Shinwoo Day

Hearing her cry, Shinwoo’s worries change to anger. Hwang Tae Kyung. Always about Hwang Tae Kyung. “For how long do you plan to cry like this?”

There’s no reply from the dark corner, just weeping sounds. Shinwoo’s hand, which was stretched and then withdrawn, is now clenched. It’s like all his previous worries and present anger have passed to his fist, causing it to shake. “When you have cried enough, will you actually consider going to see me?”

(Scanned from YAB Official Photo Book)

I’ve told you I remember random days about my Yonghwa/CNBLUE fandom. You’re Beautiful premiered on Oct 7, 2009. Maybe nobody calls this Shinwoo Day. But I think I’ll remember Shinwoo on this day for a few more years.

Yonghwa as Shinwoo is handsome, heart-warming, but not exactly awesome if you consider his a-little-awkward-but-good-already-as-a-rookie acting. He wasn’t too bad? I don’t watch that many dramas. I still remember people became all shocked shouting, “Since when this guy learned to act?”, when they saw him in episode 13.

I haven’t planned anything big to celebrate Shinwoo Day this year. I made gifs, posted scans and videos for the trending last year (but we didn’t make it :(). Should I just recycle those? Nah … only this. An MV made with Shinwoo pics and “Promise – Japanese version”. This video got quite many hits. Though I suspect most clicks are for the song, I just hope many pay attention to Yonghwa’s English rap (He wrote the rap lyrics). CUTE.

Listen my love my dear
I promise you indeed
My power pleasure pain from you
I know your special chip
With you I’m masterpiece
Without emergency
Sit back relax come with me
More better place will be with me

Yes, ANJELL are here
I’ll promise you just do it girl
When I sleep I can always feel I’m in love with you
Boom boom can you feel my heart beat
Do you know you make me high
One step two step three and four
I’ll be your man and I wanna say
I’ll love you forever and i promise you
I’ll take your love my dear

Happy Shinwoo Day to Yonghwa!

6 thoughts on “Shinwoo Day

  1. omg i feel like crying kk πŸ˜›
    i will love forever and i promise u shinwoo aka yonghwa ❀
    maybe some fans know him before but i love him since that drama so no words describe my feelings he so grow up now i wish him success & good health & all his dream come true
    i am really lucky to know him ❀ ❀

  2. I like how you call it Shinwoo Day πŸ™‚

    I, too fell in love with the handsome, quiet, sensitive Shinwoo in YAB, in spite of his slightly awkward acting. I don’t know why because usually I can’t get past actors who are not natural in front of the camera. Maybe it’s Yonghwa’s charm? All I remember was being mesmerized by him everytime he comes on screen.

    Anyway, I’m proud of how far Yonghwa has come since then. Happy Shinwoo Day, Jung Yonghwa πŸ™‚

  3. shinwoo~~ yonghwa, chukaee!!
    i’ll miss shinwoo a lot since it was your first acting. though i didnt really pay attention to shinwoo, but i always love your rapping in promise. i love it! **swear**

  4. my vivd memory of Shinwoo is the scene where he sits down and strums his guitar for Minam. “Because I’m a fool”, that is.

    other than that, i apologize for not being able to share your sentiment. both YAB and HT didn’t quite leave an impact on me, drama wise, although he did improve during HT days. *sigh*. let’s not bring up HT for now. (always a sour topic it is!)

    p.s. i like the MV. pretty much captures Yonghwa’s handsomeness. very young and very cute. can’t say the same for his current image. maybe it’s because of the 2 years difference, maybe he’s just aging. XD (that’s my humor talking. no offense.)

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