Eyeball purifers

CNBLUE was awarded the Cultural Minister’s Award at the 2011 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards ceremony held on Nov 21. Jungshin and Minhyuk attended and received the the award. I collected 37 42 news pics, searching on various portal sites. Zipped for pic collectors like me. Or you prefer a slideshow?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Korean entertainment news uses interesting phrases and titles. I saw saturn say “eye purifiers” tweeting the magnaes’ news. I don’t read Korean but google-translated the news article. It seems the reporter didn’t use that this time but I’ve read news (Chinese-translated) using the term “eyeball purifiers” for CNBLUE before. I particularly remember one or two talking about Yonghwa as Lee Shin in some Heartstrings news. I talked to Gera (@chiffonlau) if there’s proper English translation for that. She suggested “eye candy”. Still “eyeball purifier” sounds cool. And I miss that other two eyeball purifiers, especially Yonghwa. Anyway, it’s a pleasure seeing the magnaes shining on their own. Refreshing to my eyes and heart. Absolutely love Jungshin’s hair (and confidence).

CNBLUE is on the performers list in an event to be held today. The 3rd Republic of Korea Human Welfare Award. I hope it’s true.

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