2111.12.29. Mnet MCD CNBLUE cuts

The “Intuition” and “Love Girl” part was recorded with fans, so it’s such a happy stage. Should I be surprised that they did the full version of “In My Head”, in Japanese? Maybe that can happen on Mnet but not the three big TV stations.

Haven’t found 1080p versions around yet. I made cuts from the full show 720p mp4. In case you need them. iPhone m4v files too. MF folder.

Yonghwa’s new hair is growing on me. This In My Head stage has a different feel compared to the Japan TV one. It’d have been perfect if their instruments were plugged.

2 thoughts on “2111.12.29. Mnet MCD CNBLUE cuts

  1. aigoooo….Yonghwa’s stare is killing me! your gif,specially the last one one, klaritia is beyond awesome! i love how Yong looks at the camera. hear me scream! goodness! i hate Yong (in a good way), he’s just totally awesome, talented and…you guys know the rest of what he can do! :)) soo happy!

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