Do you watch closing credits?

I watched the second half a a very cliché romantic comedy on cable TV the other day. It’s a Boy Girl Thing (2006). I didn’t like it much actually but I watched till the end. The very end. The closing credits. I heard The Black Eyed Peas singing “Let’s Get It Started”. Needless to say, it reminds me of CNBLUE. Their singing the song at the COEX street concert. If I remember correctly, they sang it at their first KJE Chocolate appearance too.

(credit krissyldemers18 @ youtube)

But I particularly love this rendition. And Yonghwa’s particularly handsome.

Edit: Yonghwa focused fancam! 🙂

(credit jungyonghwa @ youtube)

Sorry if you begin to feel sick of my posts now. Nothing exciting, nothing exclusive, nothing new. Just feel like “recording” my thoughts.

7 thoughts on “Do you watch closing credits?

  1. I totally loved this set of COEX fancams by this uploader. I remember just knowing after watching these fancams that Yong Hwa’s talent is real – his voice, pitch, energy level… it was all perfect. Fancams tend to bring out all the imperfections that music broadcast shows can hide, yet he delivered such a vocally brilliant performance on fancam in an outdoor stage. I clearly recall how my admiration for this boy grew and solidified as i watched each COEX fancam (this was just a few months after their debut and they had not had many opportunities to perform live with their instruments yet) and I found myself spazzing in awe with the girls (helped that they spoke English). Thanks for bringing those great memories back. This is still one of my favorite performances from the boys.

    • That fan’s cams of the event my favorite too, but I don’t understand why nobody posted them to soompi cnblue then. I thought I had strange taste and so posted them to Yonghwa thread only. They debuted for six weeks only, to be accurate. Rookies not like rookies at all, especially the all charming Yonghwa.

  2. there is this awesome picture captured Yonghwa’s most handsome moment and I’ve been wanting to askyou where/when that picture might come from. guess how much of a sweet coincidence you have just put up the very performance that I’ve looking for? i know we know great minds think alike, but this is. hm. this is too much for my liking. no? XD

    my most favorite cover of CNBlue’s wouldn’t be this one, honestly. everytime i listen to this cover i can’t help but wondering if Yonghwa changes the lyrics from “Let’s get it started” to “Let’s get restarted”. you know how adorable his engrish can get to a fangirl’s heart. that guy, tsk. ~.~

    one of those days you have to dedicate a post to me, talking bout [my] favorite cover. i wonder if it’s yours too.

    wanna take a wild guess of what that cover might be? quiz time.

    p.s. thank you for posting about Yonghwa, or CNBlue in general, be it new news or plain old stuff. you can’t imagine how Yonghwa deprived i am at the moment. i even downloaded audio files from soompi thread. [thanks to @CNGuitarFreak, @LimeIsntSour and @CNBlackYong by the way]. it isn’t a shameful thing to do at all. but i never did that before. see how shocking that sounds? i’m officially freaked out.


    • Guess we’re too used to a Yonghwa everywhere all this time. There’s this big hole in my heart these days too.

      I need time for the quiz.

      And I read a novel and the preview of the sequel … The boy in the story reminds me of Lee Shin and Yonghwa too. I almost wanted to write a post on that. This sounds shocking to you?

      And I think you don’t come as often as before; you might have missed my reply to you in that ‘alternative’ post. But you’re Yonghwa deprived, not Shin deprived …

      • oh please do write that intended post, i want to have something to read about |our| boy[s], every day if possible, which is impossible in a way. *sigh*

        and no, i didn’t miss your reply (have i ever done that?). i kinda ignored it for now because, hm, i’m working on it. lol. patience is virtue, yeah? i’m not sure you’re gonna enjoy it though, as i never never imagined Yonghwa with an unreal/imaginary person. it’s going to be a challenge for me.

        speaking of which, i almost put Seohyun as that transferred student, but restrained myself because i know you’d be uncomfortable. but one day i’ll make sure to put Shin and Yonghwa together, fighting over Seohyun perhaps? forgive my greedy imagination, i’m crazed as it is.

        and trust me, talking about deprivation, Shin could do while Yonghwa isn’t available. I’ll spare him some rest since their Japan tour starts soon. truth is, YongSeo effect is gradually dying down on me. i just hope it doesn’t go away completely as i still hope to see a miracle, however long that might take to happen. too delusional, some says?


  3. Maybe its just me, but there are times that I have tons of things about CNblue piling up, though I really feel a little “guilty” and restless, I still prefer or I might admit that I really cant help lazing around to rewatch and rewatch the fancams (esp. of uri Yongie) back then. It takes me hours even the whole day if poss. everytime I decide to click on my lovely “YH fancam playlist”, hurhur yes, its a very tough call, I have to stop myself frm doing it frequently TT_TT
    but it’s worth it keke, for making me feel so recharged and happy~ as if it somehow refreshes and add to my craziee love for our boys, (lol and then get back to my awaiting fangirl homework wit a big grin in days even weeks afterwards)

    Coex is the concert that I really enjoy all the time, I might have contributed hundreds views of YH ver. ~ I’m so happy that probably, I’m not the only one XDXD

    and also it broke my heart bad when I lost my dearest dedicated-to-my-very-bias channel 😦 I felt exactly as empty when I see her empty channel that day T__T like somewhere I used to turn to whenever I want to lift up my mood …. is no longer there *cry* ;;__;;
    ohh i’m feeling all excited watching the fancam again, Yonghwa’s energy is really contagious >_<
    sorry for my very random comment, but I like this entry alot 🙂 🙂

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