Comfort Song fan MV with English lyrics

Guess you’ve “previewed” the studio version of “Comfort Song” released only in the Japanese version of Heartstrings OST 1 & 2. I have the Korean CDs but still bought the Jap version just to get one extra song … I wanted to make my money spent more meaningful; I planned for a project … People say music is a universal language. I found Yonghwa’s singing very lovely already, even before I understand the lyrics. But understanding the lyrics just makes the listening experience more perfect. Many many thanks to @heich, who translated the lyrics into English. Totally poetic and beautiful words. (heich has posted here a few times … Yonghwa encyclopedia … remember?)

Comfort Song
| Lyrics by Han Sung Ho | Music by Kim Jae Yang | Arranged by Kim Jae Yang | Song by Jung Yong Hwa |

The project …
Comfort Song fan MV with Englsih lyrics
| English translation by @heich_ | Video editing by @klaritia |

Enjoy! 🙂

Please don’t re-upload to streaming sites. And I think you should ask @heich_ for permission posting/using the English lyrics.

3 thoughts on “Comfort Song fan MV with English lyrics

  1. Oh, I just found this post..Thank you so much, Klaritia and Heich…
    I didn’t buy the Japan ost. CD, bcoz I am saving my money for Heartstring Blueray – Japan ver., with 200 mins BTS, more than 3 hours!! (fr. @saturnKR) . Can’t wait!! Thanks again for sharing.

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