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Sep 30, Friday, evening ...

This is the second open thread. In case there are still new visitors, check this out (when souls crash and loves collide) to get an idea what this is all about. Many thanks to catcher, for the super cool thread title.

Just a prompt.

I’m thinking about the “Yonghwa paradox”, a term used by checkinout responding to c’s post. The other day, I saw Yonghwa-the-running-boy flash at the Yokohama Arena Live kindly shared by @cnbri_. <–Check the tweet to view the flash. Then I remembered the Yonghwa in the “In My Head” PV. His fierce eyes. Ablaze and almost angry expressions. The same person?!

Are there any totally-cute-and-lovely-but-babyish Yonghwa moments that you feel like talking about? Or just anything else. Be my guest.

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  1. i thought the other open thread would stand for … ever, no? forgive my sentiment, i need to say goodbye with my, *cough*your*cough*, dear thread before jumping on its successor.


    just so we’re clear, there will be new open thread for each week? should we give a new title each time too? that would crack my brain open for good. oh my, i can’t wait.

    • No. I don’t mean an open thread each week. I mean the first one is so full of me explaining what the open thread is for and some fans kind of introduce themselves and so on … As there are at least 3 or 4 keen participants now, I want to start anew.

      PS Maybe the comments pile up to several hundreds someday, we should start another one? Round 3, 4 or you think of another cool title?

  2. Woah! Klaritia, totally-cute and lovely but babyish Yonghwa. YES! For what i have observed, this boy has a childish side in nature. Haha! CNBLUE DANCE DANCE REVO during their first step comeback. When he is playing and having fun, he could easily forget of being a hyung to the 3 boys and being a leader. Did u guys notice? He will opened his mouth wide and engrossed in the fun like a little kid. Lol, Minghyuk was so embarrased of his hyung’s childish act. He is absolutely cute! Haha, biased.again.

    • hi weng. *wave frantically*

      i remember this video cut. i was really surprised by Yonghwa’s dancing skill, which we know is a total disaster. hm. maybe it isn’t bad when it comes to video dancing (or whatever name we call the game), which requires the player to stand in relatively one spot, have excellent eyes and extremely good flexibility, no? for some reason, Yonghwa’s def. the total package.

      on a side note, i wonder what would’ve happened if Yonghwa had gone to SM or YG or CUBE or any other agent but FnC? he’d be an idol with muscles. woah. look at that. (but hey, why i am that shallow?)


      • *joining the fun*
        waves and air kisses to klaritia (our generous hostess), catcher and weng

        Love your observations – Yong hwa has this uber competitive side to him whenever he’s playing a game that he thinks he might have a chance at. He is completely immersed, jaw slacked, eyes like lasers… it is very entertaining to watch. It is probably this same competitive streak that enables him to excel in anything he does. I have no doubt that our boy would be a dancing machine (with muscles galore) if he’d joined a dance group and had the right training. He’s got a natural feel for beats and rythms. And from the Live Magazine Vol 4 pics of our boy in that yummy white tank top, he managed to eke out some muscles in whatever little time he had to hit the gym. (I’ll join in your shallow spazzes, catcher). Yeah, I can totally see him all beastie…

        But am really glad that he decided to take the path he’s on too, as what really sets him apart is his talent in song-writing. Perhaps YG would have further cultivated that, but not sure about the other agencies. His song-writing skills and amazing vocals will keep him in this industry for a long time.

        Thanks for quoting me in your post, klaritia… the “Yong Hwa Paradox” is worthy of a few research papers dedicated to this topic. Guess that’s a big part of his appeal – you never really know what you’re going to get next with this boy!

    • This is my first time watch this video *O*
      Aaaaaaa, weng Thank you so much :)))
      As a newbie to know them and being their fans, Im lacking A LOT of news, things and many more about them T.T

      Thank You once again. :))))))))

  3. Oh, we’re talking about ‘totally-cute and lovely but babyish’ Yonghwa right now..
    Because i just finished re-watching heartstrings, that moment will be “Yonghwa and the little bug” (it sound like a movie title) from one of the BTS. His reaction was so hilarious when he found out about the bug, shaking his hair then ran really fast and hide in the corner? Ha ha …The way he run so cute and funny (with that super tight colourful jeans) :D. Here is the YT link, ah.. i don’t know whether it will show up or not?

    PS: My first reaction if i find out there is a bug land on my head will be exactly the same as Yonghwa, he he.. So i guess, he was just being cute and lovely and (maybe) a little bit babyish??

  4. @weng
    Yonghwa’s dancing ability is another paradox. Have you or anybody seen that video of him dancing and singing that Big Bang song with friends in some highschool event? He seems not a bad dancer back then. What happened to him after debut? Why our Yonghwa is “deteriorating” in certain fronts? This. And the “very confident” to “a-little-too-humble” thing.

    I absolutely love that video. I wonder if Shinhye or the drama crew members laughed at him seeing his reactions. We fans “laugh at” him but still love him like that.

    Won’t be joining the discussion too much during the weekend. You guys keep posting and have fun talking to each other (I mean if your weekend plans got canceled or there’s bad weather in your part of the world and you feel bored … or you actually have more time browsing around during the weekend.)

    • @klaritia, firstly thanks alot in helping me to put up the video link of Dance Dance Revo. I have ever watched the vid of Yonghwa singing and dancing during his highschool days. He is not that stiff as what i or we thought. Actually, i realised he could dance if he wants to and if he is being trained. Remember the CF where the boys did in Ericsson Phone. CNPINK, haha, it was a nice danced with a smooth waved. But i remembered him saying dancing is not his and cnblue type. Oh come on, he is more talented and gifted in music and instrumental.

    • now that you mentioned that video of Yonghwa dancing Lalala of Bigbang during higschool days… it also made me wonder why did he say “he couldn’t dance” or something along that line… dancing in school activities means he could really dance. LOL. I mean, you wouldn’t be able to do such dancing if you’re not good, right?

  5. Hi,

    I’m having my morning coffee while reading everyone’s comments about YH. My idea of a perfect Sunday or does this mean my life is so limited? 😛

    Anyway, an incident of cute YH? I just saw it yesterday. No, not that infamous selca though that is worth mentioning but I liked that little nudge he gave MH and a pat on his own chest while MH was introducing IMH during the KBS Ent Relay video. That was kinda childish but so cute. He was so proud of himself for creating that song! 🙂 It’s good to see that playful side of him come out.

      • Love it!

        First gif – Yong Hwa fishing for compliments and then looking proud and embarassed at the same time.. lol… it’s ok, Yong Hwa… you have every right to be proud for composing such a great song.

        Second gif – Love how all the boys are in total sync, thinking of the same incident at the same time. And Jong Hyun laughing is adorable!

  6. i hate to dust off this post for you, it’s getting dusty and abandoned, no?

    anyway, came across this fanmeeting fancam in singapore:

    credits to the uploader.

    Yonghwa’s too cute in this fanmeeting, especially when he [tries] to understand the questions in English and than fails when the career path question comes up. don’t you just love his effort and overload cuteness? not to mention Minhyuk’s eyesmiles here and there too.

    i appreciate Yonghwa’s engrish as much as i cringe everytime he speaks it. adorable!

    • This post is getting dusty for sure. But I’ve been waiting for replies. Thanks for saving the day … with Yonghwa cuteness. We have tons of videos and pics back then. This very-yonghwa-deprived state will last until when? I miss “my” Yongyong. *sobs*

    • @catcher, i love this fancam when they are in my place last Aug. It seemed like they are so far yet so near. But i missed the chance of seeing them when they are here. REGRETTED so much!! Yah! In Singapore, the first language is English. When the MC was asking questions without stopping, blah blah blah…. the boys were so attentive but still like struggling to understand part of it…aigoo! they showed off their cute expression!

      • hi wenglynn,

        not to mention the MC’s accent and his high pitched voice too. no offense. i feel bad for the boys. well at least they got their chance to be cute(?)


        Yonghwa @1:18, nodding his head at the question without the translator’s explanation. gawwd.

        Minhyuk 2:16 – “of course”. gawwd.

        Yonghwa’s engrish @4:17 – “sorry for the sound problem(?)”, @4:28 – “shhh…my answer”. gawwd.

        all @11:36, @12:04 – that’s eating beautifully? hm.

        now i have to adjust my jaw. too much grinning hurts.

  7. Weng asked for a list of songs that Yonghwa’s composed/written.

    2009.08.19 Now or Never
    3. Love Revolution – lyrics
    4. Just Please – lyrics, music (OWL)

    2009.11.25 Voice
    4. Y, why… – lyrics, music (Ryo)

    2010.01.14 Bluetory
    2. Love Revolution (Korean ver.) – lyrics
    3. Y, why… (Korean ver.) – lyrics, music (RYO)

    2010.03.20 Thank U
    1. Intro – music [lyrics not mentioned in the album booklet]

    2010.05.19 Bluelove
    4. Tatto – lyrics, music (Han Seung Hoon), arrangement (Han Seung Hoon)
    5. Love Light – lyrics, music, arrangement (Kim Jae Yang)

    2010.06.23 The Way
    1. one time – lyrics, music (RYO)
    2. Ready N G0 – Lyrics

    2010.09.16 I don’t know why
    1. I don’t know why – lyrics, music (RYO), arrangement (RYO)

    1011.01.09 Re-maintenance
    1. Try again, Smile again – lyrics, music (RYO, Han Sung Ho)
    2. Don’t say goodbye – lyrics, music (RYO)

    1. Song For First-time Lovers – lyrics (HOONY), music, arrangement (Han Seung Hoon)
    2. Song For First-time Lovers (Inst.) – music, arrangement (Han Seung Hoon)

    2011.03.21 First Step
    02. Love Girl – lyrics (Han Sung Ho), music (Han Seung Hoon), arrangement (Han Seung Hoon)
    03. Imagine – lyrics (Han Sung Ho)
    04. I don’t know why (Korean ver.) – lyrics (Han Sung Ho), music (Han Seung Hoon), arrangement (Han Seung Hoon)
    07. one time (Korean ver.) – lyrics, music (Han Seung Hoon), arrangement (Han Seung Hoon)
    08. Just Please (Korean ver.) – lyrics, music (OWL)
    09. Wanna be Like U (Korean ver.) – lyrics (CNBLUE)
    10. Ready N Go (Korean ver.) – lyrics (Han Sung Ho)
    11. Thank You (Korean ver.) – lyrics (CNBLUE)

    2011.04.28 First Step + 1 : Thank You
    1. LOVE GIRL (New ver.) – lyrics (Han Sung Ho), music (Han Seung Hoon)
    2. Try again, Smile again (Korean ver.) – lyrics (Han Sung Ho), music (Han Seung Hoon, Han Sung Ho)
    3. Don’t say good bye (Korean ver.) – music (Han Seung Hoon)

    2011.07.11 Heartstrings OST part 1

    2. Because I miss you… – music (Han Seung Hoon)
    10. Because I miss you… (Guitar ver.) – music (Han Seung Hoon)

    2011.08.08 Hearstrings OST part 2

    5. Because I miss you… (Band ver.) – music (Han Seung Hoon)

    2011.09.01 392
    03. Man in front of the Mirror – lyrics, music (RYO)

    The names in brackets mean he collaborates with others. And he’s doing much arrangement too. 🙂

    I actually wanted to make a big table. Including Jonghyun’s works and all. But this is such a big project. Later. Rather than never.

    Edit: I found out I forgot to include First Step +1 – Thank You yesterday. And I checked the correct dates for HS OST releases. Man, he’s RICH getting all that royalties money!

    • He is definetly RICH in getting royalties! With all these, in future, his children would not need to worry for their life!! What a successful daddy!!

    • Woaahh.. thank you so much for the list, klaritia.. I’ve been searching for this kinda list for so long… Our Yong is surely getting richer by the year.

    • Wow! This is great compilation klaritia..
      Does this take intensive research? Now, am questioning my love for the boys.. I seem to know less and less about them.. T_T
      Especially my Jonghyun-ah… hayz…
      I wish I would be able to collaborate with them.. writing lyrics, I mean. I’ve been praying and praying for that to happen. ^^

      • Ommoooo.
        Those are my fav songs mostly written by Yong Oppa. hohohohoho.
        He is sure with writing songs as his habit. hohohoho.
        🙂 🙂

  8. Hi Klaritia, a BIG thank you and a BIG virtual HUG from me.

    Huh! At a quick glanced, what a fruitful accomplishment which Yonghwa had achieved! I am going to save this list as my favourite.

    Besides composing and writing a song, what is the job to be involved in arrangment? Does it means to arrange the raw music/melody and lyrics to its best?

    • I think arrangement is more about how different instruments are involved in presenting the melody: the tempo, rhythum, texture, and so on. The musician needs to write chords and scores for the different music instruments. I heard the CNBLUE boys re-arranged their hits for year end music awards shows last year. And I’m sure you’ve heard the rock version of Lovelight at BLUESTORM. And new sound of Just Please and so on … all new arrangements by the boys themselves.

      • Hi Klaritia
        Thanks for your explanations.The boys has done a great job in each and every songs they had composed and written.

        Is the jazz version of “i am a loner” one of the special arrangement which the boys performed last year in GDA Awards? This is one of the best version which i was impressed by it. Till now, it is still displaying in my MP3 player, can’t get enough of Yonghwa powerful vocal when singing this Jazz version.


      • and i’ve always wondered who made different chords and scores for different music instruments, drums, bass, keyboard.

        it’d be so nice if Yonghwa was the master behind all those works. maybe we should get a confirmation from him one day?

        tks for the info, k.

      • I won’t say he’s the master yet, but definitely the FnC musicians and President Han have been guiding him and giving him opportunities. Though I’m bashing FnC all this time, I must say they’ve been good on this matter.

        This conversation reminds me of this picture (Japan 1st album ThankU promo pic)

        He looks like a producer!

        And I remember he was asked on some show what he’d do if he’d loads of money … build a TV station that broadcasts only bands’ live performances! Something on that line, my memory failing on me. Who remembers the details??? Maybe he’ll set up a music company on his own one day too?

    • oh that pic. oooh. how come i didn’t see it before? definitely saving it now. oooooh.

      anyway, i hope he’s a man of his words. a TV station might be a bit too much, but a producer, pro composer or something along the line would be awesome. i have another bias in K-pop industry and he’s achieved much more than I’ve ever expected. producer, director, actor, composer, all that. and i’m expecting the same for Yonghwa, in the next 4-5 years.

      ah, speaking of which, may i ask who’s your other bias in kpop? jpop even? (hint: idea for new post?). i know this is supposed to be Yonghwa’s place (is it?), but not exclusively dedicated right? *evil grin*.

      you’re not compelled to mind my question, ignore it even. just thought of something that might distract our deprivation, no?

      • I don’t think I’ll have replies if I make that new post. There aren’t a lot of Yonghwa fans (basically just 4 or 5, you included, I don’t mean I ain’t grateful for you and them) around talking about Yonghwa “with me”. I don’t see why anybody will respond to my asking “Hey, this is my favorite Kpop/Jpop artist, what’s yours?”. If the people who visit my blog are interested in Yonghwa/CNBLUE and they choose to be quiet, I can’t expect them to be open about anything else.

        Why don’t we just discuss the topic here? The open thread can be that “open”. So you tell me about your other K-pop bias first!

        PS Don’t even suspect if I’m upset about your suggestion. No.

  9. @klaritia, why would i missed out such an awesome pic which you had posted above? People always quoted-认真的男人最帅!(am i allowed to use chinese here). Indeed, he does carried the weight of a producer in this pic. i strongly believe this young man still has the great potential which has yet to show. In the near future, he could gradually go into the path of being a proudcer cum composer.

    I have read that he is not in his good condition in Yokohama concert. Yonghwa, pls take care of your health in the first place before pursuing your dreams at the same time.

    PS: i am always wondering,is there a place for us to replay message to the cnblue boys.

  10. I think you understand I don’t intend to post everything I come across about Yonghwa and CNBLUE here. This isn’t some fansite aiming at providing CNBLUE updates, it’s a place for my thinking out loud and chit-chatting with fellow fans.

    These are old pics but just found and I don’t feel like making a separate post. So here they are. Yonghwa and Jonghyun singing “Love Light” at a wedding ceremony on Feb 12, 2011. Shared by 용덕이 @ JYH DC Gallery

    I just love these pics a lot. And somebody will miss the black dragon even more?

  11. Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking around this blog for a few weeks and I must say I really enjoying reading all these posts. Did I read correctly, but did someone say that there isn’t a lot of Yong Hwa fans? I can’t imagine why. All of my students, well the girl students, in my class see pictures of him on my screen-savor and swoon. There’s just something about him that stands out from the rest. Well in my eyes at least. So, count me in as another Yong Hwa fan! So much so that I’m re-watching Heartstrings with a group of my students who are hooked on Yong Hwa after they watched You’re Beautiful. Also, I was wondering if I could post a video I made of Yong Hwa in Heartstrings, if thats alright. Please let me know and hello again to everyone.

      • Thanks. 😀 Now I just need to know how to post it. I’m not sure how to embed so I guess I’ll just post the link. I hope everyone likes it. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t watch Yong Hwa on my screen. Whether its an old CN Blue performance or one of his dramas, I need my Yong Hwa fix. 🙂

      • Thanks for the video! That reminds me we’re blessed to have a drama with loads of Yonghwa to watch. Now we rarely see his face. *sigh*
        It’s interesting that the two kissing scenes “merges” so well in your video. 😉

  12. Whenever I am watching Yonghwa and CNBLUE performances, I love to observe and scrunitize.
    In the Music Fair, I had caught Yonghwa doing a very cute but funny and wierd facial expression at the end of 2.29. Isn’t he pretty cool….

    Sorry! Wanted so much to link the post here but due to my lack of knowledge in computer.. sigh!!

    PS: Dear Klaritia, will appreciates very much if you could teach me some skills.

      • I’m sorry that I kinda neglected my own blog. Nothing to feel embarrassed at all. I actually don’t know what your request is exactly. If it’s a youtube link, just paste the url and wordpress will embed it automatically, no specific knowledge at all. The trick is avoid the numbers and letters after “&”. Like this >>>

        I think you meant this. Made a gif. 😉

  13. First time posting here

    @klaritia – great place you got here for CNB fans especially YH biased

    @AussieRay81 – great video! … makes me want to go watch HS for the nth time.

    @wenglynnn – are you the same wenglynn in a certain chatbox? Have chatted with you a couple of times before but i was an anon there… haven’t been visiting there since around ep 7 of HS aired for reasons i know you’re very much aware of lol

  14. Hi tvbuff, i should be the “wenglynn” whom you have chatted before. Yah, as a YH biased, I guess I am aware of the message you are relaying to me. LOL!!!

    On behalf of Klaritia, welcome you to this place which totally belongs to Yong and CNBLUE. We could share our joy of loves and supports to Yong here.

    Hope to chat with you more often in future as we did not get the chance then.

  15. Thanks Klaritiia, I have learnt something! So there is a trick behind. No wonder no matter how hard I have clicked the URL, it still failed…lol.

    Right, this is the vid i am refering. Yoong…how did you made this expression?

  16. first thank you aloooooot for this wonderful blog and for all the downloading links you provided
    i’m really saying this from the bottom of my heart thanks alot
    this is my first time writing here I’ve been a silent watcher
    well yong hwa is the first singer/actor I’ve fell for I’ve never felt like that before there is something about him that makes me just KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA well alot of things i like about him
    but this is about his cute moments
    there is alot of these i like it when he tells a story he always react what happened with his hands and face i find that so cute
    like in the show happy together

    this ep was the best
    he can really imitate everyone

    he is too cute
    thank you again and sorry for my bad English

    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. It’s a happy thing sharing YH goodies with fellow fans, and I must say knowing there’s other souls feeling the same means a lot to me. Never want to feel lonely as a fan.
      And I absolutely love his cute mannerisms too. The chameleon can of course imitate!
      Please drop me words more often. My English not good actually and yours is fine. Cheers.

      • @klaritia your feeding our (my friend and I) CN Blue virtual stalking! hehe.. your blog site never disappointed me.. except for the gifs it makes me dizzy. but my friends says that its cute!
        can’t wait for the Jan 8th concert! i am hoping to get CN Blue albums in HK and other stuffs like magazine and posters!

    • I just watch the video you share.
      how could he imitate those celebrities and it’s so similar???
      *shake my heads*
      this guy…. #sigh…. really

  17. this might sound shallow and childish and whatnots. but i just freaking miss him. ugh!

    no idea what they’re talking about but i guess the media misses him too?

  18. Hi klaritia, many thanks with appreciation. Thanks for this wonderful blog which i have been visiting for the past one year. Thanks for helping me to post the videos of YH here due to my insufficient knowledge. Thanks for taking so much effort providing me the list of songs which YH had composed and written. Thanks for….which i had neglected but now i have noticed it and know how to make use of it. It is a good sign! I love the interaction with Boices all around the world and hope this can go on~~~ Have a good day!

    • have to admit YY in that clip was heartbroken to watch despite his effort trying to look cool. though the clip is supposed to be cute and funny and whatnots, my heart couldn’t flutter much during the entire CF.

      playful YY prevailed though. kudos to him. ^^

      • you are right
        even though he is really tiered yet he gives his best and always well mannered with other . really love this about him . have a look at this one

        talented . tiered but talented.
        FNC should give him some rest

    • I don’t know ^0^ he’s too sleepy to be able to draw like this lol.
      what i know that he can draw look at this photo it’s when he was at highschool
      he drew this ^^ his hair cut is cute at that time LOL

      and he once drew his ideal type . this is the drawing you can see his signature :

      there is some drawings but can’t find them .
      well anyway The Suit House Catalog showed a t-shirt that was designed by yonghwa actually i didn’t understand what did he designed in it. it was a t-shirt with a car and some writings on it ?! they said TSH will release a video of yonghwa sketching it . i don’t if it’s been released or not ^-^ but i would love to buy that t-shirt . (sorry I posted too much I’m a talkative person *shy*)

  19. been reading your blog for almost 3 months! appreciate the updates – always so timely and detailed. 🙂 love YH too!!! loved their music once I heard “intuition”.. dug deeper and found “im a loner”. this rock arrangement works for me. hardworking boys who make good music. *admire*

  20. just a random comment. i just read some posts these past few days mentioning how yonghwa is perfect. some people says “good looks, great singer, what are you bad at?” also some dj asking how unfair it is how yonghwa got the looks and good in singing, what is his flaws?” im wondering if this is to be proud of or to something scary. after cnblue got major debut in japan and another composition of yonghwa of where you are tops in oricon chart, people comments now that they already reach above being an idol. they are now could musician. but its kinda scary if im thinking too much that now all eyes are in cnblue especially on yonghwa dissecting him for his shortcomings. especially now that they are having a comeback on march. people may tend to criticize him or shall we say anticipates his new composition back in korea after great accomplishments in japan. also have you heard the protest of boice to fnc because the comeback title song of cnblue is another composition by the writer of love, loner and intuition? the fans demanded that the song now must be created by cnblue. which they already proves what they accomplish in japan. i dont know what to feel for this, i have a feeling that other people might think about them that cnblue in korea is insecure than in japan. was it because music in japan is more diverse than in korea thats why they can create any type of music? and their own composition might not be appreciated in korea (hey, im not trying to create a war regarding in korea, i just wanted to point from what i heard that bands in korea is not that greatly accepted unlike in japan, i apologize in advance in any misunderstanding. i am a super fan of cnblue,) also hahhahaha just a funny additional comment. i just wanted to smile now to those people who said before that they are fake band and saying “if cnblue is a band, then a fly is also a bird”. now look at their accomplishments and watch their concert please. eat your words now, sorry i just couldnt help being sarcastic. hhehehe sorry in advance

    • Hey, it’s been a while anybody posts in this open thread. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      About your worries if people are trying to dissect Yonghwa for his shortcomings. I read that the DJ was talking to Kim Do Hun, the composer of CNBLUE’s Korean hits, on radio. The Eng trans of the transcript of the talk here –> http://www.twitlonger.com/show/ftdb1l

      Sad to say, those people who said before that they are a fake band haven’t changed much. Their success in Japan somehow doesn’t change their views. Maybe they just don’t know or they aren’t interested enough in CNBLUE to find out. That’s why some fans demand that their Korean comeback song be a “CNBLUE song”. I don’t mean I know more than anybody, but I’ve been observing what others are saying about this. And I don’t mean all CNBLUE fans should be bothered about this. CNBLUE fans are of all sorts of colors, just as CNBLUE are “multi-colored” musicians. We have our own reasons loving them, and we love them in different ways.
      Just in case you’re interested …

      • WHAT???!!! they havent changed their views??? *sigh* what more evidence they need?? well, cant help it thats their opinion…. well at least at some forums that i read cnblue is one of those that have least haters. some positive comments says because their “musicians” while others posted “because they havent done anything much” (what is this positive or negative comment?). anyway some random comment again. i just love love those gayo daejons fancams last year. it capture how other idols wow-ed at cnblue performance especially in we will rock you and intution+in my head performance.

    • There’s phrase “the higher the tree grows, the greater the wind will blow to it” and I think it is what could happen to them. As you said, since they are now having major debut both in Korea and Japan and bunch of achievements, all eyes are on them. even every single of their movement.
      Just few days before, when I read this article http://seoulbeats.com/2012/02/breaking-the-idol-stereotype and I read the comments below. I feel both proud and sad. Proud because our boys talents more recognized. but I feel sad read the comments. there is a comment followed by a very long responds which about they are not a real band. #sigh But I think CNB will see it positively. they’ll use it as something to trigger them to be better.

  21. yesterday i saw an old video in youtube of hongki singing im loner of cnblue. the comments are too long. and of course the bashing are non stop so i have to stop reading it in the middle due to irritation and frustration. okay i admit yonghwa voice maybe not that too unique unlike of hongki and (my all time favorite japanese rock band – larc-enciel) hyde. their voice are really distinct. i love hongki’s voice too. hongki voice is emotional and its like he is always crying and pleading when singing.. but i HATE HATE HATE people saying yonghwa singing has NO PASSION!!! WHAT??!! after watching numerous fancams and recently the fancam in LA perforamce. please please somebody DEFINE TO ME WHAT IS PASSSION?

    • http://ladyoflake.livejournal.com/271064.html
      Maybe you have read the above review (check the other 2 parts on the livejournal), just in case.

      Of course we trust our own judgement and all but having some “expert” agree with us is always a good thing.

      It’s these people’s loss if they don’t appreciate YH’s singing. It’s okay that they like somebody else, but criticizing him without any ground is annoying. I totally understand that bad feeling. Just forget them and enjoy watching awesome YH, okay? Cheers.

  22. Just a random realization after the “Stand Up” concert in LA. I don’t think I have ever used the word “sexy” and “YongHwa” together. Yeah, I know what you’re all thinking. haha~ The numerous pictures I’ve seen, the countless videos I’ve watched. Yes, he can be sweet, cute, handsome, dorky (in a good way) at times. I’ve even used the word “HOT” to describe him! But, never sexy. Why? I dunno. Maybe because of his modest personality? That’s the only reason I can come up with. Anyway, getting to the point. Those of you who went to or have watched the fancams from the “Stand Up” concert, there were moments where he did certain gestures and teased the audience. His short sexy dances. Being in the very front row of the extended stage, and seeing it up close, my reaction was, “AAHHH! Did he just really do that?!!” 2+ years now as a fan, and I never knew there was this side of him. Yeah, he might have done the same thing at previous concerts, but rarely do I watch fancams. Occasionally, I will skim through reviews of concerts. I think I am still in shock! It’s a whole side of him, I have never seen! It doesn’t change my view of him, of course. It’s another word I can now use to describe him. 😛 Random thought, I know.

    • I use all kinds of adjectives to describe him, coz I can’t stop talking about him and want to add variety to my lame words. I used “sexy” once in a while but I’ve been saying “SEXY” lots (!!!) since I saw the GDA fancams. As someone who’s watched 90% of the fancams out there, I must say you saw Yonghwa’s sexiest stage ever. You darn lucky! Me JEALOUS!!!

    • As for me, I use “sexy” to describe him whenever I see picture of him when he bites his lips with his electrifying-gaze plus his sweat. That’s a combo for me and I end up to describe it as a sexy (I think it’s more than just hot) hhaaa.
      You mentioned about Yong’s sexy dance on LA “Stand Up” concert. I agree with you. I was so surprise when I watched the fancam. Never thought that he has that side. I almost screamed right away when I watched it, and suddenly I just covered up my mouth. If I did it, I don’t know what happened to me since I watched it during my break in the office. x_x. And it ended up with my face turned to red caused by holding up my scream, laugh, and surprising feeling.

      • i actually really scream when i watch the fancam of LA when he sung the where you are!! you know the part when he sing “im searching….” then he didnt say the words “where you are” instead he bend back and gritted his teeth. that is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i read a post in cnbjonghyun tumblr, and one comment there of a fan who watch the concert says that yonghwa is like having s*x on the mic and moaning, i actually laugh hard when i read the post

      • I hv not watch the fancam of where you are yet!! I hv to make my self watch it as soon as possible. wanna see more sexiness of him ❤
        I just thought that, he knows many fans will scream right away if he does those pose or action while in the stage. The scream of fans is such an energy for him, so he needs it. hahaha. That's why he does it? Or I might be wrong with this. Aaa, I dunno what he has on mind while he does those things, that's just my random thought.
        From several fancams of their performance in LA back then, I saw many sexiness things he showed to the fans which I never seen before. His sexy dance, stage acts, and many things else. Really he said that?? Hhhahahaha. I doubt he felt so "hot" that night. LOL. He really "crazy" when he is on stage. XD

  23. Many thanks to Henice who left a comment some hours ago, dusting off this thread.

    Feel like saying something random here myself.
    I have this fear that when my blog posts have quite some clicks. I’m afraid that some people actually come for “hate-reading”. You know, when you read stuffs on the net, visit some sites, just because you don’t like what certain people say about certain things. I don’t do that often, but sometimes.
    So, sometimes I wonder if I say things that embarrass Yonghwa and CNBLUE. I hope not.

    • Never ever think like that… thanks to u n heich n everyone who wrote everythings about Him, i fall n fall again love everything in Yonghwa… maybe I’m delusional about him 4 thinking he’s so perfect… but 4 me he is.
      *hug n kisses 4 all of u*

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