Heartstrings DVD unpacked

Just to show off. let you know what the DVDs look like and tell you about the content.

7 discs in a box. 2 volumes (disc 1-4; disc 5-7). Fronts.


Sorry that the photos aren’t good. Should have scanned the boxes. Maybe later. Good pics inside too.

Disc 6 and 7 are the special features. True that drama dvds are expensive but I’d spend money just for the special features. There’s English subs in the episodes but not the special features, that makes the set less than perfect. Still, talk about hours of special features!

Disc 6: Video sketch (1 hour), NG suit (30 mins), Heartstrings Special (that random cut one they used to fill the time slot when Shinhye was in the hospital)

Disc 7: Concerts and music scenes (almost 2 hours), YH interview (9 mins), SH interview, Image gallery

I watched the music scenes part right away and love that I can see Yonghwa play the guitar all the time behind the scenes … fans who went to the sets reported that he always played, even during breaks. Maybe you’ve watched rips already. Just want to share my favorite part. Lee Shin’s guitar solo at the Centennial Musical.

On twitvid too. http://www.twitvid.com/FFLTA

Some people say Yonghwa’s wasting time doing the drama. Actually, people have all sorts of opinions on what Yonghwa or the CNBLUE boys should do or should not do. According to fan reports (but some people say the fan reports are biased) and the BTS in the DVDs, I’m quite sure that Yonghwa enjoyed the filming. I read a long Japanese magazine interview he had lately. I think he wants a drama career in addition to his music career. He said he wants to be seen as a different person when he’s acting. He even joked that he’s considered using another name as an actor, say “Jung Yong” … I sincerely hope that he’ll be luckier next time. Basically Yonghwa and Shinhye saved the show. Darn the PD/script writer fighting with MBC thingy! I have problem with the plot: Lee Shin’s sudden change from being cold to being “too caring”, and the story’s changed from Lee Shin’s dream to Kyuwon’s dream; even Lee Shin’s hair and wardrobe … But I’m happy enough that Yonghwa’s done a drama. Heartstrings is a “Jung Yong Hwa drama” to me (don’t mean to offend Shinhye’s fans). If you know how many YAB collectibles I’ve gathered, you won’t be surprised that I’ll buy everything Heartstrings … Get ready to be bombarded with Heartstrings goodies in the coming days (provided I won’t be too busy to scan stuff and all). 😉

15 thoughts on “Heartstrings DVD unpacked

  1. just like the old time sake! looking forward to! hehe
    thanks for sharing!!
    gotta agree on the part where Lee shin transform to unacceptable-cold to nonsense-over-caring. its not making any sense for me but nonetheless i’m happy as long as i see yonghwa on screen. haha.

  2. Love that video you posted! WOW – his guitar solo was a lot longer than what they’d shown in the drama, and what a waste that they cut out his impressive parts! Still waiting for my DVD to arrive, and am now even more excited! Agree with you that while the drama was not perfect, Lee Shin was in my eyes and Yong Hwa did a great job portraying him.

    I love Yong Hwa as a musician, but I know he is also an extremely creative and artistic person and if acting is another avenue for him to channel that, he has my full support. Especially after seeing his vast improvement in just 2 dramas. I cannot imagine the stress he must have gone through with all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans in his first lead role, but the fact that both he and Shin Hye continued to not only carry the weight but lift the mood of the filming makes me so proud of them. And watching him enjoy himself in the BTS is good enough for me.

  3. im ready to be bombarded with your goodies klaritia! cant wait…oh and thanks for sharing these…i love Heartstrings as well because, like what you said, i do believe the drama is meant for Yonghwa..

  4. i wish there was like a collection of HT BTS with hours and hours of YY playing around, acting around, be mischievous around the filming set. no sub needed. i could just watch him and the guitar.

    one tiny request though XD, is there anyway i can get a hold of HQ BTS/Special features? i know i could have them by purchasing the set, and money is honestly not a big issue, but to get a copy from my part of the world is super hard, if not almost impossible. i have to use a third agent to help me buy their dvds, and they’re not always reliable. so, yeah? *doved eyes*

  5. I’m so jealous 😉 I’m not sure whether to buy them, the one I saw on yesasia said that its Region 3, i think. I’m not sure it’ll play on my TV. =(

  6. I’ve been looking for vids of YongHwa playing guitar..gotta love it when rockers make their instruments sing! …….Gosh is there any chance you can convert YongHwa/Lee Shin’s guitar solo(full version) into mp3? I would so love to listen to it in my car 🙂

    BTW…I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogsite! FANTASTIC!! 😉

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