They’re happy; I’m happy

These BLUE STORM in Seoul concert pics don’t tell much. But they’re the only official pics out there. Too small too.

(source: hankooki)

(source: thestar chosun)

You must have listened to the recordings shared by @CNGuitarFreak, @LimeIsntSour and @CNBlackYong. If you haven’t, stalk their tweets and grab the mp3 files they tediously manipulated, cut and uploaded in the middle of the nights after the two concerts. Even if you downloaded from elsewhere, it’s their files, and I think you should thank them directly on twitter if possible. Reading their tweets (and other fans’ tweets too), I can see the boys had happy times with the fans!

I read first hand sharing by Chinese fans on weibo too. Maybe somebody’s translated those weibo messages already, but I found the following about the Sunday concert particularly interesting.


They’re very HIGH today. Today’s concert’s just too too too too awesome. Everybody’s jumping lots. The four boys are at their best condition. Yonghwa himself says it’s the best concert so far. Jungshin doesn’t tie up his hair today, so he can swing his hair enough to make up what we’ve missed yesterday. And he keeps turning around like a little drunkard. Hahaha. Yonghwa keeps twisting his shoulders today. When singing “Let’s Go Crazy”, he even put his hands on his waist and twisted. Oh, he’s like a little old man. Sorry.

Jungshin sings the first part of “You’ve Fallen For Me”. He imitated Yonghwa closing his eyes singing. And he gazed at Yonghwa so cheesily too. The fans just can’t help laughing. All four boys are very happy and everybody’s so HIGH. Jonghyun’s dimples stay on his face all the time. Minhyuk’s drumming is very “stormy”. Jonghyun says in the end that they hope to see everybody on the stage again before December.

As the concert goes on, the last few songs are particularly “HIGH”. The last song before encore is rock version “Love Light”. Yonghwa has most interaction with fans in this. He instructs us how to make circles with our glow sticks. Then he points somewhere towards the control panel(?) … towards Mr Han. And he bursts out laughing. Mr Han has a face filled with satisfaction.

The above translated from Chinese weibo messages of cnpink

Lee Jungshin says when the drama was on air or when Jung Yonghwa sang at home, he always sang along. That’s why he wants to sing today. So the whole audience chant: Lee Jungshin, Lee Jungshin … And he becomes real shy. When the intro starts, he says, “You all gotta help me.” When he sings, he’s this Jung Yonghwa expression. Then he stops and says he didn’t sing good enough and should do it seriously again. He does! Hahaha. Again. Very cute.

Yonghwa says Jungshin likes to be with him. Every time when they check in a hotel, Jungshin goes to Yonghwa. Yonghwa always says to Jungshin, “Why do you come to me every time?” Jungshin: “I want to sleep with you (klaritia’s note: not to be taken literally … I mean in the usual way we understand this statement … if you see what I mean. ;)) Jonghyun: “Because he’s tired of having to stay (the actual word is “sleep”) with Minhyuk every time.” Yonghwa: “Jungshin … is a good boy. Because he does whatever I ask him to do … haha.”

Near the end, Yonghwa says, “It’s almost the end now. Let’s just jump with the most energy like we’re gonna die! Everybody jump crazily with us too. Tomorrow is Monday, you gotta go to work or school. Fans say, “We don’t wanna go!” Yonghwa: “So let’s sleep until four o’clock in the afternoon tomorrow!!”

The above translated from Chinese weibo messages of paris0915


And the two fans are fluent in Korean. Any misunderstanding, if any, is my mistake.

Back to my post title. When I say “they”, I mean the boys as well as the fans who were at the concerts. I’m happy but I have this emptiness in my heart too … I wasn’t there.

8 thoughts on “They’re happy; I’m happy

  1. I’m having a blast with all the update with their concerts too; though I had school to do all this yesterday! Sometimes, I feel so lucky being their fan, thanks to them, happiness is much easier to grasp. Even when I was in the worst mood ever, watching their concerts, their shows, listening to their music always bring back the smile.
    So glad that they had successful concerts!
    And I totally understand your feeling, I was not able to be there! I was so jealous with those who were there. I was considering going to Bluestorm in Thailand, but it’s still so difficult with my schedule and everything else!
    Have to persuade myself that it will happen someday, I am gonna go to their concert someday… just be patient!
    Thanks for your entry. I always find many common thoughts in most of your entries. So it’s so great that someone can write down the thought beautifully!

  2. Thank you for the translations, klartia! I’ve been re-living the concert via audio files, fan cams and now fan translations by you! I soooo want to go to their concert, but am still in the US for a little bit more. Do you know if they’re planning a full concert in Hong Kong as well? Or was the Kpop Live showcase it? My husband was in Hong Kong during that week and he was telling me it was in the news! I guess I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer.

    I’m amazed how they pulled off this concert with so little preparation time, what with the back and forth (and fruitless trips) to Japan. To think how much more awesome they can be when they can finally just focus on their music.

    • Haven’t heard any news about Hong Kong full concert yet. That Kpop thing shouldn’t count? It’s the first time we have Kpop concerts in Hong Kong actually. The EO only managed to sell 70% of the tickets. I have doubts if they will be interested in organizing a CNBLUE concert. And most of the buzz was about the girl groups and ZE:A was getting all the media’s attention …

      And it seems only Thailand full concert is confirmed so far for the so-called Asia tour this year. Singapore concert won’t happen but a rumored Kpop concert instead. The Indonesian one is standing on a thin line … Even no news about Taiwan concert… I can’t believe CNBLUE won’t go to Taiwan this year!

  3. Very rarely do I watch fancams and listen to live audio files… but I couldn’t help it and had to dl all the audio files uploaded by CNGuitarFreak, LimeIsntSour and CNBlackYong. (Aahh, my love for CNBLUE is making me do things I don’t usually do.) I was amazed at how clear the audio files were. I absolutely loved how they mixed up some of the songs into rock/orchestra version. Really wish I could’ve been there. T_T At least we get the hint there might be a dvd release, because of SBS video cams there. I just hope it doesn’t take them a whole year to release it (ahem, like Listen To The CNBLUE dvd.)

    Anyway, thanks… klaritia, for your translations! Very much appreciated! It does sound like they had a ton of fun!!

  4. Thanks for sharing and translated the fan account, klaritia.. I’ve heard the audio, muuuuch thanks to lovely boices who shared it.
    They sound really great, amazing!! How i wish i could fly to seoul that nights. But, know what..latter that sunday night, i read the news that our boys will be held a concert & fansigning in my country.. 😀

    So here I am, hoping that everything will go smoothly and i will be able to see their amazing performance, live!! Maybe, this time i will be the one who share my fan account to you.
    I will still want to have the dvd our yesterday concerts in seoul, though. I think, i read in the twitter or soompi, there were cameras in the concert hall, for dvd purpose??

  5. Reading your post already make my heart beating faster! Lucky didn’t got heart attack! Like you’ve said, they were happy! happy! I wish I was there! jumping and cheering like crazy! And thanks to you we got to read their twitter and all the translation. And sharing with us their songs!

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