“Where you are” promo pics

cr. cnblue.jp

I actually like this set more than the IMH ones. Mainly because Yonghwa looks so much better.

Guess many fans like watching their concert videos. Of course they’re awesome playing instruments and their singing good and all. What I like most is that they always look very happy. So I can’t help wondering if they’ll ever smile posing for their album covers. But then I don’t remember seeing any rock band smiling in promo pics. I even googled for this and people say this is a silly question. So I’m silly thinking about that? Never mind.

I heard the title track is Yonghwa’s work and another song’s Jonghyun’s. 3 tracks + title instrumental in the second major single. Again 3 versions: CD+DVD (Where you are PV, PV filming BTS + In My Head events footage)  / Lawson (5 calendar cards) / Regular. But the Lawson version isn’t available for overseas orders on HMV Jp this time. Darn!

9 thoughts on ““Where you are” promo pics

  1. And here I thought I was over Lee Shin… But then, I saw these pictures and I’m like… Lee Shin and Jun Hee has left The Stupid and formed a new band! lol

    Thanks for posting the pics Klaritia!

  2. tks for the promo pics. the pics shine, or is it the boys? nvm.

    i think i see PTS being done this time, i mean, more obviously done so. no?

  3. Jonghyun Lee, why u look like Jae Jong at the promo pics? I couldn’t wait any longer ur song on the new mini album. Even ur song is not the album tittle (exception: Voice), I think it just because of the commercial reason.

    • not to argue about JH’s songs, because they are good to a certain extent, just as YH’s songs are. and since i’ve already commented on how i’m bothered by YH’s songs, lyrics wise. as far as the melody goes, i think both YH and JH do a pretty good job with their arrangements, hence, their songs are chosen to feature in their albums, not because they’re for commercial reason as you’ve stated.

      out of interest, how come every time you comment on something, it sounds as if YH doesn’t deserve to be where he is now? to imply JH needs more limelight (which i agree he does, and so do JS and MH) is one thing, but to put YH down is another. my apology if that wasn’t your intention, but i do think you should be more sensitive since this place is technically a YH’s place, sensitive being the key word.

      i know i’m being biased, but i’m not sorry because i don’t put anyone down to make my point.


      p.s. and my point is: YH deserves everything he’s got.


  4. yonghwa really looks better in this one ^-^ his hair is getting longer.
    he is so talented and hard working
    love the fact that he can write lyrics in jap eng and korean
    he does have variety in his songs . love them all
    really want to see the mv i miss yonghwa and all cnblue alot
    minhyuk always tries to look cool but no matter what he always ends up looking cute LOL
    BTW love the snow your new theme ^0^ i really love winter

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