CNBLUE rewrites Kpop history in Japan (?)

It’s one of the Korean news title reporting on CNBLUE’s Yokohama concert success. I put a question mark there. Because it’s kind of weird to me that the Korean media suddenly go gaga with CNBLUE’s success in Japan. They don’t know they’ve been freaking popular all this time? And I wonder what the Japanese media are saying in the mean time. It looks like few Japanese readers among CNBLUE fans. Japanese translations difficult to find.

Anyway, I translated another news article. Translated one during lunch break already. Heck, I’m such a fan-fan today.

2011.09.26 CNBLUE, From supermarket show to Yokohama Arena, it feels like a dream.

“Taken over Yokohama Arena that they’ve dreamed of.”

Four-member boy band CNBLUE, who successfully graduated from their indie music activities and will major debut in Japan, revealed their thoughts.

On Sep 26, before the 2011 CNBLUE Live in Yokohama Arena concert, they met with the Japanese and Korean press. More than fifty Japanese media and 30 Korean media were at the press conference. The huge conference reveals the status of CNBLUE.

Leader Jung Yonghwa said, “The first time we stood on the Yokohama Arena stage, we were doing a K-POP concert. I had this thought that it’d be nice if we could have a concert of our own here. Now our dream comes true; I’m very happy.”

Lee Jonghyun said, emotionally and excitedly,“I remember when we used to have street performances, we once performed in a supermarket in Yokohama. Mommies and their children saw our performance then. Now we will be standing on the stage of Yokohama Arena.”

Before their Korean debut, they’ve been in Japan. That’s why they’re very interested in Japan’s band music.  Jung Yonghwa:“We’ve seen B’z on Summer Sonic in Japan. They’re so cool. We want to be like B’z too, keep doing cool music for a long time.”He added, “If we could have the opportunity, making an album with a Japanese band together would be a most honorable thing.”

CNBLUE was guest at the Linkin Park concert held in Makuhari Messe on Sep 10. Jung Yonghwa said, “We’re really worried that cans or PET bottles would be thrown at us. Luckily we had a happy time with the Linkin Park fans. We’re thankful to them. I hope we can be guests of other musicians’ concerts often. That way, we call build up skills.”

They revealed that after signing with a major label, they’ll still make music of their own style. Jung Yonghwa said, “We’ve been learning hard to make music of various colors as a band. Though we’re debuting in the major music scene, our unique music style won’t change. We’ll keep doing music with what we’ve learned from our indie days, learning new things along the way too.”

CNBLUE’s last indie album is titled “392”, which means “Thank you too much”. Blending the Japanese pronunciation of “3 and 9” with “2”that means too much, a title was born. Drummer Kang Minhyuk said, “Just want to send our gratitude to the many fans who’ve loved and supported us so much.”

CNBLUE have been building their skills, doing band activities in Japan, where idols aren’t as common. They have never appeared on TV or other media, but have held more than 100 performances on the streets, in clubs, as well as in the form of one man lives.

CNBLUE was no.16 on the Oricon indies yearly chart in 2010, no. 9 on overall yearly chart in 2010 (klaritia’s note: the numbers got switched?). 392, released in 2011 as the last indie album, has been no.1 on Oricon indies daily as well as Oricon indies weekly charts. (k’s note: there’s indies daily chart?)

The day’s concert was their last activity as an indie band. For an indie band to hold a concert in Yokohama Arena with a capacity of 15,000 attendees, it’s a rare phenomenon. The CNBLUE concert tickets were sold out minutes after sales opened. That’s evidence of their popularity in Japan.

CNBLUE has signed with Warner Music Japan, officially debuting on Oct 19.

Korean article:
Chinese translation by Sonotriste:

I’ve complained enough about Yonghwa’s hairdo and hideous long jacket. I’ll never forgive that stylist, but Yonghwa will order me to forgive her if he knows I’m bashing her. A slide show of some good pics of the boys at the concert and press conference (Yonghwa’s press conference one … good or not, it depends …)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Source: + nate news search

Plus a video I ripped from starchosun.

3 thoughts on “CNBLUE rewrites Kpop history in Japan (?)

  1. “From supermarket show to Yokohama Arena, it feels like a dream.”

    This is why i’m very proud to be a BOICE…..i think there r no idols gone through those experience, only CNBLUE did…

    never stop supporting u guys until i’m become a “granny BOICE”…hehe~~

    CNBLUE fighting !!

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