where souls crash and loves collide. 1.

Thanks to catcher, for the cool title.

I have made two posts today (Sep 23) already, do you still need this? Maybe you’ve said everything you want to say to me. Do I still have anything to say? As a matter of fact, I have. All the time. Just don’t think other people will be interested. And catcher and checkinout say they like this open thread idea. I’m not trying to pressure them. Maybe there will be one or two out there too who are interested? Let’s see how things go.

That’s the idea. You’re invited to post videos, pictures or say things to me and each other (obviously about CNBLUE and Yonghwa). Feel free to reply to each other too, as you’ve been doing that actually. The post will be pinned and stay on the front page for the week. The essence is the comments. Your contribution. So readers, READ the comments.

Let me start the ball rolling. Making The Artist videos that document their debut story.

Credit NulSaRangHaeS4 Check the rest episodes from the channel. Must watch for any CNBLUE fans. I know you have, but I just watched again and then thoughts flood my head.

Did you read the VCR translation at the BLUE STORM concert? Soompi post by CNBlackYong. I’m very impressed by the spider weaving web metaphor. Just because I love a children’s novel a lot – Charlotte’s Web. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the story. Anyway, the spider in the story weaves words on the webs to save her pig friend: “some pig”, “terrific”, “radiant”, and “humble”. I can just change “some pig” into “some band” and the four can be used for CNBLUE. And there’s a time line for those. Sorry that I can’t stop focusing on Yonghwa. But do you feel there’s this air of arrogance in him in the very early CNBLUE days? I can still remember people accusing him of being arrogant on Star Golden Bell …

This has become too long as a prompt. So I’ll leave the rest to you. Really love seeing the four boys chitchating, teasing each other and playing music together. The world seems so beautiful when I see them “building the web” happily.

PS I’ll edit the title if catcher has a fancy name for this.

PPS Or we’re that open to talk about other things?

37 thoughts on “where souls crash and loves collide. 1.

  1. Hi klaritia, it is by chance and by luck i came acrossed your articles one day in a few months ago. From that day, i have been on and off lurking reading your posts of cnblue and yong. I am very touched in the way which you have showed your support to yong coz I am also a yong biased keke! To be franked, I am already not at the appropriate age to show interesrt in kpop stars, however, CNBLUE caught my attention!! The boys just simply caught my eyes and makes me want to show my full support and biased in them, especially yong! Ooops, can’t help to mention him again. How should I put it? This boy who I find him so unique in many ways. A caring leader with a strong leasership with no doubt, a talented guy who showed so much interest in music. A awsome composer who has composed and written so many fantastic songs for us. A actor who has showed great improvement in acting. He has never failed to show us in everything he is doing. And at times, he is acting like a little child, LOL. Last but not to forget his charisma and handsome looked which we could’nt denied it at all. As what I can see, he still has the potential to show it to us in the near future…..

  2. Yippee! An open thread for us to just spazz and talk about anything Yong related! Thanks klaritia!
    I like how you’ve kickstarted the discussion by bringing us back down memory lane to their debut last year. Has it only been more than a year? These boys, and Yong Hwa in particular, are almost like veterans now. They’ve gone through so much over this period of time, released so many new songs, received a lot of love and criticism… and Yong Hwa has matured so much especially over the last few months when he had to carry the weight of a drama that was mired with all sorts of problems as its lead actor.

    Compare that with when they first debut, when Yong Hwa was (I agree) giving off a slightly arrogant vibe with all the new found fame from the success of his role as Shin Woo. I do think that this ‘arrogance’ or ‘confidence’ is what set CNBLUE apart from the other new bands – they were rookies that did not behave like rookies. I did sense a little bit of tension between the boys initially but that was expected as they were figuring out their new team dynamics given Yong Hwa’s sudden popularity, but what really warms my heart is seeing how close they are now. No tension, envy, backstabbing, just a whole lot of LOVIN’!

  3. Sorry for double posting, but my previous post got too long and I wasn’t able to scroll up and down… and I wasn’t done sharing yet… 😛

    I love that spider-web metaphor they used during the concert. And how you’re relating that to Charlotte’s Web. I’ve not read the book, but saw the movie though am trying hard to remember most of the movie – just remembered that it was very meaningful. I love how our boys know that they are still building their musical foundation and that they are not blind-sided by the fame they are attracting. Have you visited kay99’s livejournal? ladyoflake.livejournal.com. She’s a huge Yong Hwa biased fan as well and as she’s Korean, she’s posted a lot on what’s been going on in the Korean media, twitter, dc forums that’s related to Yong Hwa. She’s as emotional as us when it comes to Yong Hwa and I’ve really enjoyed (and learnt a lot) from reading her usually very private posts. I’m just glad that I’m finding more people who love and respect our boy as much as we do!

    I really am rambling on about nothing in particular, aren’t I? Sorry… looks like you’ve opened a floodgate and it’s too difficult to stop! I really should be going back to work… so much to do, though thankfully I still find it all interesting (after doing this for 10 years). Yes, I’m reminded by our boy that we really should enjoy whatever our work is… life’s too short to be spent moping around….

  4. talking about arrogant vibe, i can’t get this Yonghwa’s facial expressions in these two radio shows. check them out.

    the second video is low quality so we can’t see his face that clearly. i do have a better quality copy of it, but lazy to upload it as my internet connection is failing me tonight. but seriously, he sang with such confidence and his pronunciation back then was perfect too. (except Jonghyun’s of course, but he has improved in later performances though, kudos to him)

    of all the |performances| so far from the boy, i have to say these above two are probably a few occasions Yonghwa showed us his supercilious side, not that it’s a bad thing. everytime i rewatch those radio cuts, i can’t help but wonder why is it that the boys started off with such high confidence and then later on toned it down as time went by? it seems kind of weird to me because from what i’ve seen from other groups it’s exactly the other way around. y’know, rookies are supposed to be, hm, rookies, all shy and humble. some kind of strategic debut plan perhaps? idk.

    haven’t i told you that i love, love, love how he was back then, with that vibe, clothing, the way he walked and talked and answered interview questions as if it wasn’t a big deal to be popular at all. checkinout makes a point about his YAB’s success and the rather tremendous popularity with their Loner song might contribute to such a vibe. but idk, there’s something about his personality that i can’t seem to put my finger on. maybe that’s the real him. or maybe that’s is just me. meh.

    oh, btw, have you seen Yonghwa’s hair at Yokohama’s first perf, epic fail to me. Jonghyun’s leather jacket rocks, making me wish Yonghwa could wear something similar instead of putting on the unnecessary long coat, which didn’t match with his t-shirt whatsoever. something must have happened to the stylist noonas, didn’t it? ~.~ back in the Boys in power concert in HK last month, the four boys’ fashion totally rocked. my eyes almost poped out of the screen when i first looked at the pictures the fans took. perhaps the stylists were on crack that day? o_O

    that’s it for now. will be back with more tedious rants soon. teehee.


    p.s. looks like this thread is going to be you, me, checkinout and possibly looby(?) again. *hugs*

    p.p.s @weng: welcome. please come by again. we need more love. the more the merrier.

    p.p.p.s @k: i’m welcoming people on your behalf and pretend you wouldn’t mind. XD

    • So is that your favorite Yonghwa cover? I really like him singing “Wherever you will go” too. I’m actually torn between this and another one. You quizzed me, but I haven’t answered yet. I ask you back.

      I totally get what you mean saying that Yonghwa looked, talked and even walked differently back then. Whenever I bump into music show cuts of “I’m Loner” of their debut days, I can’t help watching again even though the performance’s so long ago … I watch like they haven’t sung enough of that song.

      I think that supercilious side of Yonghwa is real. We have to understand that he grew up in a rich family (not that he’s spoiled in anyway) surrounded by loving parents, caring relatives and good school friends. He’s someone like Lee Shin in school, I bet, just without the snobby and depressed part. (I got that impression from his bandmates and other variety shows, especially Dalgona). And he’s got to be so lucky to be casted in a drama that’s done miracles in all ways. Shot to fame. Then CNBLUE’s meteoric rise. And he has to be the leader who’s got so much experience in showbiz before his bandmates. His bandmates literally depended on him then – he did most of the talking, voluntarily or involuntarily. He could be enjoying that secretly. But I think most people agree that he’s a very nice person. He isn’t really arrogant, thinking he’s on the top of the world, if you see what I mean. At least he thought it’s CNBLUE on the top of the world, not just himself, if he had that kind of thought.

      What caused the change? First, the plagiarism scandal together with the fake band name calling. They mentioned in interviews during the time around the second mini-album release that they locked themselves in the practice room, practicing day and night to perfect their skills, so as to prove those critics wrong. Second, Yonghwa’s vocal cord problem. I seriously think this is the biggest cause of Yonghwa’s “change”. I can imagine him crying learning that from the doctor (Lee Shin’s wrist problem!). This boy loves to sing. Don’t you see he’s humming tunes all the time, in prep rooms, during fan signs, etc? His dream almost shattered. Maybe he started to see the world differently after that.

      I’ve told you, I have problems with Yonghwa’s hair half the time. Those stylists just blindly do his hair and put clothes on him. So it’s totally random if he looks good. I hate random!

      Do these close-up concert pics make up for the failed press conference look to you?
      Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
      Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
      He has this stage presence, bad hair or not-that-good-on-him clothes won’t take the charm away. I just need some video to prove me right.

      Of course I don’t mind you treating this place like your own home. I’m freaking happy that you do. *hugs*

      • the pictures you posted are awesome, him looking edgy from different angles. but have you seen the press conference pictures? total disaster. i feel so, so, so bad for him.

        like this: http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/1520/133957afd959e95e545cff8.jpg

        or this: http://img191.imageshack.us/img191/9479/1aa915834d94c26065e0491.jpg

        i look at his hairdo from yesterday and can’t help but think. “child. did you commit something bad in your previous life? murdered someone perhaps?”

        what were they thinking really? what was he thinking? i assumed he had two eyes and a mirror somewhere in his waiting room, no? it was supposed to be a big day from the company, the band, and esp. him. major debut in japan. gosh. i’m frustrated for no reason. gosh.

        i’ll be back with more constructive comments and going off to watch the freaking PV which I can’t make out anything whatsoever from its murky cinematography.

        *sigh* not the way to start my day. *sigh*

        [i need a hug, make that two.]

  5. @weng Please feel free to say more. A virtual hug from me.

    @checkinout Don’t you feel we’re like old friends now? Always enjoy our chit-chats.

    I’ve pondered on why fans may choose to post here or not here. Say we’re a bunch of school kids, we enjoy talking during breaks at the school playground (the public places like forums, twitter, weibo, tumblr …). But sometimes, we go to a friend’s home. The vibe is different and so we talk more and enjoy the talk more too.
    Bad metaphor! I’m delusional to think that I’ve the charm. Maybe you imagine somebody brings you to a party. You don’t even know the host. But the guests are funny. The talks are interesting.

  6. @klaritia indeed, i feel like we’ve known each other forever from being one of the few remaining fans of Yong Hwa since so many jumped ship… *big hug*

    @catcher I am actually very proud that our boy Yong Hwa is downplaying his looks. It takes a whole lot of confidence to step out to hundreds of reporters and 15 000 fans in that awful jacket (klaritia, I was laughing my head off reading your tweets on the coordi-noona being an anti!) and a simple black t-shirt (still trying to make out the words… Killer… Resistance… whatever). It was like a challenge to the reporters – MY MUSIC IS GOING TO BE ENOUGH TO BOW YOU OVER THAT YOU WILL BARELY TAKE NOTE OF THIS JACKET I PICKED UP FROM THE LOCAL HOMELESS SHELTER. And judging from the praises pouring in from the Korean media, our dear boy won the challenge. The media who not only loved the music, but managed to find angles to take of our boy that turned out gorgeous (as per klaritia’s 2 photos above).

    back to klaritia (you see, it really is like a chat in a friend’s home with all the switching about in conversations) – YOU are the greatest host, you know… which is why I keep coming back to your blog. I love all your posts… you always find an interesting angle to talk about. And I know that we’re in good company in your ‘home’… a group that loves our boy and only wants the best for him.

  7. @weng where are my manners! Hello, I’m one of the frequent guests in klaritia’s blog and am happy to meet another Yong Hwa and CNBLUE fan here! I love and agree with everything you’ve said about our boy, he truly is a very special person and deserving of all the love he gets in this blog. Hope to get to know you better!

    @catcher (again :)) another reason I think that brought our dear boy down from his initial high when they first debut was all the criticism the band received for being a ‘fake band’ that ‘hand synched’. A veteran musician came out to say that if CNBLUE are musicians, flies are birds and he himself will personally retire… I learnt this from kay’s blog – apparently, in almost every article that followed this musician’s announcement, there would always be antis who would criticize CNBLUE no matter what they did. Even to this day, there will ALWAYS be at least 1 dislike in all CNBLUE’s youtube videos. Imagine how CNBLUE must have felt, getting all this negativity when they had just made their debut. But instead of pulling back, they resolved to work even harder to prove them wrong. I think this (and the other points that klaritia mentioned about plagiarism accussations and his vocal cord nodule condition) is what caused our boy to grow up very quickly from his earlier happy-go-lucky days… You could see the gleam of resolve in his eyes and the new-found maturity to never take anything for granted. This was also the period when my admiration for him kicked up many, many notches… seeing him face his adversaries head on, working with superhuman strength to bring more recognition to the band, sacrificing time with friends (my heart broke during that episode in NAN when he was ‘accused’ of being arrogant for never responding to text messages though I know they were only teasing him) and always putting his band mates first. Today is a very happy day for his fans, reading about the recognition him and his band is getting from the Korean media. There are more challenges to come in the Japanese market, but our boys have grown together and are made of much stronger stuff now.

    • Hello, hello everyone! I’m here and I’m late to the party. Klaritia knows why 😛

      @checkinout I agree with you regarding the downplay in arrogance. Must be all those negative comments CNB got from antis, esp the flies are birds comment. Imagine hearing them from a veteran in the music industry. I think YH decided to keep mum after this and just let their music do the talking. And finally, it did!! Judging from all the rave reviews from the Korean media, their music finally got ppl to sit up and look at them closely. I like one article that saturn translated.
      “No stage effect or gorgeous costume, just simple t-shirt and black jeans. But their pure sweat drops was more gorgeous than any other thing”. Oh, fills me with so much pride. they really don’t need any costumes – which brings me to that oversized YH jacket. Like everyone here, I hate it! 🙂
      By the way, I also like another article that said in CNB concert, there’s no special effect. They don’t dance, they don’t change clothes, just change musical instruments. *claps claps* I love it!
      What am I doing? We were talking abt YH’s arrogance but look where I’m rambled to…:)

      @catcher here’s your hug. I commiserate on the jacket and the hair 😦 give me a hug back please.

      @klaritia always love ‘talking’ in your ‘home’ and do give me a kick sometimes if I get out of line.. 🙂 Errm….can we start spazzing over the MV now or is that going to be another post?

  8. hi.. i am here again.. though i kindda feel like being ignored everywhere..haha.. i am here again. i got nothing much to say. just wanna express how proud i am being cnblue fans since their debut. i might not active in the fandom but i always keep them in track. since i already graduated recently, i got more time to spazz on the boys.

    where should i start… oh, it should be about the news articles in the internet since yesterday. how much cnblue has improved as a band and how talented they are.. the band was approved as a talented band not just as idol-band. suddenly i feel like wanna hugs all those reporters for posting good reviews about the boys. haha.. and i am happy because not only yonghwa but also all his band mates receive same amount of recognitions.

    well, i guess my rambling should stop here. hihi…i am sorry because i came here and terrorize your blog.. hehe

  9. @azniwma Everybody wants some love. I see what you mean. I’m not good at making friends actually but I can assure you that you’re very welcome here.

    @loobygirl I do think the MV deserves a separate post. This should be for everything-else-that-doesn’t-belong …

      • @azniwma awww… here’s a virtual hug for you too… *pat pat*…

        I’m very introverted as well and as you can tell from my username, I’m pretty risk averse (cautiously checking things out). My work requires me to talk quite a bit so often times I just want to retreat to myself during my free time, but this boy has definitely pulled me out of my shell… sometimes, i still can’t believe I’m jabbering away on discussion threads about a band that is about a decade younger than I am whose language I don’t even understand… *facepalms*

  10. Hi Klaritia! I’ve been following your blog for a long time and reading your post in soompi cnblue thread and also following your twitter! Oh no.. i sound like some stalker!? hehe.. I’m just a CNBLUE fan like you & my favorite is Yong Hwa too but Jung shin looks better in real person! I went to their ZEPP concert in Japan last year! It was my first CNBLUE concert and it was a blast! I like ZEPP concert hall coz’ it’s not that big and the distance between artists and audience are very close!

    I’ve been wanting to comment but I’m really not good in putting my thoughts in words…just wanna say thank you for sharing all the news, photos, videos & also doing those translations! How I wish I’m still in Japan…I would have been able to attend their last indie concert and the coming ZEPP concerts in December….

    Really.. to all the CNBLUE fans out there.. you guys have to go to their concert at least once to feel their live power!!

    ok… I don’t know what I’m babbling already… better stop here..Don’t wanna contaminate your blog with silly comments.

    • Thanks for all your words. I’m so hungry for words from CNBLUE fans around. I know the boys have many fans but I don’t read much, don’t know why. People even say Yonghwa is “too” popular.
      Looking forward to reading more words from you. Btw, the boys say we fans are fools … loving them. So we all sound silly to them?

  11. Glad to have a warm welcome from you guys. Didn’t expect myself to kick off in the first post. Usually, I would hesitate for some time before posting. LoL

    @klaritia pls received my virtual hug in return. Thank you so much for taking the precious time to put up the links, cuts and pics of Yonghwa in Heartstrings, love it.
    @checkinout just like Klaritia, i do not find you like a stranger to me. Most of the time i am a avid reader in cnblue soompi thread and i have been reading and enjoying your posts and articles.Don’t stop, keep going.
    @bluecatcher definetely more love the merrier! If I am not wrong, you are just as active checkinout in the soompi thread.

    You guys are daebak!!

    @manimani you are right, we have to see cnblue live performance at least once (or more than once or mani mani) NO regret! i am still waiting for the boys to come to my place here. Talking about seeing them in real person, is yonghwa looking very different in person? At times, i read from some articles that he is more photogenic on screen but some said he is more good looking in person. So who is who? i am interested to know what is your view and opinion? And also those had seen him before, what do u guys think?

  12. Hello I have been a fan since their debut in Korea in 2010, but only now I comment on your blog, I’m a fan of Yonghwa too.

    I like him because he’s talented and unique. I’d rather they focus more on Japan, in Korea they are considered idol because their faces. but in Japan they think of them as the band’s face is only a plus.

    I also prefer them in Japanese because they can perform live, I feel more of their energy while performing live. and I hope they will continue to work hard so that they can achieve their dreams to be top of the world.

    • i love them in japan too. but, i need them to success in korea to prove they are not just some kind of idols. i want cnblue makes korean nitizen realise how different cnblue from so-call-idol group. one day, i believe cnblue will be approve as musician not just some idols.

    • The poll is “I’m multi-faceted singer”. Yonghwa is no.1. Quite meaningful I guess just looking at the title. Had a quick look on weibo, just got the title from lisaboice, who also added that the comments include he’s various charms, from cute to cool. The cut is fr. YH dc, the fan just not interested in others, i’m afraid. Haven’t seen additional info fr other fans yet. Will keep you posted if there’s detailed trans or talk about other idols compared.
      I’d glad too.

      • then i’m glad the media isn’t just playing around with singers’ name.

        anyway, red dragon huh? i like the color, not the heavy makeup on the boy (which can be evident in he “official” pictures from today’s fansign event.) without flash, he looks awesome. with flash, hm.

        goodnight? XD

      • I definitely like that he dyed his hair. Red is good. Daring. Exciting. Emotional.
        When he appeared as the black dragon in the airport early this year, I wasn’t happy at all. Black hair is boring. Difficult to style. Even if there’s interesting layering and styling, the camera usually can’t capture it.
        In this news pic, his air looks so red.
        Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
        But in these pics taken by goldenjyh (they heading for Japan. Oct 1 performance.) http://twitter.com/#!/goldenjyh_/status/119559088442060800 … it’s got this orange tint. That’s the interesting thing about dyed hair, it changes color with the lights of the surrounding. Our Yonghwa is the chameleon, with hair. LOL
        Make-up! I wanted to rant … if ranting helps. Stylists, wake up please!

        PS And this orange head by gumshoes22 http://twitter.com/#!/gumshoes22/status/119566233908682753

  13. Is it ok for me to pipe in even though I’m the only lonesome soul out there who doesn’t like this new hair colour? Now, I’m the one that needs a hug.
    Anyway, ok I hv to admit he looks fine in the airport pics. Even the bright orange looks ok. So I guess the make-up is the culprit. Or maybe I’ve come to terms with it.

    • *hugs*
      I do remember you said you prefer him with black hair in that Yonghwa’s-hair-and-brain post.
      Red hair is so much better than “dumb” hair in the Jap press conference?!

      • Yes, that ‘dumb’ hair was the worse black hair episode. In that case, I’d rather he glow red. Since he’s experimenting, I hope he tries blue next. Dark navy with blue highlights. So when the light shines on him, he’ll glow blue. That would be cool don’t you think? Or maybe purple…
        Feeling btr now, it’s fun thinking up what colours he’ll do next…kekeke! Thanks for the hug ~^-^

      • may I join you? group hugs yeah?

        speaking of color, I’d like to see him try blonde. that’s be really interesting, and cool, and hm, i hate the word, idol? XD i know we don’t wish the public sees him or the band as idols, but i desperately want to see Yonghwa with blonde hair. oh wow, just thinking about it excites me.

        i dyed my hair red once, after the first week it turned orangish, no wonder Yong looks like a chameleon each time.

        @looby: i know you’re not excited about the new color on Yong, but hwaiting alright? here’s another hug from a virtual friend. and a virtual friendly kiss too, in case you’re too desperate. j/k.

      • Since we’re going outrageous here, I’m standing firm with blue 😛

        But c, I think you’re going to get your wish soon. I did my head burgundy once, almost like his colour and after a few washes, I turned blond. It was not funny.

        Group hugs and muuaah…see you guys at the new open thread ^^

      • oh. oh. oh.

        since Yonghwa’s a guy, so i guess blond? i think i need to recheck my engrish. but i swear i’ve seen blonde and blond used interchangeably and thought they were the same. internet typo. urgh!

  14. I thought it was refreshing to see him w/ black hair again earlier this year. But, I wasn’t impressed w/ the styling from the airport pics when everyone first noticed he’d dyed it black. Then, I think it was the following weekend and he was MCing on InkiGayo and they styled it. Which made him look really clean-cut and handsome! Maybe it’s just me, but at first glance when those pics of his red hair, it reminded me of KiKwang when he had a similar color. 😛 The red hair, thin face. Anyway, I like it! Anticipating how they’re gonna style it.

  15. I love Yonghwa with black hair. He’s got sharp features, like his nose and jawline and his almond shaped eyes, these are features which are further highlighted when he has black hair. I like him with dark brown hair as well, the colour he had during his Korean debut.

  16. wow! I love love reading all CNBLUE in here;D haha. I often visit the official thread of CNBLUE in soompi but there’s not much discussion there..keke

    Can I join too?^^please? Lol. I really love CNBLUE and especially Yonghwa- just like how I love SNSD. But I specially love their music.. It’s so different from the other groups. Maybe because all their song are self-made and its really the thoughts of the musicians that I think really counts. When I watched their Yokohama concerts, I was thrilled by their music. It just felt like – I was really simply hearing them tell stories or show the real them through their music. I could feel their passion for it and not just fame. Someday, I would be so honored to watch them perform live anywhere, anytime and I wish and hope I can fulfill that dream soon!

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