[iPhone] 2011 KBS & MBC K music fest CNBLUE cuts

I didn’t watch the shows live and was shocked to read tweets that Yonghwa wore checkered jacket and pants at the KBS stage. Maybe I’m just biased. When I watched the TV cuts and fancams, I think he looked alright, even good. The “Special Intuition” stage. Love the music arrangement but can’t relate to the jumping guys at the background. So random!

Like their dressing casual for the immortal song stage. Know nothing about that oldie, but I must say Yonghwa and Jonghyun showed off their vocal skills in it.

MBC “In My Head” performance. Wow wow wow. I heard their comeback will be 2012 March. But we need another new song as comeback hit. Not just an alternative version of IMH. 😉

Don’t you think there were too many people in the joint stage? I had a hard time finding the CNBLUE boys on the screen!

All in all, I am so happy that they appear in the year-end music shows. If I’m allowed to complain a little. I wonder if the TV production people think letting them plug their instruments to play live is more troublesome than hiring choir and acrobats or they think live playing isn’t as entertaining.

Sorry for talking too much. Maybe you’re just looking for the MF folder containing the m4v files.

PS All boys are handsome. Yonghwa is happily handsome, especially in the fan-taken photos. 🙂

PPS Happy New Year!!!

3 thoughts on “[iPhone] 2011 KBS & MBC K music fest CNBLUE cuts

  1. Happy New Year, klaritia! Agree with you that plugging in instruments for a full-on ROCK performance would be heaps better than a very under-utilized 40 person choir and random dudes on a trampoline. I’m not a fan of that double-breasted checkered suit at all… if it was meant to be quirky, they should have given him a different cut, a more vibrant tie… or something.

    Anyway, here’s to a great 2012 to you and your loved ones… I’m guessing you’ll be attending BLUESTORM in HK? Hope to read your fan account then! Have a blast!

    • The boys are flying to me, of course I’ll go see them! My heart is racing already replying to you.

      Yonghwa needs not wear that checkered suit or something along that line anymore. Once is enough.

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