Moving pictures

When I first read about the moving pictures in Harry Potter novels, animated gifs came to my mind.

I’m so grateful to fans who shared the Music Fair CNBLUE cuts. Can’t help making moving pictures out of those. In case any of the following looks “too funny”, you need to know I ain’t making fun of them.

Jonghyun’s homework …
“It’s just him.”
“Don’t lie.”
Just nodding heads … for what?
Jonghyun loves iPad … more than pork soup now?

Just for the bright bright bright bright smiles.

It’s like Yonghwa is using sign language instead of speaking Japanese.
Mystery. Artists.

A shrug and a smile.
PS. Please say something.

11 thoughts on “Moving pictures

  1. from the moving pics now I can see more clearly that before YH said “because we are the mysterius arties”, other 3 brothers were holding their breaths for getting ready to help YH’s Japanese……, and then, they released a lot with big smiles, I think they must pop up a thought: “big brother~~good job!!”

    thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely love YH’s ‘mysterious artists’ statement. And the brothers’ reaction, both before and after YH spoke. Another example of how playful he is. His Japanese is probably not extensive enough to launch into a detailed explanation of why they don’t have hps and with quick wit, came up with ‘mysterious artist’. Ends the discussion and provided laughter. Genius.

    Reminds me of one of your post where we discussed how smart YH is 🙂

  3. I love the way he shrugged his shoulders and the funny smiles! Once again, he has shown us his quick witted response skill. In order to be more expressive and communicate fluently, our hardworking Yonghwa is studying Japanese now. Hope that in no time, he could communicate comfortably with confident.

    Not-to-forget, Jonghyun as usual gesture and laughter brighten up my days!!

      • i see…thanks for sharing the pictures though…i was kinda hoping i can watched this show with english subs but anyhow the pictures were really good…

  4. Loves these gifs klaritia! When I first saw this video, I went…”What happened to YH’s hair!?” ….klaritia…let’s hunt down the stylist! On the other hand! “mysterious artists!!” comment! Good job YH! His Japanese has improved so much!! Amazing! I guess like he said he’s been studying hard! LOlx at JY’s ipad comment. 人生が入ってます!

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