2011.08.24 CNBLUE in Hongkong – more news pics & vids

This press conference video is better! For us CNBLUE fans. Yonghwa talks about his having just finished a drama and preparing for the Korea concerts.

Download flv (source: sina ent)

And there are 2 news videos of the concert around. Sad to say, CNBLUE isn’t the focus at all. But they’re the FOCUS to me.

Download mp4 (source: apple daily HK)

CA has uploaded the following to YouTube already, so just download mp4 🙂 (source: mingpao)

And just some random news pics. (Source: mingpao, apply daily, on.cc, sina entertainment)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Zipped 😉

Time to explain myself … again … , in case you care to understand. 🙂 I almost wanted to write a post tilted: On followers and friends (Treat the following as the content of it.)

The love of a fan is very strange, as least to me and most fellow fans I know. As a fan, one never gets jealous because somebody else loves the star more than himself or herself. I don’t want to think I love CNBLUE more than others; I just want them to be loved by many others. When I talk about them, when I spread their pics/videos, it’s really just my loving them as a fan. I don’t want fans at all! If there were really something else that I wanted from all these, it’d be some friends. And I’m happy that I’ve gained quite some friends these days. Such a big bonus. I do count my twitter followers and weibo fans, but it’s just when I feel lonely when nobody seems as excited as me about some new pic or teaser or whatever news of the boys.

I’ve never promised that I will love the boys (or even Yonghwa) until they become a grandpa band. I don’t even have the guts to join any forum admin team even though I spend quite a lot of time digging stuff around. I want to like/love them without any burden. Selfish? I never want to be great.

I’m so happy that CA is back in full swing now. I don’t have to worry if English speaking fans around have access to news and everything. Honestly, I did feel that I need to help spread CNBLUE love around when the English forum wasn’t that active.

I don’t mean I won’t post CNBLUE goodies here (or on soompi) anymore. I think I’ll still have this bad habit of being very noisy in this fandom. What I need you to understand is that: I’m just an ordinary fan. I’m on equal ground with you all. Feel free to leave comments even longer that my posts! Feel free to say anything about Yonghwa and CNBLUE under any post, random is the style here! It’s just because I’m shameless to think my English isn’t that broken that I write my thoughts or translate stuff, while you may be just too busy to do the same.

Tons of followers, I don’t care; couple of fellow fans as friends, I treasure.

9 thoughts on “2011.08.24 CNBLUE in Hongkong – more news pics & vids

  1. 加加你知道我是情绪不稳定未婚大龄青年而且一直喊烦死了却还一直在的。偶尔emotional没有不好~

  2. sweet words…*melted*..
    I don’t want to think I love CNBLUE more than others; I just want them to be loved by many others…(agree with you)…
    very interesting talk and chat with fellow BOICE…

    i am silent girl..became boice last year..just became silent boice…
    i don’t know how to speak my mind..
    but now i will learn how to speak my mind…
    read boice comment in forum, blog, etc…
    i learn from them how to speak …thank boice…

    thank for cnblue stuff , download link (because i more like download link than youtube ^_^)…
    let’s spread cnblue lover all of around the world…

    sorry for my lack english and undity comment..

  3. Why the sudden sentiments klaritia? Everything’s alright?

    By the way, could you kindly tell me the meaning of Triple Crowns title? I mean, CNBlue had it in Intuition days and the news went gaga about it as if it was an extraordinary thing. Thing is I see many other artists/groups can easily achieve that triple thinggy too whenever they make a comeback. So what’s the fuss about it? Maybe I’m wrong, not everyone can all kill like that, but still, I’m confused.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud when the blue boys win titles, it’s just that I hope those titles are actually hard to achieve, not something that everyone can have. ~.~

    Anyhow, I hope there aren’t many negative comments thrown at you and your effort of loving the boys. I’m here, always. (Unless you decide to ignore me XD)


    • From what I heard from fellow fans. Established groups get Triple Crown titles easily. If they don’t get it, it must be some thing about the agency having disagreement with the TV stations or what. And for rookies, if they’re from big companies, it’s not that difficult if they’re good enough. It has a lot to do with politics in the Kor ent world I guess.
      The news went gaga just because FnC is such a small company in the business. They have minimum resources to promote the boys but the boys won the title, all on their own!

      I can feel your virtual hug. Thank you. How can I ignore you? You’re just too lovely!

      • Just as I thought *sigh*. Now I’m sour, but still proud. Do I make sense?

        So next time when the boys win Triple Crown again, forgive me if I’m not jumping on my feet. lol.

        You’re lovely yourself too.


  4. I’m not sure if I’m considered a follower or a friend (hopefully it’s the latter) but I want to tell you that I like coming here or read your twitter posts because I like what you say. You have a way of saying things – in English – that is simple and to the point and seems to speak the mind of most of YH or CNB fans. It’s true that there are other blogs out there which provides CNB news but most of the time, those are just reports, not thoughts (reports are great too, btw). As a fellow fan, I can tell you that it’s gratifying to have what you think or feel being expressed in words – it’s like someone is doing the talking or explaining for me.

    My journey as a CNB fan (I don’t even dare to call myself a BOICE) began the moment I heard “I’m a Loner”. It was from there that I went searching for whatever I could find on CNB and stumbled on YAB, WGM, Bluetory and others. How I became a little bit more YH bias (I love them all…honest…lol) was because I got to see more of his real personality, his hard work and his talent since he’s more exposed that the other 3 boys. Which led me here. I’ve been a silent lurker and supporter of CNB because I was just so happy to let you express all my thoughts (believe me, I contributed a lot to the 90,000 odd stats you have up there). I de-lurked because I couldn’t contain myself any longer and had to tell you that I love what you write. And now you see, I can’t even keep my mouth shut (or fingers still) once I started and kept coming here to haunt your blog 😛

    Actually, I don’t even know what’s my point here – it’s late, I’m tired since I just came back from a long day at work, I’m rambling. This is now a long and random post but you did say that you like long posts and it can be random. So I’m giving you both. Lol.

    Btw, I’m writing good things about your posts not because I want to follow the majority and praise your work – I write because I sincerely like your blog, believe it or not. 🙂

  5. You’ve mentioned several times that you don’t quite understand the increase of hits on your blog and the number of followers you have gained on twitter. I can only speak for myself, of course. When I go through forums (i.e. soompi), I usually just skim through people’s posts. Anything that’s more like, “info” or “news” on CNBLUE, I will actually take the time to read. Or, if they’re pictures… then maybe some drooling too. Just kidding! You’re one of the very few that frequents the CNBLUE soompi thread, so I do read through your posts. Can’t remember exactly why I clicked on your blog link. But, I remember coming here for the first time and, (dare I say it)… your recent post at the time was about YongSeo fans. I thought, “WOW! That is VERY WELL written!” It’s great to see another fan out there who supports the band; w/out being over the top, thinking he/she is a bigger fan than everyone else. You didn’t need to explain yourself, but there are probably those who left you negative comments, I assume. I, personally, don’t have anyone to share my CNBLUE addiction with, so it’s nice to read through your blog; seeing you spazz over the same picture or video, song teaser… whatever it may be that I have also come across. I’m always pestering my younger sisters to give CNBLUE a try, but it hasn’t worked yet. I guess, I should give myself a little credit for repeatedly listening to “I’m A Loner,” and “Love” last year, that they know those are CNBLUE songs. And, at least they recognize Yonghwa when they see him on variety shows. 😛 Slowly feeding them CNBLUE info, but will surely… drag one of them to a concert w/ me one day. So, what I’m trying to say is.. by sharing your love for CNBLUE, you’ve gained some amazing friends. That’s what matters the most. If you didn’t share your thoughts and opinions, you’ll probably still be like… me. Spazzing over CNBLUE all by myself. LOL. 😛

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