Falling Slowly by (for) Yonghwa

This is the answer to somebody’s quiz. 100 or 0? Anyway, this is my favorite cover song by Yonghwa.

He sang it many times. Let me give you a list.

2010.01.27 MBC Radio Star
2010.02.13 KBS Star Golden Bell
2010.03.02 KBS2 Win Win
2010.07.06 Beautiful Morning with KCW Radio
2010.08.24 SBS Strong Heart

And he sang once to Seohyun in WGM and then the couple had a duet later too.

Went searching on YouTube.

(cr. billion130 @ youtube)

I particularly like this Yonghwa-singing-for-spy-noona version. (Couldn’t find it on YT, so I hurriedly make a cut and upload to dailymotion. Sorry for low quality.)

He voice was at his worst in this radio cut. I cried hearing it that day. I daren’t click the video today!

(cr. panGG @ youtube)

But I am so glad that he seems to have his beautiful voice back. Fans say he’s perfect singing “Y, Why …” at BLUE STORM in Seoul and a reporter praised his high note at “Don’t Say Goodbye” in last week’s Yokohama Arena Live.

So, what’s your favorite Yonghwa cover? Or CNBLUE cover?

16 thoughts on “Falling Slowly by (for) Yonghwa

  1. for me the first thing that come to my mind “wherever u will go ” i really like it especially the one when they was at muzit programm not sure of the name

    and “so sick” i really like it i don’t care about how bad their English was

    and for YY the song when he was at happy together i think it for fun with the guy from ze:a but i really like and don’t forget the song at msoundplex i really enjoy it ❤

    nowadays everyone notice how much they grow up & improved i even re watch making the artist
    and as much as i laugh about their dorknessi cry seeing how far they change i felt like thier mom even though i am same as yong kkkkk ^^

  2. falling slowly.. my fav version would be during win-win show. he sings with a very deep voice. my heart beating like crazy everytime i replay the clips. deep voice at the intro.. love it.

    my fav cover.. i think i like all cnblue/yonghwa cover. for english songs.. geek in pink and Always. i love it how he changed the style a bit. i never really like geek in the pink until yonghwa sing it. for korean songs, it would be Confession at happy together, Meeting at strong heart and Girl at msoundplex.

  3. hello klaritia.
    long time no comment. hehe
    i just cannot not to leave a comment in this post cuz im definitely fallen HARD for yonghwa. hehe ^^
    i love his cover n cnb of Harder To Breath. i just LOVEE it! esp during the COEX street concert! his voice is just sooooo friggin awesome! maybe im just being biased, but who cares.its OUR bias! hehehe
    and the second one, forever my fav song is Geek in the pink! seriously! i dont care his konglish, its just awesomeeee! esp when they perform it on the street in japan way back in 2009! he sings all the song by himself! omg…yonghwa why do u have to be soo friggin awesome. eventho there were times his voice is not in the best condition n sometimes its hurt seeing him singing like that. im just super duper glad his awesome perfect voice is back. im sure if i was in the BS or Yokohama concert i would not get my eyes off him!

    and and and i love ‘Inside of You’. eventho he was really sick at that time, i think he did okay with that. >.< *biased*

  4. You know how I discover CNBLUE!? It was last year during their Korean debut!? I was surfing youtube one day & suddenly came across the clip of Yong hwa singing ““wherever u will go” ….I was like..OMG! This guy is so good & his English is not bad! I think they were in a radio show..
    Anyway, after that I started searching for his others songs and the rest is history!

    btw. I was a YAB fan too & I was so shocked to know that he’s the Shin Woo hyung in YAB!! I didn’t pay much attention to Shin Woo in YAB but I fell in love with Yong Hwa’s singing instantly when I heard his cover of “Wherever you will go”. He always brings in so much emotional in a song. Definitely deserves to be call “Emotional” in CNBLUE :p

    Oh! I also like the song he sang with Kwang Hee in Happy Together!! my heart totally melts…

  5. Yonghwa and cnblue has done many covers so far. There are many that i like, if to choose among them, i will go for Gohae confession which Yonghwa sang in Happy Together, the comfort song in Heartstrings. Another cover is Rock n Roll Music by cnblue. Yonghwa has a versatile vocal which is at times, husky and powerful and at times, deep smooth and emotional when he is singing ballard. This is how i find him unique in whichever way, changing like a chameleon.

  6. My absolute favorite(!) would have to be “Wherever You Will Go” on Sketchbook earlier this year. They have performed this song several times, but I think “that” particular performance, it was perfection (well, to me anyway.) Vocally, Yonghwa is very versatile. Which reminds me of when he sang the song, “It’s Because Of You,” with Lyn on KJE Chocolate. When I first saw that performance, I was just blown away. The song showcased his vocal abilities and surprised me, the other types of songs he’s capable of singing. Some fans thought the song didn’t fit him, but it’s actually one of my favorite performances of his.

    This topic got me thinking, and this could possibly be a fun topic to discuss too. I would love to see CNBLUE do a cover of, One Republic’s, “Apologize.” One of my favorite songs!

    • hi myangel, yeah! you reminded me of this song “it’s because of you” the song which yonghwa collaborated with Lyn on KJE Chocolate. If i am not wrong, this was the first song i’ve heard yonghwa singing totally diference from cnblue style. i got a shocked and then impressed by him and then immersed into it. How could he has so many sides of talents in singing? BUT, it is true and cannot be denied This awesome boy really showing his talents to us one after another.

  7. I actually wanted to give a full list of all the covers, but that’s too big a task. Then you guys have so different favorites, you’ve practically listed them all out. Thank you.
    And many of you like “Wherever you will go”. I’ve said in the open thread that I like that a lot too.

    To that certain someone: Can I assume anything with that “like”?

    • believe it or not, i only saw this question of yours as of today. shocking! o_O

      that certain someone answers: YES. A MILLION YES. ~.~

      i’ve been looking for Always cover on youtube but couldn’t. for some reason it blocks all the available uploads out there. impressive. don’t you love his voice in that cover too? i like his husky voice when he sang the very first line… this romeo is bleeding, but you can’t see his blood…

      y’know what, i might’ve just found out a potential prompt. bwahahahaha.

  8. My personal favorite is when he perform Geek in the pink Radio cut version … its shows how talented he is and his vocal is 100++
    check it out :

    • I agree! I tend to forget this. This was January 2010, just 2 weeks after their debut stage. How confident he was singing such a fast tempo and wordy song! I love radio performances a lot too.

      And one year later, on TV. Even more perfect. I mean the above radio performance is very perfect already, just a different perfect. Yonghwa, the talented and colorful vocalist. A voice chameleon.

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