[News pics] 2011.09.29 Holika Holika CNBLUE fansigning event: debut of the red dragon

The title says it all. I actually talked about that in the open thread, with c. I wanted to say: the red dragon and his gang. Too weird! And nobody will click it. (I mean that post title too weird, not his hair too weird. I love that daring red!) Actually all boys have new hair color. Even Jonghyun’s got a dark brownish tint.

Source: hankyung.com

11 pics zipped

PS Many google for “Yonghwa’s red hair”, according to my WP dashboard. Something for those curious souls. Or you’re interested enough. Why I keep talking about Yonghwa’s hair? Sorry for being shallow. But I do talk much about his many talents. 😉

5 thoughts on “[News pics] 2011.09.29 Holika Holika CNBLUE fansigning event: debut of the red dragon

  1. Not only Yonghwa many talents and his look even his hairstyle is always a highlight of the topic. This boy is really catchy. Klaritia, i read in one of your articles and know you are particular in Yonghwa’s hair. Me too agreed sometimes his hair doesnt looked good on him, I will asked myself, why so messy, so awkard, funny,soooo.. ( the hairstylist needs to do something to improve) I find that the more they wanted to make him outstanding than the rest, the more awkard it turned out to be. Just the same as the fashion style. Sometimes the jacket is too big to fit into him, sometimes it looked somehow going wrong somewhere (i do not know where) one word – awkard.

    And am i the only one to find that he really looked tired in the pics for Holika fansigning and today at airport. His eyes gave him away. He needs a good rest! Oh! i have been saying umpteen times. I felt the pain to see him like that.

  2. hello..my first time post comment here.hope you don’t mind..@klarita love all your work on this wordpress..yonghwa is lucky to have you as his fan..all your hard work putting/collecting/digging news about cnblue especially yonghwa..he would be proud of your hard work.. yonghwa look good in any hair color but agree with @weng sometime he does look awkward.but still loving him though.his talent is something we can’t denied..despite their busy schedule their tired face they still put a bright smile for fans..you can see the sincere in the smile..what am i talking about..sorry if it sound nonsence not really good in putting words together..oh btw @klarita asking your permission to post picture @soompi..will give proper credit..hope you don’t mind 😀

    • Thanks for visiting.
      For stuff I post everywhere, you’re welcome to re-post. I’ll appreciate your stating that I share them with you but crediting the original source is most important.

  3. Just drop by to say goodbye to our black dragon, me not really happy about this red dragon style.. I will need to replay ‘In My Head’ MV and all the fancams back from Hongkong – Kpop Night, whenever I miss his rocker black dragon style.
    I just read the tweet from the promotors of bluestorm concert in my city, that on the concert day there will be ‘photo zone’ where we could take a picture with cnblue’s ‘life size statue’ (I’m not really sure what it mean. Maybe, it supposed to be life size cardboard or something. Not statue. Not sure 🙂 ) Now, I am just rambling. What I mean to say is, I hope that life size ‘thing’ is still have the black hair’ Yonghwa.. 😀 . Now, I am just being shallow..! Haha.. Thank you for letting me written all of this shallowness/randomness, @klaritia.

  4. hi.. kekeke.. welcome to red-dragon.. bye bye black-dragon. i really cant imagine him in red before this. but now..here comes yong-in -red. i like it… it gives totally different vibe when he still got black colour.

    this is what i think :
    yong-in-black : more serious look, more mature, very hard to resist!
    yong-in-red : looks younger, brighter and lovable… cute!

    he totally rocks red colour… well, so much better than hongki though.. (sorry to hongki fans). i guess i shouldn’t compare him with hongki but just want to make things clear. sorry again… okay now.. i am waiting for the next concert for official debut of red-dragon on stage. i wonder how coordi noona gonna style him.. **curious mode**

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