Music. No beards. Just sweat and passion.

Weird title? I mean to translate some news article. I’m random like that. 🙂


CNBLUE in Japan rock music festival “Music & Beards 2011” for the first time, “We feel like we’ve come to a celebration!”

The summer music festival “Music & Beards 2011” held in Nagoaka on August 27 is a big event attracting 15,000 music lovers! The performers include CNBLUE, Kishidan, 3rd Generation J Soul Brothers, T.M.Revolution, NICO Touches the Walls, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS and miwa. Almost all are Japanese musicians. CNBLUE are the only K-POP artists. And the guest of honor is Tomoyasu Hotei.

As for CNBLUE, they’ve been in many K-Pop music festivals. But I think it’s their first time in this kind of live for Japanese musicians.

That day, Yonghwa greeted the fans as the MC, saying, “We’re CNBLUE from Korea. We flew on a plane, took the Shinkansen and rode on a car to get here.” It’s just chit-chat but it really looked like they just arrived and were kind of tired of the journey.

At the end of the performance, CNBLUE said, “Though it’s our first time in a music festival here in Japan, we feel like we have come to a celebration. There are 15,000 people here. Looking at how the audience cheer for us as one, we have goose bumps. We’re really very happy. We hope to be able to join another rock music festival soon.” I can see that they were really very happy.

And Tomoyasu Hotei, who attended “Music & Beards” too, commented as follows on his blog.

I met with CNBLUE members and 3rd Generation J Soul Brothers. They introduced themselves and gave me their CDs. They are very polite and bright boys. I told CNBLUE members that I hope to have the chance of sharing stage with them in Korea!

If they will really perform with Tomoyasu Hotei in Korea, that will be awesome.

It’d be great if they can be very active as a band in Japan in the future too.

“Music & Beards 2011” Set list
1.Let’s Go Crazy
3.Now or Never
5.Just Please
6.직감(直感) / Intuition
7.One Time

Japanese article dated 2011.08.30 CNBLUE「音楽と髭達2011」の日本のロックフェス初参加は、「お祭りに来た気分で楽しかった!」と…。

Japanese into Chinese translation by kof1_ (She says no reposting to PTT.)
Chinese into English translation by klaritia


Some pics of the boys rocking the stage from Korean news articles.

(Photos source: nate news search)

6 thoughts on “Music. No beards. Just sweat and passion.

  1. I didn’t want to sound pathetic, but the news about a certain idol group just topped Oricon Daily Chart made my heart sour because it also made me think about our boys.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, the blue boys haven’t achieved that yet, have they? I’m gonna need to keep reminding me that our boys are not idols, hence the relatively lower popularity compared to other idol groups. But, it doesn’t make it less sadder? *sigh*

    On a completely different note, I’ve been waiting for HQ cut of the boys from Nigata concert and other recent shows too. Did you by any chance get a hold of it? Do share it, please. I’m missing their sweat already.

    P.S. Stinky Japanese broadcast.


    • Don’t feel bad. Our boys have not made their official debut in Japan yet with all the promotion $$ that goes behind it, but they still made it into the charts (though not at the top).

      I believe that the difficulties our boys have gone through have made them what they are today. Performing on the streets during their training days with barely any attention has taught them to never take their audiences/fans for granted. Getting criticisms for not being a ‘real band’ has pushed them to further develop their instrument playing skills, have more live performances and release more of their own compositions (and perhaps additional pressure to FNC to allow them to release as well). These hard-ships further solidifies their foundation as musicians, and that in the long run is more precious than the bubble of fame.

    • Japan is a big country in the music world. If I’m not wrong, they come second to the US in terms of market value, albums sales, singles sales and everything else. And artists can top Japan music charts whether they have the looks or not. No offense but some artists don’t look attractive at all but their music is great and make loads of money. Our boys? To me, they have both looks and music talents … but they aren’t ‘idol’ enough (because of their lame agency)? … and will music lovers who are skeptical about Kpop artists put away their prejudice and listen to their music seriously?

      I see only HD Niigata video on YouTube. Even the videos for download from CA and most other forums are mp4 rips from Youtube. I saw a Chin forum posting a 2.1G HD ts cut of CNBLUE performance, but I don’t have enough points to ‘buy’ the links. I don’t even have enough points to view the post. I just heard from other fans that it’s 2.1G. They don’t have enough points either.

      On the bright side, I heard Yonghwa’s voice was great at the Play Smart Music Festival last night. Been so worried about his voice all this time. And a fan says CNBLUE fans are of a wide spectrum, from elementary school kids to mommies and ahjussis. They all enjoyed their performance and were very charmed by their charm. (via baidu CNBLUE bar fan account translation)

      *fingers crossed that 392 will top Oricon chart*

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