2011.08.20 CNBLUE will attack Hong Kong with secret weapon

2011.08.20 Sing Tao Daily

K-POP Girls in Love & Boys in Power LIVE in HK 2011, which showcase 8 popular groups from Korea, will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday. We’ve interviewed one of the boy groups, CNBLUE. They reveal that they’ll show their best for their Hong Kong fans.

CNBLUE met with fans here in Hong Kong last year; they will perform next week for fans in one of the 2 big K-Pop concerts, K-POP Girls in Love & Boys in Power LIVE in HK 2011. During an interview, they praise Hong Kong fans for being very enthusiastic and lively. To repay their love, they’ll do their best in the coming concert.

CNBLUE remember how enthusiastic the fans were when they came last year. “They didn’t just welcome us in the airport. They cheered for us so enthusiastically in the concert. They just gave us power for the performance.”

CNBLUE feel sorry that fans have to wait for a whole year before they will come again. “This time when we go to Hong Kong, we’ve prepared the best stage to repay the fans.” Leader Jung Yonghwa is a great guitarist, but we ask if he’ll play other instruments in the concert or show off his other talents. He refuses to tell too much. “I like drums and keyboard too. But the details of the performance have to be kept secret. If anybody wants to know, they should just come to see our performance. Haha.”

CNBLUE will arrive next Wednesday at 11:50am, together with other boy groups: 2AM, FT Island and ZE:A. The airport will be packed with K-Pop fans. Other than the K-Pop concert here, CNBLUE are working hard on the preparation work for the coming Asia tour, BLUE STORM. The first concert in Korea will be held in mid September. The ticket sales were so good that the ticketing site almost crashed. Since their working together as a group, CNBLUE members almost never had arguments. When asked what they would do if they really couldn’t agree on something. They reply with laughs, “When any two of us have disagreement, the other members usually tell some jokes and the tension just disappears.” We ask what foreign music groups they like. CNBLUE’s favorites are Bon Jovi, Mr. Big and Maroon 5.

via sinahknews

Chinese to English translation by klaritia

4 thoughts on “2011.08.20 CNBLUE will attack Hong Kong with secret weapon

  1. OMG. I feel excited for this performance! I want so see Yong play other instruments..If he does, I’ll regret not going in this concert 😛 I hope they come again for BLUESTORM.

  2. OMMOna~~~ I missed them perform on stage!! they will shine more I guess! tsk~tsk~ when will they go to malaysia?? I want them here~ huhu. Btw, Good job Klaritia! I love your blogpost as much as I love CNBLUE! You are the best Boice I’ve never met!!!! ^^

  3. Wow!!! It would be so cool to see YongYong play another instrument. May be a piano? Can I make a request….please play Don’t Say Goodbye on the piano. The same way he submitted a demo for this song. I just remember the Japanese arranger?!? saying how he heard that song with the demo and not wanting to do any changes anymore….(something along those lines) Anyway, it would be awesome to see him play another instrument it would definitely be a new treat for fans all over. kekeke

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