when to look into the mirror.


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Who’s excited about the teaser of “Man in front of the Mirror”? I tweeted the mp3 rip and iPhone ringtone but didn’t get much response as I expected. Maybe everybody’s busy watching fancams and saving pics. I haven’t watched fancams yet … I’m hooked to the teaser and all sorts of random thoughts pop up in my head.

We dream more of sweet light
We dream more of hot night
And listen, guys, look in the mirror
We have to slow down, because we have enough time
Look in the mirror, and love or laugh yourself

I can’t be sure of the last line … anybody has a different idea?

The twenty-something second teaser isn’t enough for me to decide the overall feel of the song. Past experience tells me I can be very wrong. The only thing I can be sure of: it’s something quite different from their previous releases.

As this is from their last indie album, I assume they have an important message to tell. The title of the song “Man in front of the Mirror” has got me thinking already. When does one usually looks into the mirror? When one’s grooming oneself, or admiring oneself. But … do you look into the mirror when you feel at a loss? Don’t you find it interesting? We aren’t usually aware of what exactly we look like while people around us can if they care to look. Unless we’re in front of a mirror. A well-made mirror’s reflection is accurate and true. But how we judge the image we see in the mirror is another thing.

These words “… look in the mirror … We have to slow down, because we have enough time …” totally got me. Are these Yonghwa’s words? If yes, this boy just wows me again.

The boys have achieved so much in these two years! It’s like they have taken an elixir that enables them to move rapidly through time (H. G. Well’s The New Accelerator). I was looking at their old Oricon blog pics the other day and found all of them have grown so old. Old, not in the bad sense. But somehow my heart aches, for they’re actually still so young. That’s especially true for Yonghwa. I always say he’s grown 10 years in these 2 years.

But can they really slow down? The packed schedule. Major debut in Japan in October. It’s good to be young. They can recover instantly even if they fall ill, or are knocked down by failures. I tend to worry but I can only cheer for them and wish them well.

I have talked too much. So I won’t have so much to say when the album is out?

18 thoughts on “when to look into the mirror.

  1. Busy with work Klaritia. No time to listen to teaser and no time to watch fancam yet. I’m so behind. But I’m excited to hear the teaser since you say it sounds different from their usual πŸ™‚

  2. Busy indeed.

    This is what I hear after re-listening to the teaser three times. I may be wrong though.

    We dream of sweet light.
    We dream of hot night.
    And listen, guys, look in the mirror.
    We have to slow down, because we have enough time
    Look in the mirror, and love and/or laugh at yourself.

    idek, given Yonghwa’s broken/cute engrish, idc if it doesn’t make sense. lol.


      • How about – Look in the mirror and love a laugh yourself? As in, maybe Yong is saying take a look at the mirror and have a laugh and relax kinda thing? I dunno. It’s cute though πŸ˜›

    • how about another possibility :
      We dream more street light.
      We dream more fun night.

      as if he missed this condition so much

      it is fun right, trying to decipher this teaser before the official lyric’s coming out πŸ™‚

  3. Downloaded and listening and re-listening.. and I think, the first two lines are :
    “We dream more sweet light
    We dream more hot night”
    I guess we will know on Sept 1st.. :D. Love the title “Man in front of the Mirror” ..remind me to MJ’s song.. πŸ™‚ Who wrote the lyrics and composed this song? D’you know? Ahh.. nevermind, we’ll find out soon, right.
    And, after re-listening the teaser for about 5 times. I think, this is gonna be another easy listening kinda songs (like Love Girl) love it though.Thanks for the link.

    • given the cute english lyrics, I highly suspect it’s Yonghwa’s song. But well, FNC isn’t an agency that checks their English songs that often. Could be anyone’s.


  4. My guess for the last line is ‘love your life yourself’ but I could be wrong… We’ll just have to wait another week!

    Love your reflections on the mirror (lame pun, I know πŸ™‚ ).. If this was written by Yong, it looks like we might be in for another insight into what he’s thinking! I love it when they play their own songs like try again, smile again in Niigata, or One Time in HK. He’s totally immersed in the lyrics and music and you know it comes straight from his heart.

    You’re right about our boy aging so much in the last 2 years. When I watched him address the crowd of 40000 in the Niigata concert, I was really struck by his confidence, like he has been doing this his whole life! Our boy really lives life with no boundaries on what he can achieve. I really want to get him English lessons (even though i have no issues with his English so far) because he and CNBlue’s next step after japan is the world. Oh, the potential!

  5. i am excited about teaser..thank you for mp3 rip..i can save it now..
    I haven’t watched fancams yet too ..a lot of fancam…make me confused…
    hope one kind person/ppl zip it..^_^…

    sweet review teaser…can’t wait for full song…

  6. i’ve heard it..as usual, an interesting lyrics and fresh music from our Blue Boys..^^ can’t wait for Sept 1st.. >.<
    too many fancam,pict,and news these days..since they had a lot of event.i wish they stay healthy and have an enough rest..
    oyaa..thanks klaritia..for always updating about Yong&CNBLUE..i enjoy and appreciate it.

  7. Thanks for the mp3 and iphone ringtone. Well for me the last part I interpreted it as

    “Look in the mirror and love the life yourself…”

    I actually love the teaser but I’m a bit sad about the lyrics….not because it’s broken English, I’m used to it by now but rather the meaning of the lyrics. If this was composed and written by Yong Hwa then there is a meaning behind this song just like his other songs. One Time, I was told by a Korean fan of CN Blue too, was written when they were immersed in the plagiarism controversy and them being called a fake band. And I love the lyrics of One Time cause it somehow (for me anyway) tells me how Yong Hwa felt at that moment and it showed me his determination and strong will to overcome all that. In Try Again Smile Again….I also love the meaning in the lyrics….It spoke of how he and CN Blue hasn’t forgotten what their original goal was because at that time I remember he was all so busy with his variety shows that were given to him that one would question if he still has time left to be a musician (of course we all know he does cause he still continue to compose despite his very busy and unforgiving schedule). With this new song I know it will be another meaningful song.

    As I am basing it on the teaser I could be very, very wrong….Since he was introduced to the Korean show business since YAB days (latter part of 2009) he has been in full throttle. He never had a vacation that I know of. And of course after YAB he became so in demand that it felt like FNC said yes to all the networks that invited him to guest in their shows. Of course, add to that the imminent debut of his band the following January 2010 and since the successful debut of the boys it has been nonstop. I remember in one radio interview I think…..Yong said something about an advice Hong Ki gave him when CN Blue started….because of the success of their debut they were swept in the whirlwind of promotion and were on the go all the time…..Hong Ki told him that not to worry that usually the first year is like that because they had to promote themselves but after the first half of the year everything will settle down and that the following year won’t be too bad. But it seems CN Blue is still on the go all the time. Though the variety shows have ended, he started to film a drama (of course with this he wanted to tackle the drama world again so I kind of understand this)….but then the drama had problems right from the start so he & MH basically from the beginning of the drama were on call because of last minute script changes that made them need to shoot and reshoot scenes for the episode that will be aired in a matter of days. And even with the drama schedule they still have other scheduled appearances that can’t really be missed. Then the concert was announced and then a new album in Japan and concerts and shows to be attended…..it feels like they are still in the first year when 2011 is their 2nd year in the industry. They have accomplished so much in such a little time…..I am actually amazed cause the things that they have accomplished sometimes takes years to achieve and yet within one year they have done so much. The lyrics of the teaser sorts of tells me that I don’t think they have really taken the time to sort of take in all that they have done. They have run full speed ahead that they don’t even have the time to enjoy what they have right at this moment. I remember in their MSoundPlex interview…Jong Hyun said they haven’t had any time yet to just hang out or play….that they are living the life of a monk. They practice day in and day out. Yong said he loves to hang out with his band mates but because of his schedule were he comes home at around 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning there is really no time to hang out. When Yong comes home though the boys will stay awake until he comes home by the time he comes home it’s time for the boys to sleep yet Jong Hyun said that even when they go to sleep Yong would still try to compose. The lyrics said We dream of more sweet light….We dream of more hot nights….is it his wish of just being able to hang out just one night with his band mates….
    We have to slow down because we have enough time…..does he just want to take it easy even if it’s just for a while? They are still so very young….they do have a lot of time…..”Look in the mirror and love the life yourself….” May be it just a call to President Han that you do need time to stop and smell the roses. Bask even if it’s just for a while in the accomplishments they have achieved in such a short time. They haven’t yet done that. And with the imminent Japan debut I don’t think a break will be given to them anytime soon. I MAY BE OVER ANALYZING THINGS WITH JUST THIS 30 SEC TEASER SO DON’T MIND WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN. I’m just a fan who worries about these boys. I know I have told myself not to worry and that they are old enough to know what will be best for them but still I can’t stop playing “mom” or “noona” to these boys, most especially Yong.

    Okay!!!! I think I have written a novel again…and I don’t know if it even makes sense. I’m sorry and if you want you can delete this post but I just somehow needed to write this thought of mine.

    Thanks for having this amazing blog for the boys, most especially for Yong Hwa. I will continue to just support them and their dreams until the end.

    I have to go now…Goodbye. Sorry again for this long and winding post. ^___^

  8. Though I do read your blogs, I have never left a single comment. Not because I disagree w/ you. Your thoughts and opinions are always very insightful and optimistic. Which makes me enjoy reading your posts. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the mp3 download of the teaser. I was having so much trouble trying to play it at their myspace page. Can’t wait for the full song. Anticipating for the rest of they lyrics. ^^

  9. You have no idea how happy I am reading all your comments. Not that I think you like my post, but you’re so willing to talk about the boys ‘with me’.

    I totally love that you post LONG comments. Many of you are so eloquent and you kind of speak my mind writing your views too.

    And please do drop a few words even when you’re to busy to say too much. Your response, long or short, agreeing or disagreeing with me, can help keep me sane.

    Thank you all.

  10. Klaritia~ finally can reach here. ^^ Happy to read your post. And about the boys. As you say int their songs, all their songs got meaning behind all that. And every single they produced really meant to me. And I second the motion when you said about they like grew 10 years in these 2 years. Me like in pain when seeing their comeback with their panda eyes, their anxiety expression but yet they perform fantastically for us~ And still I really want they now about this blog!!!!!! So that they knew that they are not alone. They got us behind! and your post really amazed me how you really really really (want to say it for trillion times) knew them !

    And I would love to come here and happy to read about them!

    Thank you!! *big hug*

  11. At yesterday’s The Suithouse fan signing event, Yonghwa himself told a fan that he wrote the music and lyrics!!! (via saturnkr @ twitter)

    He’s asked about his not feeling well in HK and Minhyuk’s feeling sick and he said they’re both fine. He even said he had deep sleep the other night before. Why do we fans feel so happy hearing that he’s been sleeping???!!! That’s why he looks so much younger in the fan signing pics taken by fans? πŸ™‚

    • what a way to start my weekend. it feels good to read this kind of news when you just wake up.

      Thanks klaritia, saturn and a fan.


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