2011.08.24 CNBLUE in Hongkong – news pics & vid

Up till now, only 1 news video.

Download (source: mingpao)

The press conference lasted 15 mins. The video doesn’t even record the CNBLUE answering questions part. Yonghwa says they’ll play live in the show and asks fans to enjoy their performance. A reporter asks what he thinks of HK girls, the EO rep says the question’s not related to the show and the press conf ends there. (reporters like this sort of questions!)

A slide show of the pics I collected from on.cc, mingpao, apple daily and sina. (The girls pics the day before seem more numerous >,<)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The thing bothers me is that the news says one member was sick and so the press conference was postponed, but they doesn’t tell who.

Many fans asked if I went to the concert. No. I hope they will come for a full concert soon. Seems the fans took tons of pics and fancams. I’ll be so envious looking at those and reading their accounts. Woke up early to post this for I need to work outside today. BTW, I may not have much blogging material after Heartstrings, but you’re welcome to add comments anywhere and I’ll come read them. *wink*

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