Heartstrings ep 13, 14 & 15 – just some cuts

Not exactly music cuts but at least each one has background music.

I have a separate post for the only cut I made for ep 12. For ep 13, there’s a post for Shin’s guitar solo and the BTS after the episode’s end.

Made 2 more cuts from ep 13 today. And some from 14 and 15.

The comforting song ~ a lullaby | 720p avi | mp4 for iPhone | twitvid |

The Stupid & Windflowers Catharsis minilive | 720p avi | mp4 for iPhone | twitvid |

The musical ending ~ You’re the best leading lady to me | 720p avi | mp4 for iPhone | twitvid |

He tells their story in a song | 720p avi | mp4 for iPhone |

I have no idea why dailymotion blocks this cut. So just twitvid version. Actually better quality. http://www.twitvid.com/QGC17

Because they miss each other | 720p avi | mp4 for iPhone | twitvid |

Happy ending | 720p avi | mp4 for iPhone | twitvid |

The end – BTS | 720p avi | mp4 for iPhone | twitvid |

I don’t claim I have made all the music cuts in the drama. You can’t expect me to upload the Ki-young singing at Catharsis one. Just because there are people who say he sings better than Shin! No apology from this very Shin-biased fan. 😉 Click the ‘video’ category to find the rest if you haven’t been following my posts.

11 thoughts on “Heartstrings ep 13, 14 & 15 – just some cuts

  1. Shin’s singing trumps Ki Young anytime, in my book, though I’ll concede when it comes to abs. It’s ok Yong Hwa, good thing your fans are not that shallow… 🙂 I’m still so in love with the music in this drama. I am hoping that the DVD will include more BTS of Yong Yong’s musical recordings/shoots.

    Thanks for all the cuts, as always klaritia.

    • I ain’t sure about his abs but his biceps!!! Seen the Live Magazine vol 4 scans??? The boy’s been shy or what? Wearing long sleeves all this time. 😉

      • i was thinking he could be shy of his hairy arms, no? not many k-pop idols are hairy.

        they say something about people with lots of hair, if you know what i mean. XD

    • Yeah, I have. I have never seen guys so afraid of bugs as him.

      He’s wearing long sleeves at the Linkin Park concert today.
      Forget about his arms. I can see collar bones and some chest. He looks tired but freaking handsome.

      Shy about his hairy arms? He shouldn’t. That’s probably the only masculine trait he can be proud of. (Yonghwa will hate me!)

      • this guy always covers his arms. it’s a rare opportunity to see his biceps, if not once in a million.

        is it his stylist’s idea again?

        speaking of collar bones, i had the exact same thought when i saw the twit pic. but i don’t get why people are into collar bones, they’re nice to look at, but other than that. *rolled eyes*. there was a ranking thing about idols with collar bones a while ago. Yoona was ranked first i think? not sure about the male though.

        i didn’t see the chest until you pointed out for me. my eyes are failing on me. XD

      • This might be a reason why he prefers long sleeves. His arms got some scars or he’s got skin problems (allergy thing)? See this endorsement pic.

        He wore that for the album jacket of “The Way” (released in Jun 2010).
        This isn’t the only pic I see red spots on his arms, but I remember this so well.

        As for collar bones … his are good to look at. And he thinks he’s sexy showing them off on NAN. You remember this? http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/large/6405aafagw1dl1vd93pw0g.gif *laughs*

      • that was definitely skin problem I see there. hm. i feel bad for him. he got really bad skin compared to other male idols. poor yonghwa!

        i see something yummier on the gif you posted though. his jawline, his adam apple. oh my. you might be into collar bones, but me – jaw line. weee ~.~ too bad he’s been putting on more weight these days. i don’t like his chubby face that much, tbh, because his cheek bones always seem ready to explode for some reason. -.-

        would you be kind enough to share the other pictures that you remember seeing his skin problems? i’m not a fetish kind of fan, but still want to see his not-so-good image. been seeing his awesomeness for like, forever. i guess a change wouldn’t hurt.



      • It’d be mission impossible for me to dig those pics among the gigs of pics i have. Actually I prefer not to. Yonghwa seems so imperfect compared with the other CN boys already: not tall enough, not slim enough, not muscular enough, shoulders not broad enough, skin not fair enough, no dimples, can’t dance … Can you see I feel very hurt already?

      • Hi, I’m sorry I’m butting in on your conversation but I can’t help but comment that I feel the same as Klaritia. I can’t seem to bear seeing YH’s ‘imperfections’. I’ve always feel bad for him whenever stands next to the rest of the CNB boys. He always comes up looking so short. And of all things, he has to be the one with the bad skin and the weight problem. Sigh…..

        My only small consolation…..he has a lot of talent 🙂

        Ok, sorry for that interruption. I’ll go back into lurk mode now. Carry on!

      • *can you feel my virtual pat on your shoulder and then a hug?*

        mission impossible it is. i totally understand your laziness AND the sentimal about yonghwa’s imperfectionS. oh how i hate that “S”.

        i agree with looby, the only thing he kinda gets in return is talent in almost everything, but somehow i don’t see it as a fair trade though. *sigh*. i don’t know.

        p.s. oh please, feel free to butt in. it’s kinda lonely these days, no?

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