[iPhone] 2011 Dec MusicBank & MusicCore – CNBLUE cuts

CNBLUE’s appearances at the music shows were totally nice surprises, especially Yonghwa’s duet with IU. I feel so lucky! Tweeted the mp3 I ripped from the HD video last week, just in case you missed it. 320kbps mp3.

And I’ve made videos for my iPhone. Some audio-video syncing issue, in case you don’t mind. Yay, pretty much fixed the syncing thingy. 😉 Yonghw-IU duet and CNBLUE performance cuts > MF folder

Pretty sure this cut is everywhere, still I want to post it here. Doesn’t Yonghwa look like a pretty orange flower? Of course he sings well! Love IU’s voice too. Great harmony.

4 thoughts on “[iPhone] 2011 Dec MusicBank & MusicCore – CNBLUE cuts

  1. never get sick of yonghwa’s performance even though the cut is everywhere, especially a special duet song, Lucky with IU. Once again, many thanks for sharing with us in mp3. (i have collected majority songs of yonghwa in mp3 except a few did not managed to find it. It has become a hobby to do so)

  2. ow men…his haircut i dont dig but then i couldnt care less coz he’s just amazing! aigoooo….disastrously beautiful! his english accent has improved alot!

  3. omo,two beautiful voices blend together perfectly.
    anyone watched a fanmade vid of “IU and YH moments”? i’m suprised to see that they’ve met each other a few times before this=D

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