[Trans] Japanese Rolling Stone 2011 Nov – CNBLUE interview

Official debut after “samurai” training in Japan!


Having had indie activities in Japan before their Korean debut, the Korean 4-member rock band CNBLUE has just finished the Yokohama Arena Live in September with great success. Below are their accounting tidbits of their Japan learning days and their passion as well as determination for the upcoming debut.

――So CNBLUE was formed in 2009 before Korean debut. You performed in the streets as well as various live houses. Please tell us what you’ve learned during that time and some interesting things you remember too.

Yonghwa: The very first time we had street lives, we spent much time practicing Japanese for that but it turned out we couldn’t express ourselves at all. Once in awhile, there were a couple of Koreans among the audience and we’d feel much more relaxed. Things like that (laughs). To those kind people who came to watch us, we are really grateful to them. They are the reason that we exist.

Minhyuk: During that period, we had to carry our instruments and equipment. Traveling by bus and train with that burden was so hectic and difficult.

Jungshin: But band culture in Japan is so much more developed than in Korea, it’s like we had more power doing indie activities in Japan. I think that had been our greatest opportunity!

――When CNBLUE is writing music, what is considered most important?

Yonghwa: Of course the melody and lyrics are very important. And I always consider if all of us feel the same as I put my feelings into a certain composition.

Minhyuk: Though most songs are composed by Yonghwa hyung and Jonghyun hyung, the four of us always have discussions on the works together.

――When you debuted in January last year, “I’m A Loner” became so popular. How did you feel being a band among the numerous dance groups in Korea?

Yonghwa: Well, “Believe in our own music.” That’s the only thought I had at that time. Because we were so so happy when “I’m a Loner” climbed to no. 1 on the charts.

――As you had your Korean activities, you had indie activities in Japan at the same time. Now you’ll debut officially too, do you have different or special thoughts?

Minhyuk: Though we’re very happy, we are nervous at the same time. We need to gather our spirits for that as we see this as a new start. We will just try our very best and work our hardest for that.

――In your Japan debut single, there’s digital sound effects within the hard rock in “In My Head”. One can feel the wild side of CNBLUE in it. What were your thoughts making this?

Yonghwa: The theme of this song is “passion towards dreams”. In order to make people feel the passion while listening, I had worked a lot on the melody. I used all my vocal power singing it too.

Jonghyun: For both the singing and guitar playing, I seriously pondered on the messages behind the lyrics as I sang and played the music.

Minhyuk: As this is a strong and loud piece, I had to pay attention how to make the drum sounds balanced, both in parts with simple rhythm as well as the climaxes, to make the parts complimentary to each other.

Jungshin: I thought I should make people who listen to it become more energetic, so I just play the bass happily.

――CNBLUE is about dream too, what goals do you have for your upcoming Japan activities?

Minhyuk: I hope we can make even more awesome music, treasure each and every upcoming live, to let more people in Japan like us.

Yonghwa: With official debut, we have a greater responsibility to work hard. We aim at making “music that can become every listener’s energy”.

Jonghyun: I hope more people will know our music through lives and then like us as a band.

Jungshin: Just to make the best music and let more people hear us.

――By the way, what music are you listening lately?

Minhyuk: Something American, like The Fray. I just love that music during this change of seasons. I am listening to them all the time.

Yonghwa: MGMT, Soulwax. Not just rock, I like club music too. I just listen to all kinds of music.

Jonghyun: Pat Metheny, John Clayton Mayer, and Japan’s flumpool too.

Jungshin: I like listening to a Brit band lately, OneRepublic. (k’s note: not American?)

――Lastly, please leave a message for those who listen to “In My Head”.

Yonghwa: For those who are hesitant to make the step forward, we hope this can be the power for them to push forward with no second thoughts.

English translation by klaritia, based on Chinese translation by kof1

7 thoughts on “[Trans] Japanese Rolling Stone 2011 Nov – CNBLUE interview

  1. they’ve become more mature each interview. feels like im watching them growing up in front of my eyes. the last message from Yonghwa….definitely moves me.
    thanks for the trans!

    p/s : love love love ur header! ^^

  2. JongHyun is listening to John Mayer nowadays?! Last time when I went to FnC, I dropped him lots of gifts, one of them is John Mayer DVD. Please watch it, my bb! TT___TT

  3. I loooooved this interview thank you so much for sharing it!
    And Yonghwa just floored me with that last sentence. There is always such positivity coming from him all the time! How does he do it??? With his presence or aura alone there is such a strong sense of purpose and drive even when he is singing a sad love song there is still hope in his voice. I feel that people need that especially young fans and music lovers. I don’t see how I am ever going to get over this guy! He is just too perfect.
    CNBLue for Life!!! 🙂

  4. What a beautiful last message from yonghwa, listening to the lyrics (the translation) of ‘in my head’ I do get the message of passion to reach your dream..I really really want to go to one of their Japan concerts, by the end if this year. Just can’t get enough of these four boys.

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