Heartstrings photo essay – perfect 10

I wanted to make 10 perfect scans of Lee Shin pics from the book. Too many good pictures. I had a hard time deciding which ten. There aren’t that many words in the book, just pictures and pictures. Good for me who doesn’t read Korean at all.

This is obviously Yonghwa, not Lee Shin. The gummy smile.

The longing eyes …

What do you see in these eyes?

This is a fan’s paradox too. Why does he look particularly handsome when he looks so sad? Lucky that it’s Lee Shin who’s sad.

It’s like I’m making a photo essay myself … better not. I’ll let the pictures speak.

Zipped. πŸ™‚

This photobook is much better than what I’ve expected. I give it a perfect 10. Get yourself a copy? Kpoptown | DVDHeaven | Innolife (shipping charge included) |

9 thoughts on “Heartstrings photo essay – perfect 10

  1. Arrrrrgggh .. Why so handsome yong
    His lips & eyes ayes are love ❀ XD !!
    And that gummy smile deserve a post its self :p
    Tnx for sharing I am always happy to read ur post even though
    I don't comment :).

  2. All the photos I have seen of Yong Hwa in Heartstrings are a killer. They are all too perfect to select. It must be hard on you when u picked out the best 10, klaritia. If I would make myself to choose, i will picked the 2nd pic. The reason- I just simply like his gummy smile. I have said many times, just to see him happy makes me happy. The 7th pic of Yonghwa looked terrific hot drenching in rain with his hair wet. But i just can’t bear to see him looking sad. He gave me a sentiment of a εΏ§ιƒηŽ‹ε­ηš„feel. (sorry suddenly i cant find the right word to describe in English).

  3. Sooo handsome, smiling, brooding, longing, whistling or seriously playing guitar.. Perfect 10 !! …sigh,sigh,sigh, suddenly I miss heartstrings.. ;( . Should I buy this photo essay? I am torn.

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