Can’t wait for the coming Bang Bang CF

Because the official Bang Bang site has posted the CF sketch pics. It looks like they were having fun filming the CF. I just hope the CF itself will be FUN too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not a fan of the catalog pics themselves but I have collected all too, even the png backgrounds and pngs of swf files. All zipped (Sendspace / Mediafire) for picture collectors. Cheers 😉

3 thoughts on “Can’t wait for the coming Bang Bang CF

  1. Just gotta comment on his hair in this post, even though the topic was in your previous post – NOT a fan of Yong’s hair in this shoot… It looks, well, um… flat… and in the indoor shoots, like a black helmet. eep…

    But thanks for posting this in your nifty, self-changing slide show thingie… makes viewing so much easier! And you’re right… it looks like they were having fun, though I did breathe a sigh of relief that no one hurt their precious hands while tumbling down that hill! Yes, Heartstrings has made me paranoid…

  2. i think Yonghwa’s hair is very soft, if not for the magic work of hair gel and hair spray, it’d probably stay, hm, flat like how it does in the catalog pics.

    me not a fan of his hairstyle this time either, but hey, he looks happy filming it. who are we to complain? ‘.’

    tks for the slide and the link, though i have to admit, i’m not downloading. teehee!


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