When the dragon soars … and sweats

From what I heard, the recent CNBLUE concerts (Bluestorm Encore in Korea and Here In My Head Winter tour in Japan) are awesome as always. Many say the boys have even more confidence, better instrument skills, even more powerful vocals, and enjoy the interaction with fans even more. I’m trying to imagine these scenes … Yonghwa kneeling down on the floor playing the guitar, lying on the floor too(?) and running around the extended stage, Yonghwa dancing (somebody even uses the adjective “erotic”!), and some say Yonghwa did more guitar solos and his confidence and skills have obviously improved. 고고씽x2 @ JYH DC Gallery shares an audio recording of Yonghwa’s guitar solo during “Love Follows the Rain”, judge yourself. When did he find the time to practice? This boy really doesn’t sleep I guess.

And you heard “Where You Are”? Though they just performed a short version at the Yoyogi concert, many fans say they love it already, me included. And we got to see footage of that on some Japan TV news program (thanks to a DC fan who shared the video). Fans say Yonghwa got all sweaty like he’s just out from a shower after the first three songs. This is the very end already, how much sweat has he sweated? But sweat is a better hair styling agent for him. This is the perfect Yonghwa hair style to me. 😉

I’m so proud of what CNBLUE have accomplished. They’ve made history and will make more history? Countdown Japan performance in Dec and MTV Unplugged in Jan next year … what else to come? I’m so excited as a fan already, I wonder how the boys feel. I’ve been looking at Yonghwa as Lee Shin again recently, because of the HS DVDs and all, I can’t help but think there’s so many sides of Yonghwa. Have we seen all sides already? Or he isn’t sure himself how many sides he actually has?

I haven’t asked about Korean fans giving him the nickname “Black Dragon” last year. I know the black part but am not so sure about the dragon part. I just assume it’s something to do with “Yong” in his name. It has the same sound as “dragon” in Korean? But I know much about “dragon” in Chinese culture, and I think that image of dragon is probably shared by Koreans too. The dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck; excellent and outstanding people are compared to the dragon. So Yonghwa suits the name “dragon” lots. But do dragons sweat (if they are reptilian animals)? He’s one of a kind anyway.

Maybe the dragon will fly too high, too difficult for me to even see? Still, love to see him fly.

10 thoughts on “When the dragon soars … and sweats

  1. “the dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. Excellent and outstanding people are compared to the dragon. So Yonghwa suits the name “dragon” lots” i love this line..
    and reptilian dont sweat,because they dont have sebasea gland (hehe~ i’m a biologist). well, he is a special dragon..i love the sweaty yongyong…….it’s SEXYYYYYYYYY..sweaty=sexy. ahahaha~

    to see him and cnblue more and more popular,to see their achievement and hardwork since before debut until now, i can’t say anything anymore except : PROUD. ^^

  2. Been a while since i read ur post i miss it 🙂 !!
    I think yong is realy a ” special” case for me at least i never like sweaty guys but why him ?!! The bolmae dragon this name suit him a lot as u said about the dragon & as psh mean by bolmae  like leader like band CNBLUE special case and so proud of them i can feel thier improvement .

  3. i’m mother with one little daughter,in my age now this is the first time i’m realy addicted to kpop music especially cn blue.i know kpop because the bof, i listen ss501 and suju song. and at 2010 i know cn blue, i just liked their music,but that time i’m not officialy be boice. after i watch their dvd concert i’m fall in love with them especially yonghwa. he is not most handsome in the group but his charisma and passion toward music make me fall to him. he is very talented and i think he is deserve to be called dragon. when he sing at stage he is sweaty but sexy, thank you i liked reading your blog. sorry for my bad english ^ ^

  4. Sweaty Yonghwa = Sexy Yonghwa, I also never really like sweaty guys. But, he is so charismatic, passionate, powerfull and full of confidence when he is performing in the stage and all that factors makes him really attractive / sexy..
    And, i love Where You Are, another masterpiece from him..and yes, multi talented guys = very sexy guys .. 😀

  5. oh yeah. i would love to spazz with yonghwa stans about this glorious/genius/perfect creature. :>

    just want to share: I’ve always tried to deny the attraction I have towards Yonghwa, but no one could ever deny his charm. He has this certain appeal which people to wanting to know him more. :>

    I only know him through You’re Beautiful and since then, I have always struggled not to like him that much since fangirling is really difficult. (I couldn’t even handle real life and being an ELF at the same time. HAHA) But then yeah, CNBlue debuted and I ended up asking and answering myself: who could resist this guy’s charm? NO ONE.

    :DDD I know this post is sooooooo long but I just want to share it with a Yonghwa stan like you 🙂

  6. Like everyone else here I love to love Jung YongHwa!! He is truly irresistable and as far as his sweat is concerned I love to see him up on that stage giving his all so a little (or a Lo)t is okay.
    These guys are not just everyday pretty boy idols. They are talented musicians and especially Yong hwa are multifacted stars and performers. I am always proud to be his fan!

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