gif attack!!!

Do you miss my blog posts? Quite a lot of things about CNBLUE happened since I last posted. I must say I was very bothered by certain incidents. I always say fandom should be a happy thing, so I choose to divert myself from negative feelings as much as I can. Then I spent some time organizing the animated gifs that I’ve made these two years, uploading them to in different folders. I wonder if you like animated gifs as much as I do. If you don’t, you can skip this post.

I became a Yonghwa fan watching You’re Beautiful. Shinwoo hyung is handsome and heartwarming but it’s the behind-the-scene Yonghwa that attracted me most. I just love that Mnet Rising Star interview to pieces.

The above in YAB related gifs

Then Yonghwa was invited to be award presenter in 3 year end shows in 2009. GDA, MMA and SBS Ent Awards. He’s so handsome in MMA!!!

Yonghwa as award presenter gifs

Did you follow MBC Hunters and Eco House, the first variety show he’s in as a regular? It’s tough job having to film outdoors in winter but he’s got to show off his singing often. And I love that he always laughed out loud in it.

Hungers & Eco Hse gifs

Then CNBLUE debuted and there’s special TV programs. MTA and CNBluetory. There was so much to watch then. I couldn’t even catch up and so didn’t make as many gifs as I liked.

MTA & CNBluetory gifs

YH CF/photoshoot gifs

CNBLUE CF/photoshoot gifs

Though I complained that Yonghwa was too busy filming variety shows before, I must say I love watching him lots in all.

YH – inkigayo MC & misc variety show gifs

And the other boys are cute in various shows too. I don’t only make YH gifs.

CNBLUE stages/variety shows/interviews gifs

I also made gifs out of their official MVs. I think I only love “I’m a Loner” MV, the rest just can’t compare.

Official MV gifs

Last but not least, I made quite many gifs out of their appearances on Taiwan TV shows too. Don’t know why I found only these few. I must have lost some.

CNBLUE in Taiwan gifs

I smiled and grinned looking at these gifs and posting them but felt nostalgic at the same time … it’s so much fun posting them around then. I know most fans like watching videos more, but I love “moving pictures” lots. Anyway, for good memories.

PS If you need an account for free file hosting, please consider registering at and help me get extra space by using this link >

18 thoughts on “gif attack!!!

  1. I really like your gif pics.
    Always let me laughing and keep my bad mood away , just like now …:)
    my way of knowing yonghwa was same like as you…maybe not all, but…kkk
    and of course , those pics made me think about how and what we spend our time on CNBLUE and yonghwa…
    whatever bad times or happy times…all are our memories…

    Thank you for your pics, Klaritia^^

  2. what a coincidence. i’ve been wondering about asking you to make gifs, though not of YY’s YAB days, but still. XD cuz asking is a bit too demanding. no?

    do you have gifs of YY shaking his head? i can think of a show during his debut days where the hosts teased him about blurting out his Busan accent watching SNSD show or something like that. irresistibly adorable. argh. can’t remember which one.

    btw, thanks for reposting the gifs. i’ve totally enjoyed them. ^^

  3. I remember–it’s Sebakwi aired on 2/13/2010 πŸ™‚
    YH’s embarrassed gesture was cute. I couldn’t find it on youtube though 😦

    thanks for all the gifs–I heart them all so so much!
    I really love his blushing smile in Mnet rising star too. oh, he seemed so shy back then. I think he was still in Shinwoo’s character.

  4. I love this post! Your gifs really helped me get over that tough day last week when there was so much hurt in the fandom. I remember smiling and reminiscing why we find this boy so endearing while scrolling through your gifs. Am actually curious, are you in creative arts? You always seem to find the perfect screenshot or capture the essence of an emotion in the few gif seconds… You have a very artistic mind. Thank you for all the joy you’ve been bringing to Yong Hwa fans. Sorry, got a little sentimental…

    • Thanks for compliment. I’ve no creative arts training at all. That’s the fan’s loving eyes that do the trick, if you really think these things are good. lol

      I was sentimental writing the post, so I understand. Feel like giving you a virtual hug. And I need hugs!

  5. Thanks to heich, I found the video I downloaded from YH DC.

    The guy MC was filming Eco Hse with YH one night. He said YH was watching TV alone, thinking all the others were asleep. The TV’s showing SNSD’s debut stage. The MC showed everybody how YH’s like … and YH denied … shaking his head. πŸ˜‰

    I uploaded the video too.
    Many thanks to the DC fan who tediously cut the YH parts. So bad that I didn’t put down her name in the video file name. Most probably chiara tipped me about the torrent too. So thanks to her too.

    Think the hanbook company or designer showed off Yonghwa’s pics on some blog or site. Got these pics from DC fans too, and again I think chiara shared them.
    But the hanbook color looks kinda different. I wonder if he wore hanbook on another show too or what. Sorry for not having good memory!

    • my sincere gratitude to chiara, hiech and klaritia for helping out with my wish/demand. XD

      excuse me while my mouth is still agape due to overload cuteness. arggg.

    • Thank you for the new gif! It made me laugh again. haha.

      This new hanbok is from 100214 KBS Dream Team. Luckily, youtube has the video this time πŸ™‚

      I remember thinking YH isn’t quite athletic after watching this show and how cute that was still–until he showed us how he can RUN in other shows. ha-

      • i think YY is flexible enuf to be athletic, just that he isn’t going towards that direction. someone please says they know what i’m talking about. XD

        abt dream team cut, i loveee how cute the beanie looks on him. *dreamy eyes*

      • heich! Wow, can you be our official Yonghwa encyclopedia? Thanks for the YT link. How could I have forgotten Dream Team?!

        @c, I think he was just damn tired filming Dream Team then, he filmed Eco Hse weekly at the same time.

        And when he runs in the other show, he runs with his brain too. That’s another skill.

        For anybody who likes him in the beanie, tons of fanpics here
        That thread used to be a treasure place. But practically nobody cares about it anymore and I’ve become lazy.

    • encyclopedia? no way. haha. thanks tho πŸ™‚

      I like your expression, “runs with his brain.” he really does. one reason why I can’t wait to watch RM next week!

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