“Where you are” MV ~ 30 sec teaser

Before the official teaser was out, I’ve watched the Mezamashi TV 1080p cut shared by @ughlc. Have heard parts of the song through various means, so I’m not as excited compared to seeing “In My Head” teaser last time. Anyway, the MV seems cool enough. I may even like it more than IMH MV. Gotta wait for a whole month for the single to come out. What torture!

The teaser blends the images of the four boys together so well, but I actually picked up the frames of the individuals to make gifs. Not that I don’t like the teaser, just that I want to stare at the cool faces continuously. Call me shallow.

Men in front of mirrors. LOL

And you need mp3 and iPhone ringtone? | 21 sec mp3 | 21 sec m4r |

And the album covers of the three versions are out today. Love these more than IMH ones too. The mirror concept adds much fun to the photos.

(source: fncmusicjapan tweet)

2 thoughts on ““Where you are” MV ~ 30 sec teaser

  1. aigoooo….i just cant help but love these boys! i love Yonghwa more though but as a group they are excellent! all of them makes CNBlue the best band in Korea! nothing beats them…write more great music guys…your doing sooooo great! hear my loud cheer!!! Oppa’s Fighting! :)) Yonghwa! Heartstrings will air next week here Philippines! Looking forward to it eventhough ive seen it already…i guess its because i cant get enough of your handsome face! and im pretty sure im just going to stare at your face anyway instead of watching the show hahaha

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