[Lyrics] Mr. KIA (Know It All)

Arranged by Kenji Tamai, Kousuke Noma

Hello Hello Mr.KIA
Nobody likes your pretentious manner
Do you know that?
Hello Hello Hello Mr.KIA
Don’t be such a snob
Don’t get on the high horse, man

You are caged in your own world
You must know the vivid world
Blah blah blah and you say blah blah blah
I’m sorry but I can’t hear you anything

I’m sorry sorry sorry Mr.KIA
I don’t want to hear anymore
Oh that’s too badguy
Sorry sorry sorry Mr.KIA
Oh you act big but in fact you are nothing
That’s too bad

Hello Hello Mr.KIA
You should not say things like that
to people all the time
Hello Hello Helio Mr.KIA
Don’t be such a snob
Don’t get on the high horse, man

You are caged in your own world
You must know the vivid world
Blah blah blah and you say blah blah blah
I’m sorry but I can’t hear you anything

I’m sorry sorry sorry Mr.KIA
I don’t want to hear anymore
Oh that’s too badguy
Sorry sorry sorry Mr.KIA
Oh you act big but in fact you are nothing
That’s too bad

Many thanks to @lykochan and @Heartstrings201

Cute lyrics. Grammatically fine to me, except “badguy”. If I can hear it too now! I can wait … *sigh* I’ll ponder on the lyrics first. I just like “pondering” on Yonghwa’s cute English. What about you?

PS I just love blah blah blah … 🙂

PPS from the latest interview: http://www.pia.co.jp/interview/200/index.php

Q: “Mr. KIA” is an English song composed and written by Yonghwa. There’s this sarcastic feel in it?
YH: Hm. There’s really sarcasm in it. It’s to remind ourselves to stay humble continuously. A warning that we shouldn’t feel too proud even though we’re major-debuting now. (Laughs)

Chinese translation of full interview > http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1249081302

22 thoughts on “[Lyrics] Mr. KIA (Know It All)

  1. you are aware that Yong hwa does not speak english???!!!
    Because I do not know any english singer songwriter who writes Korean songs. So to me as an actual english speaker I am blown away at how good He is at communicating his thoughts and ideas in my language which will allow me to share CN blue’s music with more people and friends.
    I have to say I am incredibly proud of him and look at the subject he is tackling in this song and in In My Head. This is no lightweight pop singer he is a thinking person and I am proud to be a fan!! I mean he is talking about NOT having a big ego when most 20 year olds are either bragging about themselves or chasing girls!!!

  2. Every time, Yonghwa composed song. I was waiting what kind of lyrics he would write. After lyrics was out, I was thinking what kind of feeling he had when he wrote these lyrics and what was in his mind at that time.
    That made his lyrics were so unique.
    Did he make this lyrics after NAN show, after he was confronted by seniors?

  3. Seriously, nothing to pick on for a person who does not conversed in English but yet could wrote such a good piece of song. I will throw ‘badguy’ behind me or eat it up! kekeke.

    I am sure everyone is humming HELLO HELLO MR K I A……..now…

    Love the blah blah blah…..

  4. Many English speakers (Americans) keep telling me how proud they are that Yonghwa has been writing good-enough English lyrics. So, I assume, superfangirl, you’re American or at least you speak English as a first language. But I’ve also “heard” many English speakers who LAUGH at Yonghwa’s English, especially on YouTube. My best friend once argued with an American guy on YouTube. It’s ugly and heartbreaking.

    I learned English as a second language and I don’t think I’m in any position to comment too much. What I really want is that people can appreciate his music and attempt to “communicate with the world”. I’m more than happy that he wrote English songs, for I understand neither Korean nor Japanese. If he has time for extra help in English, he can conquer the States, other English speaking countries and the whole world in no time. OK, that’s an exaggeration.

    @bluesky I think Yonghwa’s just mocking himself. He should never be Mr.KIA, according to the above interview.

    PS I totally feel the sarcasm in the words, which match the playful tune much too.

    In case you have problem looking for “preview”

  5. I agree that it always really hurts when people make fun or really disrespect CN Blue and Yonghwa especially but as Americans say “Haters gonna Hate” and if He (Yonghwa) has the courage to attempt something NO one else has ever done before then as his fan I support his efforts. One day he will get it right not because of fools on youtube but because he will have gone through all of the baby steps to get there and acomplish his goals.
    If anyone says anything negative just ask them one question: When has any and I mean Any Westerner written, composed or performed a song in Korean???!! LoL!!

  6. So, who is Mr. KIA, yonghwa? I know, he said in the interview that this song is a reminder for him&cnblue brothers to always stay humble.. But, he probably inspired by someone around him, right?No? It just because, most of the time he said he wrote the lyrics based on his own life experience. Curious, curious.. 😀 Anyway..the song is gooood!!! Have similar feeling with man in front of the mirror, but definitely loving it. I’ve been looping this song for hours, now.

  7. Now that you have posted the lyrics, i assume you haven’t listen to the song yey..so just in case i gave you this link…coz this was the first thing i did after i got home from work..(^_^)

  8. IPUT it seems that just like In My Head he is inspired by himself and the members of his band. Every creative person starts with the thoughts that they feel within so I am little confused by your question. I think that for a band that comes from Kpop in a sense is so original and unique it is great and I hope that people begin to appreciate the music and their point of view.

  9. hi.. kekekeke

    mr KIA~~ i really love the song beats.. reminds me to MIFOTM. and it is refreshing! as one of yonghwa fans, i am so proud of him. his english improved so much. and again i kindda surprised with his composition. i didn’t really expect this kind of song from him.. but i love it! no kidding here…

  10. Hey whoever is commenting negative on You Tube, haven’t you heard of ‘artistic licence’ ? ㅋㅋ

    I think Yong Hwa’s grammar is fine. I am not even sure what’s printed on the cd jacket is in fact the way he wrote it anyway. (Personally, I think someone at the management company should do some editing of the written print out. They need to put some commas and other punctuation in proper places as well as perform spell check)

    I am quite impressed with how Yong Hwa and CN BLUE progressed since the beginning ^^.
    Whenever, CN BLUE comes out new songs in English, I subject my oh~ so American teens to listen to them (initially I use to receive their protest, they said, they rather listen to the same song in Korean or Japanese where they don’t have try to figure out and get distracted by the awkward grammar and mis-pronunciation. They insist that not understanding the lyrics helps them concentrate on the music and thus make them enjoy it more. However, as time goes by, they too are quite impressed with boys’ English and listening to newly released ones without much fuss. With Mr. KIA, my teen only picked on one sentence and she had no other grammatical comment while listening (it wan’t the bad guy since she heard it as bad, guy).

    If you are reading comment on YouTube, perhaps it’s more about the pronunciation rather than the grammatical issue. But as time goes by, we do see marked improvement there too ^^ Yong Hwa has a very good ear and his pronunciation is quite good. But it does hurts me to hear Jong Hyun’s heart hurt and how he blah for bra… and yes, there is that ever present Korean’s difficulty with ~R & L ~ ^^

    Thank Klarita for posting of the lyrics ~

  11. I can’t speak English, but I wonder: It’s correct ” I can’t hear you anything” ???

    AAAHDA I love this song. Yonghwa is so cool*-*

    oh, ps. What does it mean "Know it at all" ?

    • I speak English but am not a native speaker. “I can’t hear you anything” sounds alright to me. Think it means “I can’t hear what you say” or “I can’t hear you at all”. Maybe native speakers or others can comment more on that. But even Americans or Brits are not 100% serious about grammar when they write English songs. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      Are you asking about “know-it-all”?

      – one who claims to know everything; also : one who disdains advice [Merriam-Webster online dictionary]
      – (know-all) a person who behaves as if they know everything [Oxford online dictionary]

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