10 seconds of ‘In My Head’

The preview is first seen on some Japan TV morning news, instead of some official YouTube channel release. Thanks to SAYURI396 @ youtube, we can all see that too.

And the news anchor has to say things when the music hasn’t ended! Argh …

Cut the 10 sec of music. mp3 | ringtone for iPhone

And @ketchBuring has kindly translated the lyrics into English. It doesn’t sound like a love song. Kind of a cool thing.

I’m so so so happy to see Yonghwa’s closeups in the MV preview, but at the same time I feel very uncomfortable that we don’t see much of the other three boys, especially Jonghyun. I hope it’s just because of the random 10 seconds not revealing the whole picture. I can understand it’s marketing to “use” Yonghwa because he’s more exposure. But is it the other way round that the company exposed him more? Of course there’s something about Yonghwa himself that he’s getting much limelight. As least it looks like the TV stations ask for him. Jonghyun composes and writes lyrics too but it’s been long since a Jonghyun song’s chosen as the title track. Only once actually, in Voice. But this very skewed thing needs to be fixed.

The night when “Because I miss you …” was released. I tweeted (weibo-ed too) that I’m proud to be a fan of Yonghwa’s, shouting how talented he is making such touching music. I received mentions saying things like all CNBLUE boys are talented too, not just Yonghwa. I guess if a fan shouted I’m proud to be a fan of XX (put in names of one of the other three boys), there won’t be such mentions. I deleted my tweet and weibo. Talk about the burden of a Yonghwa fan. Does Yonghwa himself feel the burden?

So it ends up I haven’t talked much about the song/MV itself. CGI? Sophisticated. Catchy chorus. Yonghwa sings in Japanese. Hope his pronunciation has improved.

PS Sorry to be sentimental. But I really need to get things off my chest. What’s the use of a personal blog?

8 thoughts on “10 seconds of ‘In My Head’

  1. Saw the 10s teaser… and then, the 30s teaser. All I can say is… WOW! I love the new sound, the slightly more edgier(?) rock sound. Cannot wait for the full song/video.. heck, greatly anticipating for the CD release!

    And, I know what you mean by feeling “burdened.” Told my sister about how CNBLUE fans are divided. She was like, “How they heck are they divided? Don’t you all love and support the same band? Even if you have one specific member that you like more than the others, you still like the band as a whole and that’s what matters most.” (OK, hopefully.. I don’t get negative remarks.) Don’t mean to offend anyone.

  2. I hear you, klaritia. And I think that we as fans over-compensate sometimes by not praising Yong Hwa enough since we don’t want to offend anyone… sigh… but the biggest consolation I have is the close bond the boys have themselves. I love the MSoundPlex interviews because we hear for ourselves how Yong Hwa feels burdened that he is getting all the exposure and how much he wants the other boys to share that spotlight. And in return, we hear how Jong Hyun, Min Hyuk and Jung Shin are burdened that Yong Hwa is working so hard. The love and care displayed by the boys for one other only made me love them more. I hope that we as fans can learn from them and put our own bias aside.

    I always believe that there are 2 sides to every coin. While Yong Hwa (and these days Min Hyuk) may be getting all the attention because of all their other activities, Jong Hyun and Jung Shin are making rapid progress in their musical skills – Jung Shin was the only one praised by that negative blogger during the Linkin Park concert (and by golly, his bass skills are pretty damn good) and Jong Hyun’s making really beautiful music. When I allow myself to be selfish, I feel a tad jealous because I don’t want Yong Hwa’s music to stagnate…. because at the end of the day, for him “it is all about music” (from One Time)

    • Oh, forgot to add – I LOVE the MV and the snippets of the song sounds promising! And there’s a lot more focus on the other boys in the 30s MV released!

  3. just because i’m excited for the release this October:

    this so called full teaser without anyone’s voice interrupting focuses less on Yonghwa, yet i don’t see Jonghyun anywhere. a bit tad sad for JH’s fans though. it must suck a lot not to see your bias. for some reason, i wish they didn’t show Yonghwa’s face and let the other three shine in the teaser. i know for a fact that Yonghwa is going to be there in the MV, so why be bothered with the 30 seconds teaser?

    and the so called BTS:

    fails to let me keep the cool image of a rocker again. just when i’m about to be absorbed by our bias, the clip shows a 22 yeas old kiddy playing around happily with his band mates in the recording room. at times i tend to be over-dramatic about him and his hectic schedules and forget that he’s actually enjoying every minute of his hardwork. talking about being over-thoughtful (that even a word?).

    anyway, back to the MV, i have no problem with it so far, except that it is sort of similar to FTIsland’s Hello Goodbye (?) MV in terms of cinematography, especially its dark/blackish color theme and the boys standing and playing instrument. i might be wrong though. let’s wait until the full release in October.

    p.s. btw, i giggled much when if first heard Yonghwa’s “in my head”. cute engrish again. ha.

    p.p.s. i hope there’s some Japanese native out there telling us if his Japanese pronunciation has been improved. i hope it has.


      • *sigh*, the boys made my day with the teaser and you ruined it by saying his Japanese is difficult to get. thank you very much. urgh!

        is it too hard to get a private English and/or Japanese tutor? esp. the Japanese one because the boys are going to debut big time in Japan. i don’t understand. maybe we, as fans, can contribute that money and hire that much needed tutor instead of waiting around? or we can be that tutor too. darn.

      • I can’t help but ask another Japanese fan. She said the Japanese lyrics of the song are difficult to pronounce. But as he’s good musical ear and all, he’s improved much actually.

        But still FnC needs to do something about that. And Warner Music Japan doesn’t care? I don’t understand neither.

    • c, re: the BTS… and that’s the Yong Hwa paradox that I love… one moment he’s all I’m-too-cool-and-badass and the next moment, he’s all gummy-smiles-and-kidding-around. And thanks for pointing out that it is evident that he’s truly enjoying what he does. I think that’s one of the reason why people around him seem to love to work with him. His love for his work is contagious! I need to give my work more lovin’ too….

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