Man in suit

The.Suit.House has official youtube channel! Finally the videos are of the correct aspect ratio. It’s been a nuisance when making gifs out of videos released on their naver blog.

A 21 sec teaser of the catalog. About Yonghwa’s gonna propose to somebody …

Download mp4

The photoshoot BTS … cuteness overload!!!

Download mp4

Don’t mind the blurry caps. I do redundant things.

7 thoughts on “Man in suit

  1. For some reason, I love the part where he’s trying to rip the piece of paper out of the notebook. The smile after successfully ripping the page out is… just too cute. Can’t help, but to love his boyish charm.

    Thanks for sharing the videos. ^^

  2. he looks really tired till at some point i tot he’s never gonna open his eyes once he closed it! but nevertheless i love the BTS to tidbits because he’s being the yongyong that i adore so much. thanks for the mp4 version. time to stuffed my iphone with yonghwalicious thingy!

  3. Yonghwa looks so tired! I hope that he can at least accidentally have some days off due to the Japan visa issues. And he is tanned because of the outside filming for the drama for the past couple of months?

    Just when I feel a bit sentimental that he suddenly matured a lot, I see his choding behavior again. LOL

  4. He’s adorable. I can’t get over the fact that there’s so many layers to this guy. We just saw him as cold/warm Lee Shin, then he became Rocker Yong, talented composer and now this choding model. This is the best set of Suithouse pics to date. The previous ones’ concepts are a little…off. This time, TSH made him look so gorgeous. Love the cute bts. Thank you for posting.

  5. at first,i was like why is his hair is so out of place but then again since he is the bolmae jung, that messy hair just make him look more adorable than ever. too cute >.<
    392 Klaritia for always feeding this-not so-good-with-technology-fan the best sources of yong biasness

  6. his tan look doesn’t do him justice. *sigh*. how come I always have trouble with his stylists? should I be the stylist myself? o_O

    i love the epic fails when he sings to the doggie. i guess he doesn’t get lucky with anything but fangirls’ heart? lol.

    i’ll probably be back later with “man in front of the mirror”. Truth be told, i think i’m not in love with the song, not yet anyway. the lyric is a different story though. XD


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