2011.12.29 SBS K music fest CNBLUE pics & vids

Right after the MCD stage ended, I saw the red carpet pics on the news. Your twitter TL was flooded with those pics?

The boys literally shine wearing the velvet jackets.

Love Yonghwa’s bling-bling-ing eyes.

What do you think of the CNBLUE x Wonder Girls stage?

Yonghwa looks so stiff … he becomes shy with sexy girls dancing around him? But he was looking so wild (and sexy!!!) in the recent concert stages … I wonder if the joint stage would have been more interesting if they did a rock version of “Nobody” instead. We’ve seen the boys doing that.

Uploaded all the news pics and official SBS ones here http://minus.com/mZjAEE43j You can browse or download all as zip (look for that in the lower right hand part of the webpage).

They performed a short version of “In My Head” after “Intuition”. There’s more English lyrics and Korean lyrics instead of Japanese lyrics. I’m sure the next Korean album will have something like this, maybe more Korean versions of recent Japan releases too. I just hope the title track can be the boys’ original work next time. And a very rockish one. Expecting too much?

I’ve converted the tp cuts to iPhone vids. In case you need them too. | Tainted Love | Intuition & IMH |

8 thoughts on “2011.12.29 SBS K music fest CNBLUE pics & vids

  1. i need somewhere to vent my thoughts abt last night gayo. can’t say i’m pleased with the boys’ performance and their allocated times for solo and mixed stages. their performances felt rushed, as if the host wasn’t happy with fnc. even ftisland’s perfs weren’t exactly superb if you know what i mean. *sigh*. but since i know they’re too busy and wasn’t supposed to attend ANY of the year end shows, i’m gonna calm my head down and be grateful that they showed up for me to gasp at their awesomeness, and smile at how YY was sooooo stiff and awkward around girls. XD. Yubin was smoking hot, i could almost tell that was her next to our YY. i kinda wished she had done more more “bold” moves with YY. only if the guitar wasn’t between them. *cough*

    anyway, i’m not unhappy with the boys or anything. maybe because other groups were more prepared. that’s all.

    p.s. i know you couldn’t be bothered, k, but SNSD’s performance wasn’t that entertaining, at all. maybe except for the so-called SM’s orchestra. meh. i’m sure our boys could do a better one with their instruments.

    p.p.s if this comment’s too much and ruining your excitement, feel free to delete it. this is me on random mode.

    • Honestly, I’m a little disappointed. I can’t help comparing it with last year’s CNBLUE special stages. I totally get what you mean. Let’s just enjoy watching them on TV for the time being. Who knows how long we gotta wait before they’ll appear on Korean TV next?

  2. erm… just curious…cos minus site usu “minus” (reduce) the quality of the pix uploaded… does zipping it helps the quality stay intact (same as you upload)?

  3. My two cents. Though the CNBLUE x Wonder Girls stage came as a surprise to me, I liked the combination. But, I think their stage could have been better. Could it be the song choice? Yonghwa and YuBin started the song out really “rockish” and then it all of sudden got messy(?). Maybe “messy” isn’t the right word for it. The flow of it wasn’t consistent? Must be the lack of time to practice together to perfect it.

  4. I liked the song Tainted Love and I thought Yong Hwa rocked it, but it would have been better if only CNBlue performed the song alone because I don’t think the range was right for WG. At times, I couldn’t even hear the girls’ singing which was a pity.

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