You like them not for their hair, but like talking about their hair?

Thanks to catcher, who gives me writing prompts all this time.

What I think about Yongyong’s hair in it? I HATE his hair! The Japanese media have big interest in the boys but they’re lacking materials and have to dig old stuff. That interview was done in mid April 2010 when they went for a performance in Japan, “CNBLUE 1st Album Release Live Encore ~Special Thanks~”.

This is Yonghwa’s look at the concert. The same hair. Maybe the tee kind of made up what’s lost with that hair.


The boys certainly had bad hair days. I hope nothing like this will happen ever again. It’s Mar 18, 2010. They attended Jason Derulo’s showcase in a club in Yeoksamdong.


Everybody wanted to shoot the hair stylist that night seeing the pics. And Korean fans sent UFO messages to Yonghwa talking about his hair. And he’s very responsive. I can still remember what he said to the fans. Just went digging on the soompi thread. Found the UFO translations (by saturn again!). Maybe I quote them here too. (N.B. The first line is said by the fan and the second is the reply by Yonghwa or Jonghyun.)

2010.03.18 02:25
[Yong Hwa] Sorry for laughing TT_TT My fault. Forgive me. But I confess myself.
[Yong Hwa] Don’t laugh too much. Hair stylists are watching. If they are hurt, we are sorry.

2010.03.19 02:22
[Yong Hwa] I ordered Yong gallery members stop laughing. I did good job, didn’t I?
[Yong Hwa] You laughed with them, didn’t you? The hair was nice. Only we were awkward! Hair stylist must be hurt.

2010.03.19 02:42
[Yong Hwa] We played with your hair style just because we were boring at gallery. I will not mention hair any more.
[Yong Hwa] kk I see.

2010.03.19 02:32
[Yong Hwa] Your hair is not awkward, never!!! You are my angel.
[Yong Hwa] …. Thanks.

2010.03.19 02:40
[Yong Hwa] Yong Hwa, I wil stop it. You are beautiful with any style of hair. Really!!!
[Yong Hwa] You think I don’t know you, pinkuyonghwa. I remember your face clearly standing holding a bottle.

2010.03.19 03:05
[Yong Hwa] Sorry for laughing. I will erase that picture from my memory.
[Yong Hwa] You’re a liar.

2010.03.19 02:26
[Yong Hwa] I laughed much thanks to you. Do a great performance in Japan, fighting!!!
[Yong Hwa] Don’t laugh….. TT TT Yes, I will do well.

2010.03.19 01:57
[TO ALL] You were the best. Today was the best. Please promise me not to do it again!!
[Yong Hwa] Stop..

2010.03.19 02:01
[Yong Hwa] Today nuna cried because of your hair. Take responsibility TT
[Yong Hwa] Hmmm.. You laughed, didn’t you~?

2010.03.19 03:06
[Jong Hyun] Today your hair was pretty, why was the picture taken like that?
[Jong Hyun] For me, it was the worst TT

(Many thanks to fans who shared the UFOs, and saturn @ soompi for English translation.)

Jonghyun didn’t hide his bad feeling at all. Poor boy. And Yonghwa. He even asked fans to care about the stylists’ feelings. A lovely person! The fans teasing him and his joking around. I had a good laugh reading these again. Minhyuk’s hair not that disastrous actually. So no fans asked him?

Among the four, I think Jungshin cares about his hair the most. In a radio show, he talked about his having long hair in high school and people thought he’s a bad boy, but his class teacher had an open mind and talked to him, thus had the other teachers accept him. In a certain Japanese magazine article, he said a girl’s prettiest expression is when she sweeps her hair up with her hand(s). He has the best hair 99% of the time. And fans are crazy about his new hair style at the Niigata concert. The tying-all-hair-back thing.


I pointed out Yonghwa tried something like that in their Japan training days but practically nobody replied to my tweets. Maybe my followers think he looked awful and don’t want to tell me. That one when he looks down, walking back home after a tired day, doesn’t look bad. I don’t know how to say it, but he charms in it.

And we know they had no stylists dictating their hair in those days. They’re speaking their characters with their hair? What do you see in this?

(Japan training days pics from CNBLUE’s Oricon blog)

I don’t know why the stylists won’t let Jonghyun have long hair now. He absolutely loves long hair and looks good in long curly hair to me. Minhyuk’s hair is always perfect. Except in Heartstrings when he looked like he never washed or combed his hair. But even that look seems cute. I have problems with Yonghwa’s hair almost half of the time. We Chinese have this saying that each person’s hair is their 3000 strands of trouble. That totally applies to Yonghwa.

11 thoughts on “You like them not for their hair, but like talking about their hair?

  1. I had to cover my eyes, hold my head, curl my toes and whatnots to look at the second picture. Geez, all thanks to you klaritia. Geez. You just made my day.

    For me, it wasn’t just a bad hair day. It was like the worst hair day ever. I hope his stylist noonas learned their lesson and wouldn’t attempt to turn our boys into ahjummas again. *sigh*

    I want to see 2 things from Yonghwa in the next 2, or 5, years:

    1. Yonghwa with headbun. I mean, for the past 2 years (almost), I’ve seen enough of his short hair, bang up and down with different colors and different styles. It’d be good once in a while to return to his original hair style back in Japan. Truthfully speaking, I don’t think he looks good in it, but hey, at least that’s how he wanted his hair to be right? Not to please some fans and definitely not to be styled according to some company. I want long-haired Yonghwa. Yay!

    2. Yonghwa wish muscles. Okay, I admit that I like how charming he currently looks with not too much weight and not too much meat. I was even happy when he lost his 9kg (don’t hate me) during Intuition comback, because an almost 70kg Yonghwa didn’t look good whatsoever. But I want to see him grow some muscles like a real man, because cliche or not, we know he must be eating regularly to put on weight and muscles right? I don’t care if he’d look just the same as other idols like those 2AM/2PM members. Even the skinny Hongki has muscles now. I guess a MASCULINE Yonghwa wouldn’t hurt, would it? Yum!

    My bf thinks I’m too obsessed with your blog and Yonghwa.He thinks I’m kinda nuts to fall for some frivolous singer/band that does me nothing good other than taking my time. I don’t blame him though. I’d gone nuts for real if he was into Yonghwa too. Ew!



    • (Scan from Live Magazine Vol.4, shared by unexpectedF & kwanwendy @ twitter)
      The above pics taken on Jun 3 at the 2nd Japan Boice fan event. You think Yonghyong’s muscular enough? He’s been hiding his arm muscles under those long sleeves in the drama as Lee Shin.

      I do think Yongyong likes his hair long. He mentioned that before but I forgot when and where. I don’t think he looks good in long hair in any photos I’ve seen so far, however. I have no problem if he has that head bun later and everybody says he looks awful. Think I’d rather people talk bad about his hair than other things.

  2. not enough, not enough. me want more. XD

    muscles? check. weight? hm. not enough. you seen hongki these days? he used to be a petit, skinny guy. look at him now. oh mo!

    a girl can dream, can’t she?

    p.s. i’ve saved those muscular pix ages ago. well, weeks ago, but thanks for reposting them.

    p.p.s. i see not many fangirls are interested in yongyong’s bad hair days topic. meh, i am, very much.

    p.p.p.s. have you seen this endorsement pix? ? look at what he’s wearing. his choice, isn’t it? talk about masculinity.

    • I only see Hongki’s painted toe nails. LOL

      The flipflops? And ppl say Sulli has similar flip flops … Maybe he can never be macho Yong. Who knows? Everybody changes.

      And he’s proud of his own fashion sense, though not everybody likes his taste, I’m afraid. Stumbled upon this Taiwan news article I translated last year.
      Just to remind people I translated tons of CNBLUE info … Kidding. It’s fun reading it myself.

      I’ve told you it’s my 15 minutes fame. Not many visitors after Heartstrings. But I did chit-chat with some fans on twitter after they read this post. One even protested that she replied to me when I tweeted those Yongyong with hair bun pics. I forgot?

  3. hello klaritia!! I missed your tweets maybe. T^T. If not I’m the one spamming your timeline. wuwuwu. I love how their hairs to be and for me wuri Yonghwa really looked cool in bun! I dont why I got the feeling watched samurai after tired practicing their swords. And implies to yonghwa! and Jonghyun like you said looks totally cool in curly and when seeing him like that, my brain detected him as a musician. A really cool musician. And Minhyuk yes I couldnt agree more to you! But they really care their hairs a lot! A lot! ^^ and I do believe their hair affect their performances. maybe? hehe. I’ve been watched MTA where Jonghyun a bit upset because of his bangs its not like normal. :0

    thanks klaritia!!!

  4. I actually like his hair in those pre debut Japan days. I actually thought he looked good with the messy bun. It gave him that Japanese vibe. I guess I’m the only one who thinks so. =(

    As for the muscled YongYong….I’d rather he just stay lean and I’m content with the muscle he has. I don’t want him to be like other idol personalities like 2PM and such…I’m just not into muscled guys. kekeke He would look stocky when I like seeing him lean like he is now. A little bit more meat on his bones but other than that I am happy with how he looks now. ^____^

  5. I am laughing so hard right now.. fans’ responses were so hilarious and I love the way he replied to all of them..OMG, that seriously the worst hair style i ever seen on him..
    I like his current hair style..just keep it like that, Yong..
    So just curious, what hair style do you like the most on him, klaritia? Or have you mentioned it somewhere..? I must be too busy read your post properly..sorry 😀

    • Basically I like his hair being short, with the bangs ruffled and spiked up.
      But I like that he (or the stylist) always changes his hair style. He looks like a completely different person whenever he has a new hair style. He’s a special chameleon, the dragon that changes color, not to blend in but stand out!

  6. i REALLY dislike his hair during the jason derulo showcase! not only him. but all of them. his hair in YAB also kinda >.<! haha..but still love him tho. the predebut pic wif him tied his hair back is the best. look much younger! of couse he still young back them but rite now im crossing my fingers for him to have his long hair back.
    must be a challenge for the stylist noona to come out with the style for long hair.
    gotta agree with u! jungshin's hair is the best! u can put any style on minhyuk n he still look good, while jonghyun…his curly hair is HOTTER!

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