When rain becomes sound

It’s raining and I was walking on the street. Then a guy in front of me caught my attention. It’s his umbrella. It’s light gray with blue words of varying tints on it. “When rain becomes sound.” I don’t think of Yonghwa every time when it rains. But I thought of Yonghwa this time. He said he likes rainy days because the sound of the rain gives him inspiration. I totally like the saying on the umbrella. I suspected the person behind the umbrella design is referring to music. There’s smaller words which looked like a web address on the umbrella too. I walked faster to have a better look. Bingo! http://www.sennheiser.com. It’s the headphones/earphones maker, everything to do with music.

Yonghwa hasn’t written any song about rain yet. Jonghyun, however, keeps singing or writing songs about rain. But Jonghyun doesn’t like rainy days. Interesting. Maybe one day Yonghwa will write a song with the title “when rain becomes sound” or something along that line? I really find this saying very romantic. I hope he would read this saying somewhere some day. Or see someone with this umbrella. Okay, I’ll tweet him the words, though there’s a slim chance that he’ll read it.

Edit: I tweeted. 😉

2 thoughts on “When rain becomes sound

  1. Your post made me melancholic… 🙂 Love the way you described it. So we know who to credit if ever a new song with that title comes out, though I won’t be surprised if it’s from Jong Hyun since these boys share everything…

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