Word of the day: alternative

alternative adj

1 that can be used instead of something else
2 different from the usual or traditional way in which something is done

Just as there are two definitions for the word, there are two reasons that this word popped up in my mind.

First, today’s Jungshin’s birthday. Happy birthday to Jungshin!!!

He’s grown so much. Taller(?). Handsomer. Funnier. A better bassist. A cooler rapper. A more confident CNBLUE member.

What does this have anything to do with ‘alternative’? Just because Jungshin introduced CNBLUE as an alternative rock band from Korea at the opening of Linkin Park concert the other day.

Second, I’ve thought of another alternative ending for Heartstrings. (I had one alternative ending posted as a comment under the finale’s recap already.)

Three years later.

Kyuwon stayed in London longer than planned. Her company had her study for a music degree in a university. She graduated and has just come back to Korea, for publicity work of her Korean musical album.

Shin’s hand surgery was a success and he recovered fast. A music company discovered him and he’s released two mini-albums. He’s a rising star. A talented guitarist. A singer-songwriter too.

But the two never contacted each other in those three years.

It’s Shin’s second concert. Boys of THE STUPID, as well as his college friends have all come cheering for him. Kyuwon is there too, holding Shin’s father’s old record. Shin doesn’t see her, for she’s sitting quite far away from the stage. It’s the encore. “Because I miss you …” Shin doesn’t expect himself to cry anymore. It’s been a long time. As if to fight the tears away, he looks further among the audience, and through his teary eyes, he sees her. Her face is soaked in tears too …

I don’t think I can think of a perfect ending to it. For I actually want to re-write the drama after episode 7. What I want with this alternative ending is: Shin’s dream isn’t shattered because he loves Kyuwon, and Kyuwon needs to be one who takes the initiative if the two re-unite.

As the topic is ‘alternative’, feel free to offer alternative views. I didn’t mean to post for the sake of posting. But you’re free to comment for the sake of commenting.

14 thoughts on “Word of the day: alternative

  1. klaritia, you just can’t wait, can you. XD

    i have something for you. question is, do you know where to find it?

    p.s. just take a look around.


      • oh, my bad. i posted the unedited version. darn.

        i’m gonna go edit it now, silly me. only a few missing words and grammar and all. the overall plot stays the same. XD

        i’m glad you enjoyed it, despite its failed attempt at alternating the series’ ending. i don’t know. i can’t seem to give shin/kyuwon their happy ending. i said i wouldn’t forgive her. i never did.


        p.s i’m surprised you found the link. i wouldn’t be as smart. lmao.

      • So I read it again.
        Sorry that I don’t have an account there and gotta reply to you here instead.
        You can write so well. Even if I edit my writing 100 times, I can’t be 10% as good.

        I can’t forgive Kyuwon either.

      • i’m flattered.

        but don’t praise me too much, my engrish should be polished more, it’s really rusty now.

        should there be anything else you’d want me to |alternate|, let me know. *grin*. i have some time to spare for the time being. lol.


      • Nothing that I want you to |alternate| in the meantime. But are you interested in picturing the meeting of Lee Shin and that imaginary Australian transfer student we made up? I totally see the fanfic person in you.

  2. Happy Birthday to Bunny Jungshin and thanks for the alternative ending that you gave. It sure beats the one we had. But since you’ve expressed that you wanted an alternative ending where Shin’s dream is not shattered and Kyuwon does the chasing, here’s my version 🙂

    Kyuwon left for UK, believing that Shin broke up with her because she fell on his wrist. Shin lets her go and concentrates on getting better. Two years passed. He succeeds and became an even more phenomenal guitarist than before. He releases an album and people hails him as a great guitarist. He and The Stupid became a sought after band across the nation and abroad.

    Meantime, Kyuwon comes back from UK after having released a musical album. She’s being hailed as the next big musical star. At the airport, she sees a whole load of screaming fans chasing after a band (The Stupid) that just returned from an international gig in Japan but she didn’t see who it was. But Kyuwon sees the posters of Shin and The Stupid everywhere in Korea and realises that Shin has now become a great guitarist and singer. She remembers what Shin told her when he gave her his dad’s album. “Keep this for me and return it to me when I become a great guitarist.”

    That same night, she overheard Granpa and Dad talking about Shin, and about how Shin lied to Kyuwon about his injured wrist. They wondered if they should tell Kyuwon. Kyuwon finally realises the sacrifice Shin made for her. She ran out of her house and went next door, clutching Shin’s dad’s album. Shin’s sister tells her she’s too late. Shin has left for the States for a concert. They’re touring with Linkin Park. He’ll be back in 6 months.

    Kyuwon waits for Shin at home. She’s miserable. Finally, it’s the day he’s coming home. She went to the airport and along with the rest of his fangirls, waited for him. He arrives and walks out. He didn’t see or hear her even though she’s screaming his name. He left, escorted by his bodyguards. Dejected, Kyuwon wanders around in the park where they used to date, reminiscing about their past. Unknown to Kyuwon, Shin is also in the park reminiscing about their past.

    Kyuwon turns a corner and saw Shin. Shin looks up and saw her. Kyuwon smiles at him ran towards him. She hugs him and then tells him that she misses him. Still hugging him, she tells him she knows about his sacrifice for her two years ago. She tells him she will not leave his side ever again. She tells him that as much as she loves musicals, she loves him more. Doing musicals are meaningless if she can’t be with him. She hands Shin his dad’s album and asks if they can start again. Shin hugs her back. Then, he smiles and leans in to kiss her. The End.

    Gosh, I didn’t expect to write so long. I just wanted Kyuwon to be the one sacrificing and taking the initiative. And I didn’t want to make it easy for her either. To be honest, I’m a little embarassed doing this but I’m going to take courage and post it anyway.

    I hope you’ll like it. It’s the least I can do for you after all the enjoyment you’ve given me with all your posts.

  3. Love all your alternative endings..
    I guess, it was not only me who was dreaming of Hearstrings two years after…
    Hope CN Blue’s concert on the 17th & 18th be a success…the boys are working sooo hard.

  4. I enjoyed watching ‘Heartstrings,’ but it was one of those dramas where I enjoyed the OST more than the drama itself. 😛 I thought it turned out OK, considering the change in writer/director positions. So, I was satisfied with how they concluded the drama.

    BUT, klaritia… I LOVE your “alternative” ending MORE than the original!!

  5. Thanks for ‘liking’ my alternative ending. Glad that it’s fished awesome alternative endings. More the merrier!

    BLUE STORM concerts soon. Can’t wait for juicy fan accounts and MORE. Cheers.

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