[Pics] 2011.10.19 Oricon special interview

The interview got 3 pages. http://www.oricon.co.jp/music/interview/2011/cnblue1019/index.html

Until some kind soul translates the article, I have nothing intelligent to say. (I don’t mean i have had intelligent things to say or will have … ) But I’m obsessed with collecting pics, whether I like them or not. Some of the following actually look weird, but I’m grateful there are pictures to see. Except they’re small. I’m grateful but I complain …

33 pics zipped 🙂

So do you like the pics? I have problem looking at Jonghyun. The polka dot shirt hurts my eyes. *running away from burning souls*

7 thoughts on “[Pics] 2011.10.19 Oricon special interview

  1. Somehow i feel that Yong has some changes in his look after he becomes red dragon. But if you ask me where is the changes, I could not really figure out with description. Might be manly look has substituted for boyish look?

    Jonghyun is getting freaking hot nowadays! Does he really resembles Jaejoong?

  2. I wanna burn that polka dots! I know it’s Yonghwa’s last year. I think it’s the right time to get rid of those dots, or give it back to Yong hahahaha. please cordi noona. or imma hunt you down.

  3. what’s wrong with the shirt, k? honestly, i thought it looked good on YH last time he wore in some music show. forgot the name. JH looked fine. XD

    i love JS’s long hair. very Japanese. very model-ish.

    thanks for the pictures. they’re indeed weird for some reason. maybe because they boys ain’t smiling?

    • But last time when YH wore it, he had a vest over it. So not that many polka dots to make me feel dizzy. Never mind about the show’s name, I’m sure you remember all the details. I actually like YH’s outfit then. But I think the stylist put too much eyeliner.

      JS’s long hair! I have wanted YH to have long hair for their Japan major debut. Am picturing him with JS’s hair now…

  4. Generally, I think JS looks good in most outfits. Must be that ‘inner model’ in him. This round, JH’s polka dot shirt and short(er) pants, revealing bare ankles and (patent?)leather shoes is not doing it for me. Sigh. Coordi noona ought to be shot.

  5. The polka dotted shirt is one thing, but to pair it with a polka dotted tie and a belt with a round buckle is taking it to a whole new level of tackiness!! I know they want us to focus on their music, but do they really need to make our eyes hurt so that we have no choice but to look away? 😀 ok, being over dramatic…

    Shallowness aside, I love everything that’s been in the media since their Yokohama arena performance. It’s like the media just realized their musical talent and can hardly believe it themselves. Can’t wait for Heartstrings to air in Japan, hopefully more viewers will ‘discover’ what an amazing musician Yong Hwa is by end of Ep 2 and what a sweet voice Min Hyuk has.

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