[Scan] Rolling Stone 2011 Nov – CNBLUE interview

Sorry that I’m so mean putting that big logo on the scan. Because I spent money on that single page and I don’t even read Japanese. Translation please!!!!!!!!

PS The title sounds so cool. CNBLUE’s ROCK Soul!

10 thoughts on “[Scan] Rolling Stone 2011 Nov – CNBLUE interview

  1. It’s really a single page! Hope the article is good. thanks for the scan, dear. I guess, I like the photo concept, but I hate the quantity >.< Feeling like to open the door myself and release free our boys. of course it's including the kidnap plan of my bb :))))

  2. OUr boys featured in an iconic rock magazine like the Rolling Stones is reason to celebrate! Thanks for buying and sharing the page with us, klaritia! I feel so bad that I’ve not been able to help with any translations at all… but am always appreciative to those who do… *puppyeyes-at-anyone-who-reads-japanese*

  3. Klaritia., today i am going to talk about something which is not related to the post but something which is what i think and how i feel. I really like the way how you support Yonghwa, to spent the money and time…. I have known a friend who is also a awesome supporter of Yong. She is already a mother of 2 who has a eldest 22 years old son. She is treating Yong like her son and giving him moral support and love with all her heart. She bought everything which concerns Yong without knowing what she is purchasing. She even bought the same CDs to present it to her friends to recommend cnblue to her friends. I even joked with her that she needs a storeroom to stuff all Yong’s merchandise. Best of all, she told me this is what her hubby told her. LOL!!! This is just to share the same thought, love and support which we have for Yonghwa!! Pardon me if I have post it in the wrong place.

  4. -Before debuted in Korea, C.N.BLUE was formed in 2009 and performed live on street and at live house. Tell us about some episode and what you’ve learned.
    YH: At the beginning when we were doing street live, we prepared to speak in Japanese but totally failed to do so. Occasionally, there was/were Korean audience and we were relieved (smile). We’re really thankful for those who came to see us.
    MH: At that time, we had to carry our instruments ourselves. So it was tiring and we had to hurry when we rode on bus and subway.
    JS: Band culture is more developing in Japan than in Korea, so I think it was a very good opportunity and we got force when performing as an indie band.

  5. it’s first time leaving my thanks ! I just wanted to tell you that I’ve always enjoyed all your wonderful postings and information !
    your dedication is much appreciated. 감사 ~
    ps: you deserve to put big logo on the photo ^^

  6. @weng I do have a storeroom at home, but not just for CNBLUE things I’ve collected. 😉

    @YW Thanks for the translation. A friend has translated the whole article into Chinese. I’ll translate into English asap.

    @brightbb Thanks for your kind words. Feel free to join any discussion. Cheers ^^

  7. Forgot to say thanks for sharing this one page interview ^ ^
    I can’t remember what I was searching for when I first entered your blog yesterday, but I thought I could help a bit for translation…was trying to translate everything but didn’t have time
    Hopefully my words were understandable and not too far from what they really mean (my JPS isn’t that good)
    There are actually a lot of Japanese who like C.N.BLUE and probably couldn’t help you out because they often blog in Japanese

    • I wish I read Japanese. Really appreciate your effort. And your words are very understandable.

      Of course there are a lot of Japanese fans out there. Some even “talk” to me on twitter in Japanese. And I gotta explain shyly that I don’t understand them. Envy my friends who are fluent in Japanese and can chit-chat with them about the boys.

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