What’s in your head seeing these ‘In My Head’ pics?

Source: cnblue.jp gallery

The track list and covers of 3 versions publicized by fncmusicjapan too.

Track.1. In My Head

Track.2. Mr. KIA (Know It All)

Track.3. Rain of Blessing

Track.4. In My Head – Instrumental

Bigger versions of the covers. (Shared by @kof1_)

Limited edition CD+DVD

Lawson version

Regular version

Lastly … a  poster (1024x1083px)

Zipped for pic collectors.

Answering my own question. Virtual daggers aiming at my heart.

PS Yonghwa’s eye bags. Very Keroro.

10 thoughts on “What’s in your head seeing these ‘In My Head’ pics?

  1. WHOA! HOTNESS! What’s funny is… Looking at these pics, I’m thinking, “Oh! Which version should I get?!” Then, I remembered I already pre-ordered mine. So, I don’t really have a choice anymore. 😛 I like the simplicity of their photos. Hopefully, I’m not tempted to get the other versions. T_T

    Thx for compiling the pics and sharing!

  2. Loving it.. Yonghwa eyes are so expressive (*sigh*my poor heart). 
    My fave cover is no.3 – the regular version cover, 
    his eyes are seems glittering for some reason. 
    And I’m so excited about the new songs, 
    my guess is “in my head” and “Mr. KIA” 
    are Yonghwa’s song 
    and “rain of blessing” jonghyun’ song. 

    • Guess he didn’t sleep much the night before the photoshoot. His face kinda swollen. Very puffy eyes too. Think he’s gained some weight. Well, he can blow up very easily.

      • LoL, me too noticed that he is flexible…he can shrink and blow up at any time he likes. I like the regular version the most, the boys looked awesome, especially YONG….

  3. I’m loving all the pictures. Of course love Yong’s pictures. His stare is to die for. Read in twitter how JS reminds them of a Japanese high school student (gokusen) in these pictures & another one said he somehow give off Snape-like aura…..(all I could do was laugh cause Gokusen live action is one of my favorite Japanese Live action series) and after Harry Potter last installment I have fallen for Snape so it justifies why all of a sudden Jung Shin has been climbing up my bias list. hehehe Min Hyuk is cute as always but I must say I don’t like his outfit here. It’s too busy….printed jacket and large printed white shirt underneath. Min Hyuk is coolest when he wears just his simple chic clothes….Of course Jong Hyun is channeling the stare that I think he learned from his Yong Hwa hyung….is it just me or does his stripped shirt reminds anyone of Yong Hwa’s outfit during their Zepp Tokyo concert?

    I love all of them of course….can’t wait to hear the teaser for this new single of theirs.

    • Oh my goodness, you are right about JH’s striped shirt. That was the only imperfection in the Zepp concert DVD. Need to burn that shirt! 8-0

      Poor Yong, am guessing his puffiness is due to lack of proper rest though he did tweet that he’s staying healthy.

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