You are the apple of my eye

Yonghwa/CNBLUE news pic of the Nov 12 Sydney Kpop music festival performance. (source:

Thanks to aussie fans who share fancams, I can tell CNBLUE’s passionate performance was as great as ever. And not to mention the Chinese fans share tons of pics and videos of CNBLUE at the Korea China Music Festival. I had a blast looking, staring, and gazing at Yonghwa and the other CN boys these few days … am still collecting pics and videos till today.

Back to my post title. There’s a Taiwan movie shown on theaters here lately. 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (English title: You Are The Apple OF My Eye | Official MV | Wikipedia).  It’s a big hit. All people I know, from elementary school kids to papas and mamas of teenagers are talking about it. I haven’t watched it yet, for I just finished reading the novel which the movie is based on. I think I totally look like a crazy fan, I’m linking irrelevant things to my Yonghwa/CNBLUE fandom. You read my blog, so I assume you don’t find me too crazy or are as crazy as me. The long story short (it’s semi-autobiography): the boy had liked the girl since middle school, for a whole eight years. He did crazy things for the girl but avoided telling her directly that he liked her. Something the boy said near the end of the story impressed me most. He wondered if he really liked the girl that much, or it’s the feeling of liking the girl that he liked more. Sometimes I wonder about my “love” for Yonghwa/CNBLUE too. That movie/book’s Chinese title actually means: those years, when we chase the same girl. The girl whom the boy liked was liked by many boys. Though the book doesn’t exactly describe how lovely the girl is, judging from the things that the boys were willing to do for her, I can totally see she’s a girl worth chasing. Are Yonghwa and the other three boys liked by a lot of people? Yes, or no. It depends on how you look at it. The boy in the story had to compete with a lot of other boys for the girl’s love, but I don’t have to compete with anybody in this fandom. I think there’s no win or lose in any fandom, though some people (I hope there aren’t many but I can’t care too much) mock our community as being small and weak. Liking Yonghwa or liking the feeling of liking Yonghwa, I have explained much here. This blog of course can’t be compared to a good novel. Like the author, I feel like writing down my thoughts on this “love”, because it’s something worth talking about and it’s a story about friendship too. The boy and his love rivals became good friends while I made friends because of this fandom too. I should stop making loose comparison, or this post will become too random.

PS Yonghwa’s hair looks almost yellow in the pic. Just the lighting. Luckily. *wink* to someone.

8 thoughts on “You are the apple of my eye

  1. hi its me again, i just wanted to share my feelings too. you know, i really really REALLY LIKE yonghwa so much, sometimes i wonder if i am crazy for liking someone who i didnt even know and just saw him in the internet videos. i constantly talking about him to my friend and sister for like 24/7. late at night when i found new news about him i immediately texted my friend about him. you know, i first know him when i stumble to youtube their performance in a music program singing im loner, i dont really care at first to cnblue but kinda like the song so i saved it in my hard drive. after a year i was browsing in internet and saw a fan video to goguma couple saying how compatible they are. i watch it and get really really curious how cute they are. so i search and search in internet this we got married video (i tell you its really hard to search it) luckily i found it and watch all the episodes. and BAM! the rest is history i fall hard LOVING YONG CHODING so so much!!!! i search and search about their band all their variety appearances. liking him more and more each day. everyday before i go to work i make sure i watch some of his videos and before i go to sleep i check online for their new updates. i thought how can anyone not like this guy. he is so adorable!! so, two days ago luckily i found their very old videos. it was during their period of fresh year or their debut time. and i feel so so sad on them especially on yonghwa how they MC mock or “jokingly critcize” them. the cnblue just smile and that time yong is still so quiet. i also read somewhere that band in korea is not that too welcome in there unlike to dancing idols. so, i feel kinda understand what the cnblue feels during that time how people hated and not accepted them. so your latest gif titled youre happy arent you. the glow of yongs eyes really makes my heart softened. i just so wish them that with almost two years on high and down experiences im hoping that they are happy. okay thats all so sorry for very long post i just wanted to share my feeling heheheh

  2. He wondered if he really liked the girl that much, or it’s the feeling of liking the girl that he liked more. Sometimes I wonder about my “love” for Yonghwa/CNBLUE too.~~~~~~

    In no where, even before you could notice it, the feeling has silently come to knock your door
    LIKING yonghwa has become part of many lives
    It has become a routine
    It has become a habit
    It has become essential
    It has become a good feeling
    A too good feeling to be realized
    YES! HE is the apple of my eyes!!!!!!

  3. Do u know why I like to visit ur blog? Just becoz YH is a hyung of JH, my burning soul. I curious everything related to JH. But, please be noted that I just having fun to do that, especially when kind of stuffs at my working place just like killing me. I think I need to find other side of me. I like JH becoz he has many strong and weakness. Even his fans always joking on his 3 les – dimples, pimples, nipples. JH’ fans are much more rationale than YH’ fans. Sorry for irrelevant post. The fandom is just for fun and never take it seriously. Then, be rationale.

  4. I never follow any Chinese/Taiwanese movie/drama so your blog title only triggered my memory about one of Peter Cetera’s song. I really remember this phrase coz I was just a beginner in English (learning from the songs played by my brothers) and didn’t know its meaning. In that song, it’s used to explain the feeling of a daddy to his little girl.

    I guess it can explain my feeling for our boys too. I mean, I agree that they trigger my maternal side, thinking of them as my kids more than the idols that I look up to. Of course nothing lasts forever, and I can’t promise that I will like the boys forever. However, I do enjoy the process of finding, liking, fangirling them, despite the ups and downs. Boice is a small fandom but I’m glad I can make lots of friends who help each other eventhough we haven’t had the opportunity to meet in the real life.

    To miss burning, there’s no such thing as JH fans are more rational than YH fans. I do find it irrelevant to talk about the connection between fandom and rationality as fangirling started with the feeling of liking something.

  5. Thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts with me.

    Chiara, I’m so glad that you replied to this particular post. Though I didn’t shout your name in the above, I definitely had you in my mind writing about this fandom journey being a friendship story too. If we two need to have a date celebrating our friendship, I’d choose Nov 14, 2009, the day CNBLUE was guest at FTISLAND concert. We posted fan pics n fan cams on soompi, and I told you I read fan accout that Yonghwa had this wild side on stage, not the Shinwoo hyung on tv at all … From your comment, I feel you know exactly what i felt writing this post. That means a lot to me. Thank you. *a beary hug*

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