When he was sleepy

Have you watched this youtube video of Yonghwa’s T.S.H fall/winter catalog photoshoot and interview? Jung Yong-hwa(정용화) [Showbiz Korea] (with English subs and English narration)

I heard he didn’t sleep the night before filming Heartstrings, and then went straight to the photoshoot. He was so sleepy that he had to stop and think answering questions.

HQ pics of the catalog are available for download from the official site. So what do you think of the pics taken when he’s extremely sleepy? Is there one or two that you like most?

Zipped the above together with the jpgs ripped from the flashes (4 background pics & the 19 MQ previews). Download.

I like (2,4) and (3,1). He’s had a hard time getting the doggie’s attention during the photoshoot (the official T.SH. bts vid). I love the smiles of satisfaction on his face when the doggie’s looking at him. How happy he is with the doggie in his arms!

I watched a documentary on TV some weeks ago. It’s about some research on people’s need of sleep. It’s said that some people may have the gene to function with less sleep. A short Scientific American article about the discovery: Rare Genetic Mutation Lets Some People Function with Less Sleep. I wonder if Yonghwa has this gene. For Jonghyun said several times that Yonghwa doesn’t sleep to write music.

No more drama filming. No more variety shows schedules. But has he been sleeping much lately? Maybe not. I’m sure you know CNBLUE will open for Linkin Park’s Japan Tour today (5 pm, Makuhari Messe performance). The news says they’ve been ‘practicing crazily’ for this. Even if they don’t practice all day and all night long, they may be too excited to sleep well.

A Japanese fan (@ketchBurning) tweeted the translation of the latest Pati Pati article interviewing them about the release of 392.

YH: regardless of the stage big/small, we always same feeling. we do our best for ppl hear our music. Yokohama arena or street live are the same.

The boys haven’t slowed down a bit. Instead, they’re running … no, flying … towards their dream. It’s exactly two years ago that they saw Linkin Park in Japan, and this afternoon they will appear on their concert stage in Japan? Kind of incredible to me. I almost think they will become too good for me, if you see what I mean. But in the same interview, Jonghyun talked about the message behind “Coward”.

JH: trust yourself, be honestly yourself, don’t be afraid, do what u want, don’t be shy to express feeling for someone.

I thought I should shut up, for they don’t need my cheering no more. But I’ll take Jonghyun’s advice: I’ll keep writing down my thoughts, not being shy to express myself. This post has gone off track again.

8 thoughts on “When he was sleepy

  1. As usual, I think your article is great! And thanks for the pics. My favorites are (1,1), (3,3) and (3,6). I didn’t join in the discussion abt his hair previously but I like his hair here. Goes so well with that vintage Gatsby look. What do you think? I find that I always hv different tastes than other YH fans when it comes to his hair.

    Anyway, I like how you sometimes include in some tidbits of information when you write abt him, like this article abt sleep deprivation. Thanks. You sound like a scientist 🙂

    On a side note, I’m excited and nervous for them tonight.

  2. I agree with you, don’t be afraid to show your love because many people (like me) love to read your thought.
    About CNB will open LP concert in JP, first time I don’t belive it , impossible. It’s like a dream. Several years ago I crazy LP very much but Now I’m love and cheer CNB just start from their songs and their live performance. After heard the news I pick the LP DVD Con to watch again then watch CNB live include KBS gayo. It’s full fill my feeling. Oh can’t describe. It’s just the begining to the world know their name and their ability. I’m waiting the news about tonight/fan acc. Hope everything is most valuable memory.
    Thank you always for sharing you thought

      • Do you listen/watch CNB at LP con? I just finish watching it both CNB opening and LP fancam. I think CNB boy learn a lot (as they mention) and it make they go to their way clearly more and more. Even their (CNB and LP) songs has own style but I’m sure their love and passion to the music are the same. CNB can push their inner day by day after this, it really first step for them (just my thought).

      • Of course I searched high and low for all sorts of audios and videos. They didn’t disappoint me at all. But my concern is what LP fans among the audience thought of them. It must have been immense pressure for them to be on that stage. 7000 people out there but the majority didn’t go to listen to CNBLUE and didn’t know who they are.

        I heard some guy fans of LP clapped or whistle hearing them. But I’ve read someone saying their music isn’t good at all, their guitar playing sucks, their vocal’s awful and they look ugly (?) …

        Though it’s said that LP personally picked them (which I think there’s at least some truth in it), there’s no doubt that Warner Music Japan had something to do with all this. The boys even mentioned their major debut in Japan next month. Anyway, not any budding band can have that kind of opportunity and I’m glad that they’ve worked and tried very hard to show their best. I’m very proud.

  3. Thanks for sharing TSH pics! I usually don’t save pics, but I think I’m gonna have to save this set. Dunno what I’m gonna do with it… but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to look at them every once in awhile and drool. 😛 Anyway, my absolute favorite is the one of him sitting in the car. Of all the pictures, he looks the most relaxed (comfortable) in that shot.

    Now, onto their crazy schedule. Seems like CNBLUE has been missing the stage, after months of drama filming. All their performances since their drama ended, everyone has been saying CNBLUE has been really enjoying their time on stage! Just within the last couple of months, they’ve been given so many great opportunities! I’m so proud of them!! Especially, them opening for Linkin Park! That’s total craziness. And, with some of the negative criticism, it’s kind of expected of unknown opening acts. (Well, unknown to the majority of LP fans.) Being an opening act is really tough. It’s another singer/bands’ fans you’re trying to impress. And, the majority of them just wants you to hurry up w/ your set and they want to see the artist they paid to come see. The negative criticism is expected, being in that profession. You can’t avoid it, and it will only make them strive even more.

    Just a random thought, that came to me when they announced that CNBLUE would be opening for LP. Met Joe Hahn of LP in 2006, and 5 years later… never would’ve imagined, my current favorite band would be opening for them. Not only a dream come true for CNBLUE; if I was at the show… it’d be MY dream come true too!

    And, klaritia… I think I understand what you mean when you say, they’ve become too good for you. Sometimes, when my favorite artists become too popular, I feel that they’ve become untouchable; and trying to keep up w/ them becomes overwhelming. Every single fan is important. I can see they’re grateful for their fans. Even when they first started out and only played for 10 people at a club, they were happy. Years from now, I wonder if I will still be as a devoted fan as I am now. There’s an American band that I’ve been a fan of for 14 years now. They went from “major-label” band to an “indie” band… and having seen them in concert again recently; made me think of my current fandom w/ CNBLUE. I hope CNBLUE will be around for a long time.

    Wow! Didn’t realize I wrote so much. Will need to hold back, next time. 😛

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