[Trans] China magazine Easy no. 619 – CNBLUE interview

(Source: ELF_ASIA |  2539 x 1642 px)

Eazy website: http://www.ieasy.tv/news/detail/4105.html?page=1

CNBLUE – The blue that conquers the world

“K-POP Girls in Love & Boys in Power LIVE in HK 2011” are two consecutive concerts held in Hong Kong in the end of August. Right before the concert, Easy had an exclusive interview with CNBLUE. Though drummer Kang Minhyuk was absent for his not feeling well, the other three members appeared bright and spirited during the interview.

E: Up till now, CNBLUE has had a broad spectrum of supporters. What’s the unique style of your music? And what other genres you intend to try in the future?

Yonghwa: First, we need to thank our fans and everybody who likes our music for their support. Though we are a band, our music is close to mainstream. We don’t just do rock, but also ballads. Maybe that’s the reason why people like us. As we have actually tried various styles of music, we intend to make even more multi-genre music in the future. Maybe one day we will even try dance beats.

E: All members have been writing music besides being skillful in live performance, how do you get inspirations for creating music?

Yonghwa: My inspirations basically come from my own experiences. Sometimes, the ideas come from other people’s stories I heard.

Jonghyun: I like watching interesting movies and dramas, and read books too. They are my source of creativity.

E: Leader Jung Yonghwa has this “stormy” schedule. How do you usually handle the stress? Any good stress release routine?

Yonghwa: Urg, it’s really “stormy” schedule. Honestly, I feel really tired at times, for we don’t even have enough time for sleep. But this is our work, and we have to face our supporters and all. So we have to gather our spirits no matter what. As for stress release means, it’s just when I take part in lives like this, playing music and singing together with my bandmates on stage, all traces of stress are gone in no time.

E: Yonghwa had showed off his acting skills in two popular Korean dramas, what role do you plan to challenge yourself next?

Yonghwa: I’m so happy to be in two dramas gaining so much support. But my recent work is preparation for the new album (Japan debut single), I’ve got to focus on the production of the new CNBLUE album. In the mean time, we have the upcoming Asia Tour, practicing time fills up our schedule. So I have no plans for any acting projects. As for the next role to challenge, I think as an actor, I should be open to all sorts of roles and acting skill challenge. For any refreshing and challenging role, I’m so ready to try.

E: Jonghyun’s great look can make a good actor too, have you wanted to be in TV dramas too?

Jonghyun: I was in a music movie with bandmate Kang Minhyuk earlier. Then I realized acting is so interesting. But as what Yonghwa just said, I want to focus working on CNBLUE’s music now. I can wait for opportunities.

E: I think Jungshin has grown some muscles lately?

Jungshin: I go exercising with bandmates whenever we have time lately. Maybe I was too thin before, the result seems so obvious. But compared to muscular looks, I’d rather all band members have good health.

English translation by klaritia

5 thoughts on “[Trans] China magazine Easy no. 619 – CNBLUE interview

  1. Ahha! Thats what I want to hear. Jungshin wish so that everyone live in healthily way. :0 No need to be muscular to look good. You all already captured our heart through your music. 🙂

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