I lock you only in my heart

Shin’s in so much pain that he can’t even stand. But he can never stand Kyuwon worrying for him. He lies that he’s stomachache. Kyuwon says he should go to the hospital. Shin insists that the performance continues.

The ‘show’ must go on. *sigh, sigh, sigh*

Shin is in the restroom, soothing his painful wrist with running water. He doesn’t have much time to worry about it. He can’t let Kyuwon and others think too much about his not feeling well.

Kyuwon is suspicious that it’s his hand, but Shin is so determined to keep it a secret. Another lie to cover the lie. He’s met a friend in the restroom and that’s why he came out late.

Things are so wrong. His wrist.

Kyuwon hears good news from the album producer. She will go to England for six month’s training. BAD news from Shin’s doctor, however. The doctor suggests a surgery. “Will I be able to play the guitar like before?”

“Though it’s rare, there are patients who lose feelings after surgeries. The patient’s will power is crucial for complete recovery too.”

Those sad eyes.

But Kyuwon doesn’t see his sad eyes. She calls, asks him out to to tell the good news.

Kyuwon shows Shin the photo she took for passport application. She asks if Shin has a passport. He has, for he’s been to Europe during the summer vacation of Year 1. Oh, yes, Shin loves traveling (alone?).

Kyuwon asks if the photo looks weird. Shin says he’ll take it home and have a more detailed look. Now Kyuwon’s a little sad.

She says she’s excited but feels sad when she remembers she can’t see him like now for so long. Shin says it’s the internet age, all sorts of communication means out there. “Lee Kyuwon, it seems you like me too much now.” (Who likes whom too much???!!!)

Kyuwon asks Shin to keep the photo well. She just doesn’t know …

Kyuwon’s dad asks Kyuwon if Shin doesn’t want her to go. She says he looks like he wants her to go ASAP. Her dad explains he has to pretend to be like that to hide his real feelings. Why everybody else understands Shin better than Kyuwon?

He can’t play the guitar at all. He even quits the job at the Carthasis. Kyuwon doesn’t know until her friends tell her later.

Shin goes to the doctor’s. To schedule the surgery date. But he wants the surgery until one month later. The doctor says he should have it ASAP for the best chance of complete recovery. Shin doesn’t listen to him. I’ll hate Shin if his hand got worse because he insists!

Even Director who used to misunderstand Shin knows that Shin has something to hide. He calls Shin to meet with him before he leaves for Broadway.

I’ve said this. It’s not because of his pride that he’s hiding his injury from people. He tells Director everything and makes him promise not to tell a word to Kyuwon. She will not go to England if she knows about this.

Shin leaves for his date with Kyuwon, who shows him the plane ticket.

He says he finally feels that she’s leaving him. Kyuwon complains why he’s so late feeling sad. Shin goes to the counter to take the dessert they’ve ordered. But his hand fails him. A chain of questions. A chain of lies.

Kyuwon puts the pieces together and makes a decision. She tells the album producer that she can’t go to England. Somebody needs her company.

Kyuwon tells Shin she’s told the music company rep her decision. Why? Because Shin’s not feeling well. He’s hurt because of her. “What does the doctor say?”

“My hand. Is alright now … and … let’s break up.”
“What did you just say?”
“Let’s break up.”
“Why do you say this suddenly?”
“People say one won’t feel the same seeing the world. We’ll be on different ways. Honestly, I’m not sure if I can wait for you.”
“You really mean what you say?”
“I do.”

To convince her, he gives her the teddy bear he loves so much.

One last look at her. And he walks.

Shin is so cruel. To himself.

Holding Kyuwon’s photo, Shin lets his tears fall. His heart aches so much. Mine too.

The day Kyuwon leaves for England, Shin has the surgery. Shin asks his mom if Kyuwon really doesn’t know anything about his surgery. “She doesn’t know anything but left.”

One year later. Maybe time flies for Kyuwon when she’s so busy adapting to her new life, learning new things, seeing new people. She’s back. Her first musical album is released. I actually don’t want to imagine what’s life like for Shin. Maybe he’s a sad person to begin with. He is used to sadness. He’s been fine? How’s his hand?

Shin’s little sister asks when he’s gonna perform at the Carthasis again. Her schoolmates been asking about that for one million times. Shin says they still need to wait a bit. Shin’s hand is quite alright now. He’s been practicing the guitar all this time. Earlier, his mom told Kyuwon’s dad about it too. And everybody has to keep that a secret to Kyuwon. Even Shin’s sister promised.

Director and Yoonsu are back too. Another musical. Another audition.

Director goes see Kyuwon. He asks how she and Shin are doing. They broke up? When?

“Before I went to England. He hurt his hand because of me and I didn’t have a clue. Guess he’s mad for that and so he wanted to break up with me. I didn’t understand at first. But when I was all alone in England, I finally understood.”

Who wants to slap Kyuwon hearing her talk about Shin like that??? *raise my hands, raise my legs*

He says he’s gonna ask Shin to do the music. Is she OK with that? She’s OK.

Director asks about Shin’s hand. He’s not too bad, practicing the guitar but still not good enough.

Director says it seems Kyuwon still doesn’t know about the surgery. Shin asks him to keep it a secret. Director asks if he needs to ‘help them a little’. But Shin’s taken care of his feelings.

Shin has been composing and writing. He may have something useful for the musical. But he’s uneasy when he knows Kyuwon is doing the musical.

Kyuwon’s waiting for Shin to come home.

She explains she can actually just give the album to his sister but thought it’s better that she does that in person.

“Go home.”

So Shin lied when he said he’s taken care of his feelings? Or he thought he’s locked Kyuwon in his heart in a safe place, but she actually goes in and out without his control?

Shin’s picked some of his works for Director’s musical.

But he can’t perform in the musical. Not because he can’t work with Kyuwon. Just because he isn’t good enough with the guitar. Yet.

Shin is in the band room!

The boys are so happy that he’s ‘back’. Junhee almost wants to perform at the Carthasis right away.

Shin says not yet. But the boys are happy enough that he’ll come often now after all these days.

A call from Kyuwon. She needs to say things to him face to face.

Yoonsu and Seokhyun are talking about Shin and Kyuwon. Yoonsu compares Shin’s case with her own (She had her ankle badly injured in her New York days.) Compared to the pressure of everybody comforting her when they knew, the thing that she couldn’t bear was how sad Seokhyun would feel if the news reached him. She can totally understands Shin’s feelings.

Kyuwon asks if it’s because of her that Shin doesn’t want to do the musical. Shin says no. But she thinks she knows. She says she’ll try her best to avoid him. He should do it.

“Who are you to say such things? I just don’t want to do it. Not because of you. I don’t want to see you again.”

Seriously, has he been so SAD this whole year?

Even his sister complains to Mom that she feels like punching Kyuwon for making her brother like that. Mom says there can be things that they don’t understand.

Kyuwon thinks she’s every reason to be upset and gets dead drunk at the Carthasis. Bowon has always wanted to do something to make Kyuwon and Shin be together again. Maybe call Shin to take Kyuwon home?

But he calls Kyuwon’s dad, instead of going to take Kyuwon himself.

But his heart …

She’s safe at home now. What’s he looking at?

Kyuwon’s dad come out and talks to Shin. If Shin still cares about Kyuwon so much, he should do something. Or he’ll regret it like he did when he gave up Shin’s mom. Shin’s silent. Then he says goodbye.

A sleepless night. Or just another sleepless night?

Listening to the musical songs, Kyuwon knows right away it’s Shin’s work. And it’s their story in his music and lyrics!!!

She goes to ask Director about it. He tells her everything. Kyuwon goes look for Shin.

“Why you didn’t tell me? You made me hate you. I feel like I really want to hate you now.”

Who gives you the right to hate Shin, Lee Kyuwon???!!! And you just storms away … from him … again???

These two persons. Listening to their hearts now? For they visit the same places. Did Shin visit those places this whole year? I bet not.

The two worlds collide again.

“I miss you.”

“Me too.”


“The day we fall in love”

“You’ve fallen for me”

Happy. Ending.

Have these two persons gone through enough trials and tribulations? Will they be happy ever after? I asked the following question in an early Heastrings post: You’ve fallen for me and I fall in love with you, compared to, I’ve fallen for you and you fall in love with me, which is more fortunate? Nevermind if you don’t understand my question. You’ll know my answer if you understand how I feel watching this love story. I’m glad that Shin isn’t a real person, or I’ll be so worried about him. Just a few words to Lee Kyuwon as if she’s a real person: Please love Shin LOTS, more than anybody in the whole world.

Yonghwa is too good or I’m just a biased fan; I love Lee Shin much that my heart becomes very broken. I’ll lock Lee Shin in my heart. I don’t want to forget him for Yonghwa asked me not to, but I dare not think about him too often, less my heart aches too much. My heartstring has been tugged too much these three months. Thank you, Yonghwa! For this unforgettable summer.

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

But thy eternal summer shall not fade …

I don’t mean this is the last Heartstrings post. But this totally deserves some response from you? Because I want love? Maybe a little. Just a little little. All I want is that you love Lee Shin, and you love Yonghwa who plays Lee Shin.

29 thoughts on “I lock you only in my heart

  1. Hai!
    Thanks for writing the recaps. I really like the title somehow and the reason behind it on your last post section.
    My fav scene is when Yong Hwa ups Lee Shin pick up the phone after he check up to the doctor
    Yong Hwa’s acting seems so real in that scene.
    Eventhough HS ended. And still not having spirit enough to withdraw from it. I am excited to CNBLUE upcoming activities. I hope next year Yong Hwa still can be included in drama. Why next year? Because I really want him to spend time in this remaining year for music.
    Have a nice days, klaritia 🙂

  2. Lee Shin is already a part of my heart just like ShinWoo. Though I did say goodbye to ShinWoo in the past I never really let him go. He is always in my heart. He is not forgotten and he is still loved and cared for in my heart. What love he wasn’t able to receive from Go Minam I wanted to give him and just wish him happiness. (I still imagine that if the Hong sisters do You’re Beautiful book 2, I hope and pray that ShinWoo will have his happy ending too.) Same with Lee Shin. Like you there were times when I feel that he has given too much yet he receives so little (from my point of view anyway). I wanted Shin to be loved so much cause I felt that if anyone deserves to be love it was Lee Shin. I wanted to see him always smiling and just happy. There were also times when I felt like KyuWon doesn’t deserve him because she wasn’t giving as much as he did but then you did say in one of your previous posts that love can’t be “calculated” like math (something like this). The ending of Heartstrings was bitter sweet for me. I was glad of the ending because it showed that Lee Shin was happy once again and for that I am happy. But I also worry (like they were real people) if KyuWon will do a good job of making him really, really, really happy. Anyway, just like ShinWoo, Lee Shin already occupies a place in my heart. And like ShinWoo he will be protected in my heart and taken care off. And in my heart and in my mind both Shin Woo and Shin already has the happy ending they deserve. YongHwa did an amazing job giving life to these 2 characters and because of my love and admiration for YongHwa I was able to give love and admiration to these 2 other characters. (I know it’s cheesy but that is really how I feel and it’s probably because I am extremely bias for Yong Hwa but because of him I have loved ShinWoo and Shin too).

    Thanks for all your Heartstrings recap. I enjoyed everything (along with all the pics and gifs of YongYong) Those were like icing on the cake.

  3. Gosh Klaritia. I thought I’m over the heartbreak but your post opened up all the wounds again. And I’m angry with KW all over again. Darn……! But I’m not blaming you, of course. I’m glad Lee Shin is not a real person too. And, looking at Yonghwa is his recent performance, I’m glad he looks so happy and performing so well. He does belong to the stage, more than anywhere else.

    The Rocker is back! Yay!!

  4. Though practically I dun have ‘summer’ this year as everyday is summer here, I wanna say: this is the best summer ever! Thanks to Leeshin, Kyuwon, Junhee, those unnies, and others.

    Just like what Shinhye tweeted, though this drama faced lots of problems, it’s good drama for the loves from the fans, casts, and crews. Their effort and happiness filming it make it up to the flaws in the storyline.

    YongHwa might haven’t shown great acting skills like veterans do but the whole world knows this boy deserves praise for his big improvement.

    This is the last episode and I bet kissing topic is unavoidable. I’ve been shouting on how I wish for passionate kiss, even made fanvid of it, but fudge, we can’t get to see one until the final episode. Awkward kissing scene prolly due to both are best friends and dun want to ruin their beautiful close friendship, I can’t be more dissapointed.. However, someone tweeted to me about how some people think he used his tongue in the last kiss, I get a bit happier. At least I know he’s trying lolol.

    Before I talk nonsense about kiss, let me end this comment by giving you a verry big hug and showering you with candies (or Yong undies if possible), for the awesome posts everytime, not limited to Heartstrings only. You are the best Yongyong fans I’ve known so far. Thank you!

    Your fan.

    • Dear fan friend, you’re such a bad influence! Talk about tongue and undies?! Did you read saturn’s soompi HS post about DC gall fans of YH & SH consoling each other that they didn’t do a real kiss? SH fans even said they should be there to force her to open her mouth … ROFL

      • Hahahaha I missed it, you know I rarely visit soompi these days. However, I admire how Shinhye fans and Yonghwa fans can get along well and respect each other.

        Actually for E15 my favorite part is the ending aka BTS. See how close all the casts. And boy, both Yonghwa and Shinhye like hitting each other kekeke.

  5. I cried while I was streaming this episode, I cried some more reading your post… At this rate, I am not sure I have the courage (or Heart) to watch this episode with sub.
    I know this is a happy ending…But, like you said Klaritia, for Shin, for most of the time “Things are so wrong. His wrist”. What have he done to deserve this…other than being the perfect boyfriend, son, oppa and amazing his self ( I am totally in love with him, in case you haven’t noticed) *cried* .

    Playing guitar was like his whole life (before he met Kyuwon, obviously)… he played it when sad when happy. Now he cannot longer do that, even if it’s only for a while… I think, for someone who really love playing guitar and dreaming to become a famous guitarist… not able to play the guitar properly for the whole year (and more) and have to postpone his dream because of that, is really heartbroken (and so unfair, PD Nim!!) … *cried some more*.

    Having said that, well you also said that …”I’m glad that Shin isn’t a real person, or I’ll be so worried about him”. I need to remember this later, when I watch the sub episode.
    Therefore, I will try to be happy with this ending. He got the girl back, he hugged her, she hugged him back, confessed each other feeling, they kissed and happily singing together. End.

    Have you watched, the BTS – Kiss Scene? It’s (He’s) just… dreamy. Yong just need to be good at everything, including (acting) kissing.

    Regarding your question, which is more fortunate? I personally, prefer the latter : I’ve fallen for you and you fall in love with me … because, I like the feeling of being in love and to know that person is also have the same feeling and reaching out for me, falling for me… just make it more beautiful, meaningful and perfected everything.
    Thanks for the recap… I will also lock Lee Shin in my heart and will continue to fan-girling the amazing singer actor who had portrayed the character very well… Great job, Yonghwa!! *clap clap clap*

  6. Thank you Klarita for your woderful work … I can understand the way you like Yonghwa,I’ve always been in shinhye side no matter what; So really feel your biase views *wink* and I like the way you support him (biased sympathy..hehehe)… YOur post made me emotional, Heartstrings wasn’t just a drama for me it was like a journy! I smile and cried with Leeshin and KyoWon love Story and I met very Cool boices (I knew CNBLUE since YAB but didn’t know their fans) and kind emotional hearties and I fell for YongHwa/LeeShin gentele attitudes and … BTW You’re right they’re not real persons So It’s time to moving on! Younghwa will be busy with his activities and will get new partners (Or ex-partner ..kekekeke) And My Shinhye also will pair with new guys and participate in new projectS … I’m thankful of you all for your supports though there was too many problems, changing the script writer and shinhye accident …Thank you guys! more power to CNblue ,Shinhye,Stars and Boice…((sorry sorry for my bad englishhhh))

  7. Like your post. Like Lee Shin and absolutely like Yonghwa!!!

    I do like “You have fallen in love for me” and then “I have fallen in love with you”. Your feeling and heart are gradually open and accept other into your life. Love will go in more deep like the ballon to be filled with air but the exception is that it is never broken but will increase and increase. Unfortunately life isn’t too easy to find someone who really love you and you do love him/her for eternity!!!

  8. Thank you sooooooo much for writing all of these! I am totally Yonghwa biased as well 🙂 🙂 I have really enjoyed reading these after I watch the episodes because it helps clear things up that I may have been confused about 🙂 🙂 Thank youuuuuuuu!! And I will definitely continue to visit to be updated on all the ‘yonghwa news’ 😀

  9. thank you so much klaritia…you don’t know how happy i am reading it. heartstrings made me love lee shin/yonghwa … love his facial expression…love his smile…and love him more when he sings. love heartstrings/leeshin/kyuwon……i’ve never been in love with korean drama before HEARTSTRINGS….LOVE IT TO THE BONES :))

  10. i always read your recap..
    many many thanks to you!
    super love the .gif 🙂

    just finish watching episode 15 with english sub..
    it broke my heart.. but then again its a happy ending!

    JYH is way better now than his YAB days..

    i really love him!
    actually im also a fan of cnblue..
    until now i have their music on my ipod.

    still looking for their new songs to download 🙂

    how i wish they will release the dvd right away with lots of BTS 🙂

    thanks again..
    maraming salamat!

  11. I know it’s selfish of me to say this. But please don’t move on (if you know what I’m talking about). I haven’t said my words yet.



  12. A little late to post my comment, maybe because I’m still in denial and don’t want to believe it’s ended yet. While Yong Hwa shines best when he’s on stage, but dang it, he is definitely SHINING in this drama as well… Just look at all the GORGEOUS screen caps you have of him in your posts…. shall miss Shin, he was such a swoon-worthy character and Yong Hwa did an excellent job portraying him. I honestly can’t think of any other actor of his age who could have done a better job than Yong Hwa, especially since an integral part of the character was his music…. PD Pyo knew exactly what he was doing when he casted Yong Hwa. And having Shin Hye as the leading lady was also perfect – while their close friendship did make their kissing scene more awkward, but the chemistry between the both of them on-screen was electrifying!

    Thanks klaritia for your lovely posts. You know I’m your fan too, so I’ll definitely be sticking around your blog!

  13. As a cup half empty kind of person, I sincerely doubt if Gyuwon and Shin could continue their relationship, realistically speaking, given how sacrificing Shin tends to be when things come to his beloved, and how heroic Gyuwon tends to be when things come to people around her. And they’re not to blame. Fate is.

    I have nothing against Shinhye/Gyuwon, on the contrary, I have many problems with Lee Shin, but shall spare you the burden to read them all. I’ll keep it short, promise.

    Narcissist Prince. Conceited guy. Cold hearted bastard. They are all the names given to Shin because of how he “protects” his love. Interesting.
    Why does Shin have to do all the things he’s done when no one around him really appreciates his doings?

    Long-lost dad. Uncommunicative mom. Younger sister. First crush professor. And then mighty Gyuwon.

    Though I know love doesn’t have to be spoken out loud, I can’t help but wonder if any of them has told Shin that they appreciate Shin’s love, even once. Although I think Shin’s a silent victim, he doesn’t deserve pity. He chooses to live that way, being unappreciative. Who to blame, but his own self?

    In people’s eyes, Shin is conceited because he did not discuss with Gyuwon about his wrist problem. By not telling her the truth, he robbed her the right to know. True. But still interesting.
    And when Gyuwon hears the truth from SH, she immediately finds and confronts the one she’s supposed to feel apologetic to. No, instead, she storms off on him after leaving her threatening words, “I really want to hate you now”, or something along that line that I don’t bother to recheck. (Why would I?) And why the sudden sour feeling?


    Dear Lee Shin,

    Shouldn’t you know it already? Gyuwon has to fight for everything and everyone else, just not for you. When you tell her to break up, she takes it without fighting. I can understand it may have been due to the short remaining time of the show. Fine, I cane take it, this is a melodrama after all.

    But when the truth about your wrist after a whole long year is revealed, she says she’ll live it your way, implying that it’s too late for her to regret now. Now, that, is something I can’t understand. She doesn’t even shred a tear for all the loneliness and hurt you’ve had to endure while she’s gone. To her, you robbed away her right to know the truth. Full stop.

    Shin ah,

    You’re not good enough, and will never be. For her.

    Again, want my unworthy advice? Go back to your old self, and focus on the music. That’s the only dream that won’t hurt you no matter what you do.


    Some says HT is a journey of learning, I wonder why kind of lesson Shin has gained besides loving someone wholeheartedly? That’s supposed to be a lesson for young people, how? Giving your all to someone else, and unconditionally wait until it’s reciprocated? Forgive my ignorance, but that isn’t how things work, at least not in my world.

    Alright, enough of my angsty ranting, let me tell you something more delighted. I had this funny thought about Yonghwa’s characters both in YAB and HT.

    Shinwoo – I’m never a fan (my apology), but if I remember correctly, he was one-sided love for the entire show, wasn’t he?

    Lee Shin – Not a fan either. I don’t think with the pretty cinematographic kissing scene at the end of the show could guarantee us a perfect happy ending either. We all know why, don’t we?
    Last but not least, I’m glad Yonghwa had a second opportunity to polish his acting “career” despite his limited technical skills, or lack thereof. However, I sincerely wish, if possible, next time when his onscreen’s character falls in love, he can fall someone who loves him just the same as he does.

    My appreciation to all HT’s cast and crew for finishing this tough journey, despite its low rating and negative criticism. And thank you to those who watch and finish this lonely journey despite our bitterness.

    A round of applause to all.



    P.S. I can’t love Shin, klaritia. Please don’t hate me.

    P.P.S. Your question regards of the two titles, I guess the real question is for whom it’s fortunate. Presumably, you know my answer.

    • I have been waiting for you. Sorry to late reply. Need time to digest. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

      I see why you can’t love Lee Shin. I won’t hate you for that. For I actually agree with “your problems about Lee Shin”.

      How I wish he can be in another drama when he’ll be loved by someone who loves him TONS!!! It just doesn’t make sense that he still have this one-sided love when he’s the lead in his second drama. What the heck?

      I almost wanted to write an alternative ending to the story. But I won’t have the creativity and writing skill for that. And I want to move on. Maybe some fan have done that or will do so?

      • Say, if some fan wrote something, even when it’s not HT related, would you care to read? XD

      • In case you mean ‘that fan’, yes. But you know I don’t have the guts to leave comments there in case lots of ppl from the other camp visit that blog/site.

      • I think that fan might need prompts for that almost alternative ending? ~.~ what’d you say?

      • It’s Christmas. Shin’s wrist’s fully recovered. The Stupid are performing at Catharsis. There’s this girl gazing at Shin. She’s the club boss’s niece. She just finished high school from Australia and the whole family came back …

        Meanwhile, Sarang is gossiping about Kyuwon’s not coming back after the training … The record company has another plan …

    • and here I was thinking it’d be just a short alternative scenario. Yours is more like a whole new CHAPTER of their lives.


      • Long or short, I just want Shin’s guitar hand back!

        I said I hate typing on my phone on wordpress. I just touched something wrong and I like my own post. *pathetic*

      • Let me see what I can do with his guitar hand. lol. Probably not exactly how one’d imagine though. L.L

        On side note, I love checking wordpress on ipad. The feature is awesome. Checking it on iphone is another story, so I know what you mean.

        Oh, btw, I hate ruining your post to enjoy chitchating with you like this. Can we talk somewhere else? (And, hm, I’m not familiar with twitter)


      • In case you’ll start using twitter for me, send me your ID via soompi PM. LOL
        Do you do kakao talk? PM me ur ID if you do. But I don’t do kakao talk as muc as twitter. Twitter is awesome on iPad n phone too. And we can always use direct message.
        Or via email? Soompi PM is fine too, just not that ‘instant’ …
        But we don’t chit-chat here, this blog will look so quiet?!

  14. I wasn’t totally thrilled with this drama for various reasons one being poor character involvement development but I’m not gonna get into that. I have to say that it was such a pleasure to watch Yonghwa’s acting. He made me cry when he cried and was so good at conveying his emotions. I loved his role in You’re Beautiful as well because of that fact. You just want to like him and root for him to be happy and have all he wants. Lee Shin was so well acted. I can’t believe how well Yonghwa did and for this only being his second acting job, he was flawless. I would watch Heartstrings again just to admire his gorgeous face for 15 episodes..

    So no, I dont think you’re being biased by saying how much you think he’s good! He just is so very talented at being a musician and actor, he’s got a really long career ahead of him for sure.

  15. I’m happy to read this. I watched Heartstrings a lot of times and I still cry when Lee Shin cries and laugh when they laugh. It might be easy to hate Kyuwon but she has no idea what real love is. Lee Shin does. I know I’ve been there I was Kyuwon in real life and I was stupid enough to let go of my real life Lee Shin. Yonghwa acted the role quite well. Thank you for the recaps it shows the real feelings behind the expressions of the characters. I hope they will have a part 2 of this so that we’ll know how Kyuwon and Shin handled their relationship after everything they have been through.

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