CNBLUE HK news – arrival/interview pics & vid

Found some HQ pics of their arrival from sina entertainment. Click to download/view full-sized pics.

And a video too. | flv |

They are interviewed by newspapers too. Saw the wenweipo one translated at CNBStorm already. The other articles aren’t that interesting.

(source: wenweipo)

(source: singtao daily)

(source: Apple Daily)

I saw chiara tweet the following days ago, just in case you haven’t seen them.

(source: mingpao daily &

I don’t like the mingpao and news videos where they say the boys are too cool, not smiling … blah blah blah. What crap talk!

One thought on “CNBLUE HK news – arrival/interview pics & vid

  1. YY’s into LV and Jonghyun’s Gucci? good to know. can’t make out the bag Jungshin’s holding in the pics though.

    if you say the article isn’t that interesting, i believe you. shall not be looking forward to it.

    on a side note, what’s up with YY’s pants?

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