[Trans] CNBLUE sensibility dictionary #16 – rock

Japanese music magazine, PATI PATI 2011 Nov Issue

Congratulations! CNBLUE’s major debut in Japan!

The theme that suits this issue’s cover and feature story so much is “rock”. It isn’t just about music, it’s a symbol of the soul too. What does this word mean to these four persons?

Yonghwa – Legend.

Enchanted by Bon Jovi, known more about SKID ROW and Ronnie James Dio. Just as many rock bands have become legendary, I hope CNBLUE will become a legend one day.

Jonghyun – Oh~ROCK & ROLL!!!

Having seen Eric Clapton, I fell in love with the guitar and music. Having seen Oasis, I fell for the genre “rock”. Having seen Noel Gallagher, I realized the lead vocal doesn’t have to stand in the middle, and the position of the guitarist can be a very cool one. And whenever I listen to their music, I always think of this: Oh~ROCK & ROLL!!!

Minhyuk – Thousands of times, tens of thousands of times.

The rousing cheers of the audiences and their moving with the rhythms is the first thing that comes to my mind. How the band members unite with the audience, which are tens of times bigger than the stage itself, thousands of times and even tens of thousands of times more numerous than them, this is “rock”.

Jungshin – Not a special thing.

“Rock” isn’t anything special, just something for everybody to breath together and enjoy together.

English translation by klaritia, based on Chinese translation by kof1

PS I wish I read Japanese. Translation mistakes, in any, are klaritia’s. Please take with a grain of salt. I didn’t even check if somebody’s translated this.

4 thoughts on “[Trans] CNBLUE sensibility dictionary #16 – rock

  1. Wow! Can’t say it enough… these guys are just amazing!! At such a “young” age (I say young, because I’m much older than them. 😛 ) they’re so insightful!! I particularly like Jungshin’s.

    Thx for the translation!

  2. Thanks for the translation, dear. Surprised that I’m the first to comment. No one likes translation of CNBLUE article or what?

    Hmm.. I guess I need to dig deeper to my twin brother’s rock collection. I know/heard all legends mentioned above but not Ronnie James Dio. *will run to uncle google later*

    JongHyun said about Noel, versus Liam, I guess. Hmmm.. he’s just like what I think he is. I used to be worried when finding out at the first time that CNBLUE has twin vocalist. When a band has 2 suns, it doesn’t seem right, maybe one of reason FnC pulled out KwangJin too? I mean he’s so shiny during the training period of CNBLUE in Japan.

    But with Yonghwa and Jonghyun, I feel like they’re the sun and the moon to me. Both are important, one compliment the other, they take turn to shine, each has different charms.

    Thanks again for the translation!

  3. Thank you for the translations. I like how their mind work based on your translations. They definitely are a smart band. 🙂

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