause they so want and deserve, Shin walks to the back. He needs to shine a little light on Kyuwon.

“I’ve said you mustn’t cry in places that I can’t see, have I? Good job, Lee Kyuwon. Though you weren’t on the stage, you, are the best leading lady in my life.”

Celebration mood at the Carthasis. Director blames Kyuwon and Heeju for not telling him their plan, saying they’ve shocked everybody. But he actually praises them for their having done great. It’s a good thing that there are no real villains in the story. Even Heeju can be a nice girl. I just love how Shin plays with Kyuwon’s hair like this. Even Kyuwon thinks it’s the director!

Heeju’s mom can’t recognize her own daughter’s voice or what? She and Haejoong bring a bunch of reporters to interview Heeju.

But Heeju tells everything. Now Kyuwon becomes the center of attention. She isn’t used to it but Shin is happy for her.

I wish they can walk home together each and every day like that. Only small worries but major happiness.

Shin gives his bear to Kyuwon. She’s upset that he doesn’t want to carry it anymore. Can she tries to understand before making assumptions every time? He just wants to exchange the bears. Guess he’s wanted to do that after kissing the bear good night last time.

Shin’s so happy that she likes the idea.

Kyuwon’s grandpa is mad that Kyuwon wasn’t on stage. He wants her to forget the musical thingy and get geared up for the gukak competition to be held soon. He needs her to get the prize that she didn’t win last year. Kyuwon isn’t so sure if she has a chance but he insists she works hard on that.

It’s school holiday already but Kyuwon is practicing alone. Shin has come to school to tidy up the band room and goes to see Kyuwon after that.

Kyuwon reveals her feeling of emptiness after the musical ended. Shin says he felt strange waking up in the morning thinking there’s ‘nothing to do’ today.

As Kyuwon’s practice isn’t going well, he suggests going out for some air instead.

Icecream sundaes. Sweet to the tongues and sweet to the hearts too.

Some games? A little accident.

Shin asks Kyuwon to buy her a shirt. But absolutely no couple clothes.

While they’re shopping, both receive calls to go meet Director at school.

Director brings some music company representative with a good news. His company is considering the possiblity of making a musical album of The Stupid and Windflowers crossing over, with Kyuwon as the vocal. Everybody’s happy and feel proud of Kyuwon too.

But the album producer needs to see them perform first. The meeting is scheduled on next Tuesday. Kyuwon isn’t very enthusiastic about the idea, not that she doesn’t want to do it, but she knows what Grandpa will think.

So Kyuwon is practicing for the ‘test’ but Grandpa thinks otherwise. Grandpa calls to check and becomes all suspicious because Junhee made a noise.

Angry Grandpa comes to get Kyuwon away from the devils who lead her granddaughter astray. Shin can’t stop him.

The music company rep calls to reschedule the test date. Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Kyuwon’s gukak competition day is on Wednesday but the album producer can’t arrange for any other day.

Shin calls her mom for help. Not really. He needs help from Kyuwon’s father.

But can anybody change Grandpa’s mind?

While Kyuwon’s struggling with herself what to do, Shin’s cheering her in his own way.

When Kyuwon goes to the band room the next day, they think she comes for practice. She says she must quit. Reason: Grandpa may collapse getting too angry if she doesn’t.

“You’re disappointed with me, aren’t you?”
“Because I’m not doing the musical album.”
“No matter what you decided to do, I’m on your side.”
“But are you sure you’re OK with this decision?”
“Yes. Now I’ll work real hard on the gayageum.”

She asks him to go cheer for her on Wednesday. Shin tells her the test day has been rescheduled.

She hides her disappointment but Shin just knows exactly what her disappointment is.

Shin doesn’t feel great during and after practice without Kyuwon.

Shin comes to the gukak competition venue, not to cheer for Kyuwon, but asks if she wants another chance. Yes!

Shin saves Kyuwon’s dream for the second time, saves her from a fall too … but he has his wrist hurt. It hurts but they must hurry to the studio.

He’s in pain but he just needs to smile for her.

He isn’t at his best playing the guitar. His bandmates can tell. But Kyuwon is at her best.

Kyuwon is concerned about his hand but Shin reassures her there’s nothing wrong. She believes him. She has something else to worry about: how will Grandpa react?

Grandpa asks Kyuwon to leave. Considering the fact that she’ll stay in Shin’s place for some days, it isn’t a bad thing at all! While Kyuwon is happily waiting for Shin to come home, Shin is at the pharmacy buying something to ease the pain on his wrist. Dear Shin, why don’t you love yourself? You should go see a doctor!

Shin comes home and sees a very happy Kyuwon.

He’s to show off his cooking skills for his lovely guest.

His best dish? Ramen. Kyuwon isn’t that pleased knowing it’s just ramen but Shin says if she tries his ramen, all the ramen she’s had before and in the future can’t compare.

Shin likes putting an egg in ramen but Kyuwon doesn’t. She says spring onion is the best thing to go with ramen. The two argue about that for a while. Just for fun.

Finally, Kyuwon got to see Shin’s room. Her comment: pretty.

Shin shows her his father’s album, as promised.

They listen together.

Kyuwon says she wants to cry. Shin tells her he avoids listening to it; he doesn’t want to be influenced by his father’s playing style. But he needs to listen to it together with her for once.

He wants Kyuwon to keep the record. She thinks that’s too valuable a thing for her to receive. Shin says he just wants her to keep it until he will be a great guitarist and release his own album. So we now know Shin’s dream. Can Kyuwon help him on this matter too?

The thing that Shin thinks he shouldn’t do …

Little sis: What are you two doing?

Kyuwon: Nothing.

Shin: You come home early.

Little sis: I’m so gonna tell mom.

They run outside. Kyuwon is so embarrassed. She’ll go to Bowon’s place tomorrow instead.

Shin asks if she’s so determined that she isn’t planning to go home. She explains that if she continues with gayageum, her future is set but as she has this previous experience working hard for the musical, she likes to see if this alternative path may work out for her. She’s still young and wants to give it a try. Shin asks her to have confidence on herself and reminds her that she has him supporting her.

The music company producer meets with The Stupid and Windflowers. He says they are refreshing and all but still not up to the level they expected. The project is meant for the overseas market. Of course they are disappointed. Shin says it’s OK for it’s valuable experience.

But the music company wants to sign a contract with Kyuwon, giving her training for a vocal album later. The boys and girls are happy for her, especially Shin.

As usual, Kyuwon herself isn’t so sure if she can be good.

Shin encourages her. As they won’t be seeing each as often like now, Kyuwon asks if Shin will be sad about that. Shin tells that he won’t change even if he can only see her once a year. It’s something that she’s wanted to do all this time. “Work hard. Be a great singer. It’s only when you do that you deserve to be my girlfriend.”

Kyuwon is concerned about his hand. Shin assures her that his hand is fine.

Shin’s hand is not fine. He can’t even play a few chords properly.

He’s been to the doctor earlier. When was that? The doctor suggests some detailed check-up. (Can they not re-wind that Shin-falling-and-hurting-his-wrist scene?)

At the Carthasis. Shin tells the boys he’d rather not perform for the night. Junhee wonders if Shin’s sick.

But Kyuwon just comes with Director and Yoonsu. (She told them the good news earlier.) Shin changes his mind and goes back on stage instead. His wrist hurts so much that he literally cries out in pain.

~ ~ ~

I was so mad that Kyuwon cried singing backstage. Shin wasn’t a little upset. She ran away from the spotlight for this one time. He believes in her, wants to make her shine and surely loves to see her shine. He knew what she wanted and tried all means to help her, only to have himself hurt and risking his own dream be shattered. I don’t blame anybody for that accident. Bad things happen to good people for no reasons anyway. Are there people around who think Shin doesn’t want Kyuwon to know his injury just because of his pride? He doesn’t want pity and wants to keep his protector image? I beg to differ. The least thing he wants is that Kyuwon blames herself for his injury. I’ve been looking for reasons why Shin loves Kyuwon that much. Honestly, I don’t have a clue. Maybe love needs no reason or he’s just being Lee Shin. To those people he chooses to love, he loves with all his might and all his heart. His mother. His little sister. Yoonsu, his doomed crush. His father whom he thinks was a bad person. I don’t think Kyuwon knows how lucky she is to be loved by Shin. Yet. Does she see Shin as the leading man in her life?

I wrote the last paragraph before I watched episode 15. Do you mind reading it like you haven’t watched the ending of the story yet?

PS I asked you not to wait for my recaps … I can’t wait myself. Have stolen some sleep time.

3 thoughts on “He’s her spotlight

  1. You’re back! I’ve missed you!
    Side-track : Was just scrolling through your posts to view the screen caps since they are all so Yong Hwa-licious and I noticed something: Though they dress him in very simple clothes for this drama since he’s supposed to be a college student, I like that they vary the colors. And he looks good in all of them!

    I’m glad you did not post any screencaps of the ‘fall’. My heart broke at that scene and hate that they kept replaying it SOOOO many times…. stop torturing us already.

    One more episode to go! And have you seen the BTS for the last episode that was released today (not the one at the end of Ep 15)? Love the last 45 seconds… all I can say is that Yong Hwa is really professional… teehee…

  2. I’ve been waiting for your recap for this episode. I haven’t watched the sub version of epi. 14 – epi. 15. I think, I will read your recap first.. I still not ready to let Lee Shin go.. *silly me*.
    Why do they have to make Lee Shin injured? Didn’t he had enough issues/heartbroken already (in the past).. why?? Playing guitar is his first love, he played the guitar when he sad when he happy… and now they want to stole that away too…*frustrated*
    Sorry, if i am rambling… I am off to read your recap now.. 😀

    Thanks as always, Klaritia…

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