‘In My Head’ official 30 sec PV teaser

Can’t help making a new post. For I need to post gifs! And ripped the audio all over again.

mp4 | mp3 (21 sec) | m4r for iPhone

And put all the closeup frames of Yonghwa in this gif.

4 as 1. That’s the beauty of CNBLUE.

PS While I was posting this, everybody’s replying to the previous post. Never mind. Be random. And be free.

PPS @ketchBurning has translated the lyrics of the longer version. Read.

3 thoughts on “‘In My Head’ official 30 sec PV teaser

  1. i see jonghyun. yay.

    i don’t need Yonghwa here. get out, dude. you can reappear in the full MV. teehee.

    (but i’m glad Jongshin has more screentime. bass-guitarist tends to be forgotten in a band. just saying.)

    thanks for the rips. how dedicated of you. XD


  2. The MV so cool, so dark, suitable for their new image…love the effect with all that flying objects around them. The song…. LOVE it, i hope there are more English lyrics in it so i could sing a long. But, i love the melody combined with Yonghwa’s voice.. it’s gonna be a hit !!
    When will the full mv come out? 19 October as well?? o o o….

  3. the look of jonghyun in the first gif really makes my heart burning (i’m a yonghwa shipper but that look does give me a temporary effect to me)

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