From angels to angels

There’s this “Letters to angels” photo exhibition held somewhere in Seoul starting from today (Dec 14) for one week. I’m sure you’ve seen the lovely pics around. Many fans went to the exhibition today. Parishin shares the photos she took and the scans of the brochure and photobook she “fought” to buy on her blog ( Check out the post ( for the totally angelic photos! You know the babies that the celebrities took photos with were abandoned and are waiting to be adopted?

The CNBLUE boys have written some words for the baby boys. Parishin translated them into Chinese and I had her permission to re-translate into English. Sharing the letters from angels to angels

Jung-hyun, Sung-joon * CNBLUE
Jung-hyun, who was born tiny and weak, actually seems more like a baby who’s never been sick. His body’s like a little stone, sturdy and healthy. As for Sung-joon, a tiny baby with cute curly hair, his eyes are like crescents when smiling, totally charming.

Jung-hyun * CNBLUE Kang Min-hyuk
Jung-hyun~ya, it must be hard having the photoshoot with us, a bunch of hyungs rather than pretty noonas!
Though I was just watching, you’ve been making me smile involuntarily. I’m totally sunken into your charm!
Please stay healthy, and grow up handsome! Let’s meet again!

Jung-hyun * CNBLUE Lee Jung-shin
Jung-hyun ya! Today, hyung (I) had a photoshoot with a very lovely angelic baby.
I’m so happy to take photos with angel Jung-hyun, who’s precious like a piece of heart.
Please be the Jung-hyun who’s healthy and continuously being cared and loved.
I really hope to see you again! Please grow up healthy fast! Fighting!

Sung-joon * CNBLUE Lee Jong-hyun
Ha, Sung-joon ya! Don’t you know, your photos look so much better than those of your hyungs! You’re just so professional. Maybe you should consider a career on this path in the future.
And, why are you so beautiful? Your hyung was beautiful when small too!
Don’t forget that health is forever the most important! Be somebody!

Sung-joon * CNBLUE Jung Yong-hwa
Sung-joon ya! You’re feeling shy shooting the photos today?
I feel so happy to meet with you today!
Please grow up as the Sung-joon who’s healthy and always smiling!
Let’s meet again! Our little Sung-joon!

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