‘In My Head’ full PV (with English lyrics) – SPAZZ!

Edited on Sep 28

Some kind souls transcribed the lyrics, translated them into English, and subbed the PV. I’m particularly thankful to @ketchburing, who’s been so enthusiastic providing translations, updates and fan accounts in English.


(embed is disabled, so you need to click the above link)

Yonghwa composed this. This is the most rockish and edgy composition by him so far. I’m always attracted to Yonghwa’s compositions rather than Jonghyun’s. It’s not out of my weighing who’s music is better, it’s just personal preference. And I guess their different personalities dictate their music styles. I actually can’t say specifically what kind of music I prefer. Maybe it’s just because I’m more attracted to Yonghwa’s personality. (Does Yonghwa has a style?)

I’m really curious who wrote the lyrics. Yonghwa’s Japanese proficiency is substandard, I’m afraid. But the words are powerful, and match the powerful music itself. Anyway, the words sound like the boys’ own words.  About their dream. About their desire to excel. About their struggle.

From @ketchBurning’s tweets.

In addition, to understand of this lyrics was too hard. coz YH’s Jap pronunciation is little unique. not bad, it’s cool, like a Rocker.

JH’s pronunciation is better than YH, but little unique too (but i love his Japanese^^).

I just need to know Yonghwa’s Japanese isn’t too awful.

I was very excited watching the 30 sec teaser of the PV. But the full PV doesn’t give me the satisfaction I expected. The CGI of those glass fragments and garbage flying around must have cost a fortune. But what does that mean? I always like MVs/PVs with a story. I don’t know why the story element in CNBLUE’s MVs is diminishing from one to the next. I don’t see the story behind this one at all. But don’t get me wrong. The director shows us the very very cool looks of the boys and I’m thankful. The darkish cinematography means cool but is way too dark. And does it have to be so murky?

PS When can they release Korean albums with a title track of this kind? And composed by the boys themselves instead of some “famous” composers?

8 thoughts on “‘In My Head’ full PV (with English lyrics) – SPAZZ!

  1. Thanks Klaritia. I hope I didn’t pressure you with my request in the earlier post.

    First off, pardon the incoherent ramblings. I got bombared with the wonderful news reviews of the Yokohama concert and the awesome MV all in one morning. My brain is still reeling. Also, warning. Long post ahead.

    1. I’m floored by the music in IMH. It’s the most rock I’ve ever heard them and I’m loving the change in style yet again. Apart from that, the little rocker in me is rejoicing because this kind of music is exactly what I like.
    2. I’m even more floored because YH composed this. This boy is so freaking talented! I’m his slave forever.
    3. I love the guitar solo in IMH. JH looks very cool playing that. Can I say again how impressed I am with YH’s composition? I love this song!
    4. I thought the introduction of JH singing the chorus “In my head…..” in the later part of the song was a very nice touch. All along, we were led to believe that YH will take the chorus so it came as such a pleasant surprise to hear JH’s voice during that part. Then, halfway through it, YH takes over again and their tandem is just so good. I think that part there adds texture to an already awesome chorus.
    5. JH’s voice can also do rock! *no, not jumping ship – just stating facts* 🙂
    6. JS’s hair – looks cool but I wished we’d gotten to see more of his face.
    7. Love the almost close shot of MH’s hands and the veins (I’m weird) and the slow-mo twirling of the drumstick.
    8. As for the MV itself, on the debris and all those things flying at them – can’t comment as I don’t know what it means, probably if we can get an English translation of IMH, it might make more sense. Anyway, I’m not complaining. The music itself is already enough to satisfy me.

    I think I better stop and leave some for others to comment. I talk to much.

  2. i LOVE this song!!!!!
    too many things to say but couldn’t find the right word.
    and what’s make me more happy when this song is chosen to be the ending song for Supernatural (eventhough its the animated one,not the real Winchester boys,still i can be a proud fan,rite?)
    what more can i say when my all time fav TV show has my all time fav band’s song.

  3. my apology for ignoring this post of yours lately. hm, i actually don’t have any intel to add about the boys’ debut PV in Japan. you and others have practically said it all. excitement, joy, and disappointment.

    talking about mvs, i’d love to see some kind of concrete story lines instead of some random murky editings. with this time mv, or should i say pv since it’s japanese, i couldn’t help but raise one eye brow at times, hoping those sharp and dangerous flying objects wouldn’t hit the boys somehow, that’d be so weird. oh well.

    talking about the melody. yes it’s different from Yonghwa’s usual genre, but who am i to judge anyway, given the boy’s versatile taste in music and character? as a matter of fact, i’m more inclined towards JH musically, esp. Lie, from the soothing music to its meaningful lyrics, Japanese and Korean. Somehow Yonghwa’s lyrics is still |simple| and straight forward, as if the writer behind those words is still a young boy who hasn’t have that many shares in life and the hardship it entails. (i’ve said this somewhere before, haven’t i? -.-)

    anyway, thanks 4CNBlue and anyone who sub In my head, or anything that CNBlue related. for people who have no clue about Korean or Japanese like myself, they sure know how to be life savior. XD


  4. About the MV, Although it is too plain because it has black and white color and dark. but I like it. I think the MV tries to tell us as if the path they take is not easy to be passed, many barriers (flying stuffs) will come to them but they will still stand on their own.

  5. I think every one like IMH even thay are not boice it has anergtic vibe
    And I like when thier songs not about love like one time & I think
    The flying stuff in the mv & darkness means that if everybody being
    Harsh & throw stuff the boys will keep try & doing music and be stand & they
    Won’t fall or change that what I get my english isn’t good enugh I hope u understand & read my comment & thanks for u ur review make
    Me happy espichally when I read that bias comment after all I am YY
    Bias too ❤

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts. How come I haven’t thought of that? So true. They’ve been thrown stuff, considering they’ve been call names … plagiarist, fake band, noonas’ rockers.

      *a virtual hug from a YY bias*

    • I share your same thoughts. The MV didn’t mean anything to me until I watched it with the subs. Somehow, it feels like this is depicting the state of their minds – dark, difficult to see, lots of resistance (strong wind), and obstacles (objects hurled their way). You can also feel the undercurrents in their intense expressions of their sheer determination to continue to dream big and work hard to turn their despair into hope. I’ve never seen the boys look so fierce before, Yong Hwa looks almost scary! (which I totally love). And Jong Hyun’s passion in his solo gave me goose bumps.

      To me, this song is a masterpiece especially for a 22 year old. It speaks of all they’ve gone through the past 2 years and the music itself is excellent – great rhythm and flow, yet with enough melodic variations to keep it interesting. Everything about it resonates with me. 🙂

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