Let’s talk about Yonghwa’s hair and brain

What do you think of Yonghwa’s new hair style?Do you prefer his hair color to be natural dark or dyed as in last year?
Do you think he looks better with short or longer hair?
How do you like he styles his bangs?

The good external attracts more attention to the internal. Internal can mean a lot of things. What about his brain? Do you think he’s smart? Thanks to catcher, who posted a link here telling us Yonghwa’s ranked first as the top brainy idol by Arirang.

Ariang just talks about how good he was in Running Man … not convincing enough! If you do think he’s a smart person, you feel like giving more explicit examples?

Sorry to disappoint you if I’m not posting Heartstrings ep 15 recap. Don’t have enough time for that yet. I think this is an interesting topic. Just don’t know if you feel like talking to me or talking about Yonghwa. I always don’t see the point of my having quite many twitter followers and blog hits. Maybe I sound arrogant or rude. Or many of you are Yonghwa’s antis? Stumbled across a weibo account today which literally means ‘league against Jung Yonghwa’ …

27 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Yonghwa’s hair and brain

  1. i definitely disagree with this poll somehow. showing the proof of his appearance in some variety show is definitely not convincing at all. i know he his smart when it comes to music but academically i think he’s just average. but its ookay, me still loves him for sure.

    btw, his new hair reminds me of I’m A Loner version but since its shorter its kinda look more mature and i like it a lot!! i seriously dont understands why antis really need to even stalk any updates of the person they hated the most. didnt it just make them the biggest fan of that person in the 1st place. sigh.

  2. can i join too?
    i prefer him to have natural jet black hair,not to short hair with his bangs up.
    i miss his forehead.
    but oh well,we know he’s good with any styles.except not bald,please!
    but i hate his hair in YAB (+_+)
    bout his “brain” ,apart from in RM, i remember him to be the one who manages to go to the final stage for StarGolden Bell (except that he answered the last final question wrong)
    and i remember reading some fan account that used to be his senior in highschool that said he’s good in english and average in math.
    and he is genius in making those beautiful songs.
    to be smart doesn’t mean you have to be the top one in your class rite?
    so,it depends on how u define smart is.
    am i even making sense here.LOL

    • and why do they keep on getting his name wrong?
      yonghwa keep on appearing in various of charts now.
      5th for the richest idol,
      also,he got 7th and 9th place in other chart (cant rmmber what)

    • Account ID = klaritia
      BTW, posting this not to brag that I have ‘fans’ or ‘antis’. I want neither!

      Anyway, I do want to know what Yonghwa fans around think on these two matters.

  3. about yong new hair i definitely like the way Yong Hwa had his fore hair up, he looks so great with it, looks very charismatic.. black hair its really suit him well.. but i don’t means i dont like his brown or blonde hir.. he always look gorges all the way..

    and about his brain, me and my friends said he is quite clever and hard working person.. he is very smart in music like composing many songs for CNblue, and we can hear all he song which is he compose it very great to listen.. but from what is see in WGM he said he is average person in academics..

    when i watch running man, he is very good at concentrate, and finished the mission,strong candidate for winning the game.. he never get punishment everytime he appear in runnng man, u can say he is pretty similiar with song ji hoo unnie character in running man, very smart to break the mission..

    and i”m not Yong Hwa antis, i dont think the kind hearted person like him have many antis.. he deserve to be loved by every people 🙂

    Jung Yong Hwa and CNBlue Fighting!!! and for admin thank u for ur hardworking always spread yong hwa news to us, great job,its very nice to meet you..

    Warm regards Dini

  4. i like him in any style after all he is my bias ^^
    but i like how he look now he look like little kid and its remind me of love promtion time which is nice , fun & fresh
    i think he is smart in music and i think he got it quickly i dont what the words in english -_-‘ so yes i think he is smart because there are a lot of talent people but there isn’t a lot of pepole know how to handle i hope you get it .
    i relay like your blog and your recap & comments i become more happy when i read somthing about him i always read it 🙂

  5. Loooove the new hair… he looks young, cool, fresh, and seriously handsome!!! I was replying today CNBlue performance just to stare at him… Please keep the new hair style, Yong… 😀

  6. 1. Hairstyle

    TBH, any hairstyle would do except the ones that were used in HT series. I’m serious, deadly serious. I hope my words get spread around and come across his stylists’ someday. Gosh, how I hate how his hair looked in HT! -.-

    Anyway, I like his hair black, bangs down for some reasons. I like the image that Yonghwa first came out with Loner back in the Bluetory days, including hairstyle, choice of clothes, the way he acted around people, the way he answered interview questions, the way he smiled (the kind of half smile that gives people a rocker feel, like “Yeah, I’m arrogant and proud just like that. Kill me.”). You’d know what I’m talking about if you watched Bluetory footage, the episode when the boys performed on Hongdae street. One word, awesome.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike his current image, it’s very current and suits him regardless, but I guess first impression is more important. So yeah. +_+.

    About today’s performance, I didn’t get to see when he performed with his bandmates (wrong timing on my part), but managed to watch his duet with Seohyun *cough*, and I was like, “woah woah, wait a minute, is that Yonghwa Yonghwa? Wooooot? How come he didn’t have THAT hair during HT days. Darn!”

    You’d know the rest if you’re a fangirl too. ^_^

    One of the reasons why I liked his duet with Seohyun (obviously apart from the fact that I liked their show) was because it could actually give Yonghwa chances to shine with his nice and versatile vocal, from soft to raw and then soft to edgy and then soft again. Not to mention it’s his own compose for goodness’s sake. I hope anti-YongSeo fans liked the duet too, if they can’t stand the sight of them together, I hope they’d close eyes and listen to their voices, and I tell you, they killed it!

    Whoops, I think I just talked about sth irrelevant. Should I dig up old post of yours to re-live old story? XD Shiro. Bite me. (I’m still high with Yong’s new hair. Please forgive me.)

    2. Arirang’s Top Brainy Idol.

    I’m flattered and thankful that they think highly of our Yonghwa, but doubtful at the same time about how this poll was done in the first place.

    Linguistics skills, martial arts, academic achievements,top students, class presidents, all A+ records, and then suddenly good variety skills? o_O.

    Okay, nice thought, but no thanks.

    Jung Yonghwa is a fast thinker, quick adapter, and most importantly musically gifted. That’d be enough for me. No polls needed to argue otherwise.

    However, to be 100% honest with you, klaritia, and only you, I’m a tad proud with the video because of the following words: “.. a list of most brainy idol stars that are extremely good looking, talented, have nice bodies and brains…”

    And of course, the “Urgh, life is so unfair isn’t it?”

    Yes, yes. I know what she meant.


    • One more thing, during Intuition and Love girl, Yonghwa was off keys many times. Probably felt excited to come back to the stage he often owns eh? Or like what some fanatic souls daydream, excited to duet with a certain person?

      Oh, I’m torn.


      • Okay!!!! I watched the clip of the boys’ performance yesterday at Niigata. Aside from forgetting some lyrics in Try Again Smile Again in the latter part….I think I missed the part where you said he was off key many times? When was it? Cause I honestly thought they did great last night. Or may be I’m really really really really really bias. ^^

    • I remembered his Bluetory days. Who would ever forget?! I still use one photo from that time with him biting the guitar pick as my desktop picture. He was such a sexy thing with boylish charm at the same time.

  7. I’m in love with his new hair… it makes him look fresh and energetic, even though we know he must be exhausted from filming Heartstrings. From a practical point of view, it would also be less of an annoyance during his concerts since he sweats so much so it’s all good. 🙂

    This new do ranks pretty high in my list now. I like his hair during his AX-Shibuya concert as well – longish, messy, brown… it gave him a very different (softer) look. And I loved his hair in You’re Beautiful, in the scene that was filmed in a club when Mi Nam gets drenched while singing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer”. It somehow accentuated his features, especially his eyes. I’ve obviously been giving this topic way too much thought…

    Agree that placing #1 on a Top Brain poll may be stretching it, and the show did not do him any justice either – they were rattling on and on about the achievements of the other idols, and all they had to say about Yong Hwa was that he was great at Running Man. It’s almost an open invitation for criticism…. Ah well, that’s how it goes, fame is a double-edged sword.

  8. good or bad publicity is still publicity – some points there for Yong Hwa – they continue to talk about him. The reason there is a poll is because they envy him – he earned his own success. One reason why I loved CN Blue is because they are all humble. I felt so bad for them when they were newbies in the k-entertainment, reading those interviews saying they don’t really have friends other than themselves. Those antis or whoever they are should leave Yong Hwa alone – if you don’t like him, then don’t support him – don’t listen to his music – don’t watch his shows, I’m sure there are more people who like him than hate him.

  9. may i join? haha.. first of all..his new hair style..is to loveeeee! he looks wayyyyy toooo charming and charismatic!! any hair style suit him anyway.. and last night, yeah i agree at some point that during love girl performance he off key at some part. it is because he is tooooo excited!!

    his brain? haha.. i think he is good and has quick reaction and fast learner. i really dont know how they vote but i am proud anyway! hehe.. but what i dont understand is, how come all the other idols ranked based on their education and talent but yonghwa ranked because of variety show? running man? not education matter?yes, he is good in the show but.. hurm,,kind of suspicious.. maybe they like yonghwa too much.. haha

  10. Yes! Yes! to his new hair!! His hair and style in HS was totally as depressing as the last two episodes, if not more! Honestly, I actually felt relieved when HS ended. And here he comes, our Yonghwa the leader, who really belongs to the stages.

    I was too excited to sleep last night and was up very early to see such wonderful performances and refreshing styles which I can only thank god for. I see Yonghwa with many dimensions: shy (this is the first time I see him being so shy on stage), tender, manly, confident and of course charismatic as always!

    Side note on Jungshin, I don’t know what you guys think. I really enjoyed his (J-rock) hair style and performance. He must practiced a lot when his brothers are away.

    My DH just cannot stand me being so high today, watching and re-watching the CNblue stages and Banmal Song special stage.

  11. About his hair, I don’t care what style it is as long as it’s jet black. I find that black hair brings out his features more, especially those sparkling eyes of his. His hair in yesterday’s Niigata concert absolutely rocks!

    About the brains….sigh. Like someone else here said, it’s like an open invitation for criticism. I think Yong is definitely smart, but maybe not book-smart? He’s a fast learner, he reacts fast to situations and he’s musically talented. I think that’s considered as a form of being ‘brainy’. So yeah, I’m proud of him being ranked #1 but that clip didn’t do justice to Yong properly.

  12. Not exactly answering my own questions but just some random thoughts reading your replies. I don’t have particular preference for his hair but I dislike his hair in many of the Heartstrings scenes. Maybe the stylists need to give him a less starry look? To convince ppl he’s just a college boy? The real Yonghwa will be too shiny!

    Being not book-smart doesn’t mean he can’t be smart. You know he doesn’t even like reading but he writes very thoughtful words in his messages and tweets to fans. Read what he said in all those interviews, and you’ll know he has depth. School grades average? I tend to think he’s just not interested about school work, not that he couldn’t get good grades. Who needs good grades to be a rocker/musician?

    PS That ‘life isn’t fair …’ thing, I totally get it.

  13. was looking for an old post and stumbled on this one… just to share my encounter .. a friend who watched every single epi of RM gave comment on Yonghwa : so smart and very quick … my friend is a guy…

    • Thanks for telling.
      And me so excited to hear that he’s coming to HK to film another rm episode. Don’t mean I’ll go stalk him but the fact that he’s doing rm here is double happiness for me!

      • so you’re saying you’re not gonna stalk? *rolled eyes* on second thought, that Langham place is too crowded. i hope they’ll film at night, that way YH would get less attention (presumably he’s a well known face in hk) and avoid unnecessary commotions.

      • They’ll film fr 9pm till midnight. Fans have done much investigation. It’s said the filming area will be closed to public. But I also heard the HK CNBLUE forum has certain access … Fingers crossed that there will be pic n vids.

  14. hi i m a big fun of yong hwa and for is my idol ❤ ❤ so about yong hwa brain that's doesn't matter becouse u know yong as a artist , guitarist , vocal ..an idol ❤ he is genius in that ❤ ❤ that's why we love him , mm about the short hair cut i like it :)) but i prefer the long hair style like in heartstring drama and your'beautiful and especialy in intution song ❤ 🙂 and dont stop support yong hwa ❤ ❤ ❤

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