You are happy, aren’t you?

The CNBLUE Japan major debut fan events are live performances, so not-idol … no handshakes, no signing … just you and your bandmates singing and playing instruments on stage. No hand sync anymore! So happy for you.

Some fans and I were worried that WMJ wouldn’t promote you guys properly as a real band. I’m so glad we thought wrong of your record label. Were you disappointed that you didn’t climb that high in the music charts with your debut single? Frankly, I expected more but I’m proud with the 70,000+ figure in the first week. You don’t have to fly like a rocket, flying like a hot air balloon fueled by your burning hearts is more beautiful.

Is going to Japan frequently for live performances and talking to magazine reporters about your dreams more fun than appearing on Korean TV shows or doing a drama? I heard you have much free time now. People say you went shopping for headphones with Jungshin and even rode the bicycle with Jonghyun at 1 am … Tell me it’s heaven on earth now for you … for life on earth for me is a little dull lately. I feel bad as I totally miss the guilty pleasures I had watching all those Korean TV shows and performance clips when you actually had to hand sync.

So if you are happy, I should be happy.

Don’t worry about my feeling a little bored (I think you won’t care). I’ve bought a 900+ page novel and I even wrote two short fanfics (obviously you’re in my stories).

PS I wanted to credit the fan who shared the Japan TV clip that I made the gifs out of, but don’t want to cause any “inconvenience” in case her youtube accounts will be hunted down too fast. Am very grateful to fans who share the TV cuts.

11 thoughts on “You are happy, aren’t you?

  1. I am absolutely overwhelmed with the above videos. I saw this vid some days ago and can’t help to look at his gesture again and again and smiling in my heart. It has been some time that i did not see his cheerfulness and i really missed it. Through these videos, i am happy to know you are happy. Seeing you happy is contented.

    Yong, this stage belongs to you and you belongs to this stage.

  2. I love how you’ve written this post k. It’s so heartfelt, especially your reference about their passion and the hot air balloon which I absolutely love. I’m proud of their 1st week sales numbers too, in spite of it not being #1. Slow and steady rather that a rocket that burns out fast, yeah?

    This may be a bit of a sensitive topic but lately, I’ve been wondering about CNB’s standing at the year-end awards. Melon, GDA…and all that. A lot of it are votes from fans and we all know CNB’s fanbase in Korea is not as large as some other groups. Anyway, there’s been ‘instructions’ posted up for overseas fans to vote but I’m actually asking myself if it’s worth it? What does it mean if CNB wins the year-end awards? Does it mean that they should stay in k-pop and do variety shows and hand-sync (and have ignorant people calling them fake and ‘birds are flies’ remarks) and work themselves to the bone attending those music programs or should they just focus on their music and Japan? I’m in a dilemma here actually. But, I believe Yong and CNB would like recognition in Korea in spite of all these implications and so, I’ll continue to hope and pray that they do get some awards at the end of the year. Those awards would probably make CNB very happy.

    Sorry I came and wrote about my so-called dilemma in this otherwise happy post (maybe I shld write this in my own place..hmmm) but I needed to get this off my chest. Anyway, thanks for those happy gifs of YH. Really needed that to ease that ‘sting’ a little. You know what I mean 🙂

    • Hi looby, it is my personal opinion and view, not related any other. I strongly think that to receive an and many awards at the end of the year means and matter alot to CNBLUE and any other group. It is like their appraisals of the year and they will be receiving their report card.

      Correct me if I am wrong! To what i understand, the awards do not simply rely only on fan voting but It includes the sales of album etc. Needs someone who knows better to make an explanation.

      All of us know that the boys have showied their several live concerts and great performances throughout the year and this is the time to pay off their hardwork and to see their fruitful achievements.. It ialso give them sense of success and source of motivations to keep them moving forward to even a higher place.

      The fans voting might seemed shallow but i think it is unavoidable and essential because it shows the level of the groups popularities in kpop industry.

      I absolutely understand your so called dilemma and feelings and it is good to relieve it out than to bottom it up. Oh u know, that kind of ‘suffocating’ feelings which i sometimes used to have. LOL! pardon me and excuse me, chingu!!

      Let’s us pray hard and hope that CNBLUE would get as many awards as possible.

      • There’s nothing to pardon wenglynn for I agree with you 100%. 🙂

        My problem is my disappointment with the voting system and the fact that every group seems to be able to get #1, triple crowns and awards due to fanbase. So it’s become like you explained, a contest of popularity. But, nevertheless, I’m like you. I hope CNB gets as many awards as possible this year. Lol! You’ll find that I’m a very conflicted person 🙂

  3. Yeah looby, talking about the voting,actually i am like you staying put after reading the post of supporting in voting. You are right! compare to the rest of other groups, cnblue is more or less on the losing side. Sigh… it is ok!!!! They have our supports and we are cool with it, hahaha! (acting cool like jung yong hwa)

    You know?You are in conflict because the love you have for the boys is so faithful and truthful.

    PS: By chance, i came to know you have a blog.. I am proud of you.

  4. Well I think on this issue we have to ask yourself what would CnBlue do in this situation?
    They have faced more obstacles than any of us but they just keep on striving for excellence. Even if they are tired or have to do hand sync they still manage to rock out a performance that always becomes the talk of the night!! Lol! I for one can’t wait to see what they do to rearrenge their hits in a variety of ways.
    CnbLue fighting!

  5. hi, i really love your blog. i love the gif. yong eyes are pure of happiness. im glad that he is more relax now. im always worried reading that he got sick with his vocal nodules, fainted after taping wgm, fainted after concert. however i feel what you feel. i miss yong watching him in variety shows. he was so much fan to watch. running man, happy together etc. youre right, not sky rocketing immediately for the charts is okay. im addicted to him, watching him is a daily routine. i dont even remember how many times i watch wgm, running man, his interviews, his concert. hahahah. wishing them the best

  6. ooo….it’s been a while since i “tour” your blog… i was searching something on your blog and stopped by to read this .. he really look happy in that gif … maybe wmj got another team with a different gene to promote for CNBlue … sometimes i want to talk to u more on twitter but guess i should come here more often ^^ .. and did i missed your fanfic?

    PS: you spelled Jungshin as Jungshing… pls amend … yes i mind.. kkkk …

  7. Look at Yonghwa’s face. I’m so happy cuz he feels happieness on the stage. In fact, I visited your blog to find zip file of Kr-Chi Music Fest and found new and fresh comment and the post. Sometimes I overwelmes the fact that people feel the same way that I do even though we have different nationalities and speak different languages. Only thing we share in common is our love for Yonghwa and CNBLUE.

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